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Opening Shots in the Economic War

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on October 29, 2009

Opening shots in the Economic War:

The Battle in Wells Fargo who purchased Wachovia with bail-out funds.

Larry Ginter asks the questions

The ABA in Chicago isn’t really the “bad guy” here but as Bankers they must understand the role they play in the War on the Middle Class that is upon us.  Collateral damage on these suits is expected.  The Bankers aka “suits” in the ABA are mostly the good guys who are small local bankers involved in their community’s health and economic prosperity with a vested interest in that hometown.

The mega-banks are not involved on this level because they play the FED and the US Treasury with Wall Street Ponzi-schemes.  They purchase the politicians that give away our dollars and they ran the scam that Bush/Cheney jumped on like a chicken on a june bug.  Break up the “Big Boys” and restore sanity to Banking and Investment Banking with regulation and taxation.  After conviction for the fraud these creatures perpetrated against the United States and the World Economy, attach the homes and properties of all the bonus recipients and demand repayment, imprisonment and ban them from the free market based on their behaviors.

Americans must come to a basic understanding of how the FED, a private bank, is manipulating and raping the middle class. Audit the FED and do away with this corrupt group of Jekyl Island Monsters.  America deserves a real American Bank of American People that is able to function independently from the Corporate Communists who have brought us to the brink of oblivion and depression with their greed and corruption.  Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner and the Bush/Cheney partnerships in crime against the American public deserve to be tried and imprisoned for their actions.

Where is the investigation of these criminal acts?

Mr. President the torture of the American Taxpayers continues just as torture was the rule of the day in Guantanamo Bay.  Bring the thieves and torturers to trial and restore America now.

Congress hasn’t once called for investigation and Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner are all in collusion with Wall Street and the Mega-Banks in this fraud against the United States of America.

A related battle lead by Florida Representative Alan Grayson demonstrates the vile and audacious nature of politicians who are corrupt.

What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander in this case.  The “Military Contractors” in this article are the George W Bush and Dick Cheney (Yes, Cheney’s Halliburton is up to its ears in this mess and the mainstream press has ignored it.) standing army of mercenaries in Afghanistan and Iraq primarily.  This employment of  Military Contractors is unconstitutional and illegal.  These contractors are murderers and thugs who are on the US Government dole at great expense that was hidden by Bush/Cheney.

Although President Barack Obama exposed this Bush/Cheney hidden cost of war I am very disappointed that President Barack Obama hasn’t broken these contracts on the basis of the criminal actions that are a matter of record.  Another black-eye for American integrity.

More on the War on Drugs:

The real human costs:

Stop the insanity

Prohibition is a failed policy. The Drug War costs $20 Billion dollars to deny access to drugs unless it’s through the PHARMA Lobby endorsed gateway.

California Pot News:

A free market option in the legalization of marijuana is coming to California and it’s long past time that we, the people, strike back at this government’s intrusion in what you and I may or may not chose to do with our bodies.  This is but one skirmish in the War on the American Public.

To the Fox “News” Network, just because you say a thing often enough and loud enough doesn’t make it true.

Fox Entertainment Sedition: Filmed; as Fox Producer’s incited the Tea Party Demonstration. The Huffington Post has a complete piece on this from a week ago. There are at least 10 instances of failure to fact-check and none of them as “innocent” as the “Death Panels,” The Cult of Jesus Crazies opinions with no balance and the Box Boy / Balloon Boy hoax.  There is no validity in Fox unless you are a mindless sheeple looking for justification of your hate.

Today’s Offering from the Fox endorsed Tea Baggers:

Many thanks to for bringing this to the public domain. Americans are able to understand the truth and want an honest, fair and balanced government that adheres to the constitution.  The suspect in funding for this “grassroots” movement is none other than oil and chemical men David and Charles Koch out of Wichita, Kansas and is far from “grassroots” in organization.  Finding common themes for Racial Bigots, the ignorance stricken, homophobic and disenfranchised of every ilk isn’t difficult for these businessmen, or for the likes of  the illustrious “Reverend” Fred Phelps hate-mongers Cult of Jesus crazies in Topeka.  Maybe it’s something in the Ogallala aquifer that causes this hate from the great State of Kansas.  Rest assured that the Koch brothers will bring this hate-mongering and divisiveness to your hometown soon.

I doubt the legitimate status of this “Tea Bag” Movement because of the founders.  I suspect that they hide their involvement in this as a result of their intent to disrupt rather than effectively create constructive reform.  One more circus side-show to distract and be purely divisive appears the sole intent.

From comes some background on “Tea Baggers” in the USA…

The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that George W Bush and Dick Cheney created to line their pockets and bump the Industrial, Congressional, Military Complex as a “solution” to Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush bad-mouthing the largest peacetime economic expansion in history and bringing us 911, continues to kill our kids and innocent humans in both countries. The man lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Terrorists are winning because we are spending ourselves into the economic ruin that brought down the USSR.

In a frightening new development the Taliban (of the US creation) is now making market bombing attacks in Pakistan. Of course the USA has bombed in Pakistan with drones and a blind eye to the innocent so the tit-for-tat continues to escalate into the reality of WW3 that the Religious Right claims as Armageddon upon us now.

End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring our troops home now.

Focus on America First!

Bring the Wall Street Greedy Corporate Communists to trial and restore faith in the economy, the justice system and the political process in the United States of America now.

Ex-President George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Ben Bernanke, Henery Paulson, Tim Geithner and the FED are criminals in the high crimes and treason they conducted against the American and Global population.  Bring these men to trial.

Audit the FED and do away with it. The FED is corrupt and manipulated the current crisis.

President Obama, please come to your senses and stop the Blackwater, Halliburton and all Military Contractors now.  Bring our troops home and stop the bleeding of America.

Major Funding for a new “Smart Electric Grid” is announced this week.  The Electric Utility is now getting into the Government dole. The Utilities know that they have repair, renewal, expansion and improvement required to this infrastructure that you and I pay through the nose for and Electric Utilities are now on the government dole too.  Where is the honest business of maintaining and improving your business from the profits of the business?  Has this basic economic component of long-term success been totally written out of reality by the greedy Corporate Communists?

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