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A New America, What Is To Fear?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 2, 2009

A New America, what is to fear?

These talking heads are Banker’s puppets and a part of the system that brought us to collapse. It’s time for the United States Middle Class to push hard against the Corporate Communists that created this.  We must focus on our 100 mile business radius and get these bastards out of our lives.  We have to become responsible and rise up in unified labor strikes, boycott and mass exodus from the banking giants that have raped us.  We are responsible and we have the tools to solve this with clear, honest and open actions of civil disobedience, unified strikes and clear actions is putting politicians into place that represent the people and not the Corporate Communists.

America and Americans are poised on the brink of a societal revolution that has never before in history been seen. We are provided an opportunity to flush the greed, corruption and purchased politicians from Capital Hill and free ourselves of Corporate Communist’s working to create AmeriKKKa in their images in the upcoming 2010 elections.  We owe it to our children, to our sons and daughters engaged in unwinnable wars to clean house on Capital Hill and restore a focus on America first through energy independence and economic restoration of the prosperous middle class now.

Sixty years of having the topic of Health Care on the table is finally coming to fruition in some form. The purchased Politicians on Capital Hill are exposed and 2010 provides us the opportunity to be rid of Lie-berman, Bauchus, Reid, Boehner and turn-coat Democrats too cowardly to provide a robust public option in single payer Health Insurance to send the clear message that Americans are not going to take it any more.

The re-regulation and reform of Banking and Wall Street will come about or these corrupt bastards on Capital Hill will find they are inflating the numbers for unemployment faster than their Bush tax breaks and de-regulation created this current economic collapse and the myth of “too big to fail” to invite the rape of the US Treasury and US Citizens. The Bush/Cheney legacy of open season on the United States Citizen will end.  We will drive real campaign reform coupled with banning lobbyists and PAC contributions that amount to legalized bribery and purchasing of votes to subvert the democratic process.

This Washington of corrupt, purchased politicians, with Bush/Cheney lies and incompetence is how the FED meddling in the economy, the Bankers working to bring this nation to its knees and Wall Street raping American’s retirement accounts has come into existence and we will no longer settle for this. We will not stand for the Bush, Cheney, Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner give-away of the US Treasury and will bring the thieves in Washington and Wall Street to trial on corruption, collusion and fraud charges but this takes time.  We are well on the way to auditing the FED and that’s a historic first since they, the Jekyll Island mob, began their reign of economic terror in 1913.  “Too big to fail” is the last lie the American Taxpayer will tolerate and is of Bush/Cheney manufacture.  Getting rid of this corrupt group, The Federal Reserve Bank, will free America and lead the World Economy into freedom from manipulation.

Why did the American Taxpayer fund the filthy-rich? If it were you or I who over-extended ourselves we would liquidate and pick up the pieces and move on.  Why did American Taxpayers hold the massive fortunes accumulated off the labor of our hands, minds and spirits harmless from the fraud they created?  Why did the middle class lay down and take it?  Bush provided “tax relief” to the mega-rich and removed the regulations on Banks and Wall Street.  Bush removed the regulators, the real watchdogs of the greedy rich and the gate to the US Treasury were thrown open to the filthy rich by Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner at all of our expense with no criminal charges for the fraud and open thievery that has occurred.  The American Taxpayer supported this fraud to prevent the pain of complete economic collapse on a global basis because these filthy rich bastards, the Greedy and Corrupt Corporate Communists knew Americans would withstand the pain to support the global economy because we are honest humans.  We’ve been played and it’s time we took our pound of flesh.

The World is becoming safer and unified in the effort to remove nuclear weapons from the human experience for all time with President Barak H Obama taking on the nearly overwhelming task of repairing what 8 years of George W Bush and Dick Cheney did to this great nation in the eyes of the Global Society.  We have much work to do but the crimes of the past must be addressed and the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq brought to an end now to ensure America is in a position of Global Leadership.  The current Wars serve no purpose except the draining of United States vitality and economy and Americans do not desire to be the World’s police.  End the Wars NOW.

We all have to work together to make this dream of a restored America. We face an economic crisis manipulated by the FED with Wall Street, Banking and Corporate AmeriKKKa’s greed collapsing the economy.  We have a Health Care Crisis inflated by the Insurance Companies’ Greed driving an inflationary spiral at the rate of eight times higher than the economic growth and denying Health Care to US Citizens.  Bankers and Wall Street have raped the US Treasury and we must bring these criminals to trial and restore an America of commerce of the people, for the people and by the people maintaining a watchful eye for the greed that nearly collapsed the global economy at the hand of 1% who deserve none of the obscene wealth they have stolen from the labor of the American Citizen.  Honest businesspeople take risk in developing their business but these creatures have no risk because the US Treasury just funded them at all our expense.  Americans are close to open revolt and I pray we organize the total labor strikes that bring these Corporate Communists to their knees and send the clear messages to the purchased politicians on Capital Hill that we are no longer tolerating the rape and pillage of the middle class in support of their ruling class.

We face War on four fronts. The United States Government’s war on the population in the Drug War, the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq pale by comparison in costs on a human level and financial level.  The most difficult War is the Economic War being waged by the Corporate Communists against the American Middle Class and the opportunity of American’s children to prosper within the country we are passing to them.  Hard choices confront us and those demand clear actions now if we are to survive as a nation of leaders.

We have an Economic War against the Corporate Communists in the United States launched because the American population will not be enslaved by Banking and Wall Street greed. We are in a world of hurt out here in real America and these greedy Fat-Cats in Washington have lined their pockets off Corporate AmeriKKKa purchasing their votes against us.  We are watching and will replace these corrupt creatures rapidly.  We are declaring war on this “business as usual” Capital Hill enrichment at America’s expense.

The divisive and obscene religious right is hell-bent on oppression of civil liberty and determined to maintain WASP Supremacy within this culture of many belief systems but the cult of Jesus is determined to spread their hate and fear throughout this nation. Religious freedom is a fundamental guarantee of the United States Constitution coupled with separation of Church and State.  Freedom from religion is the path that will maintain The United States of America in good stead and must be pursued at all costs.

We see clearly the oppression of Islamic Fundamentalist Theocracy in the Middle East but ignore the vile manipulations of the Cult of Jesus Crazies with their Theocracy attempts in Rwanda creating a Gay Genocide promoting their hate and distortions of the truth unbridled by the law of their God or Man.  Where is the understanding of the Biblical Commandment “Thou shall not kill?”  We see and know the missionary actions of these Cult of Jesus hate and fear-mongers who subvert humans to the will of the church that knows no morality other than the survival of the Cult.  It is time to tax the church just as any corporation is taxed and to clearly define their place within this society as that of “on the fringe” because of their insistence in belief over reality and we are a reality based culture guaranteed freedom of and freedom from this kind of theocratic rule.

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