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Hump Day

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 4, 2009

Hump Day

America is in a World Of Hurt at the moment.

That great Maine Wedding won’t be happening but you can go get high now.

You can check out all the election results here.

We see this torture of the citizens from every corner of the nation, from large cities and small towns in nearly every conversation across dinner tables in the USA today.  The American today sees a government that is absolutely controlled by corporate interests ruling the politicians they’ve purchased through massive campaign contributions subverting the governance of this great nation.  We see and know the lack of leadership from President Obama and are greatly disappointed that the promised change is derailed and perverted into the trash legislation we see in Mad Max Baucus’s committee delivering a gift to the Insurance Industry in subsidized premiums with no controls on delivery of care, no cost control and no competition.  It is also clear with our Finances committee that the Banker’s Bucks have insured no regulation, further de-regulation and the “too big to fail” have gotten bigger and are playing games with US Treasury money at the expense of the Citizens of the United States of America who are unable to re-finance mortgages, fund small businesses or sustain life.

Last night I got the news that yet another friend is being foreclosed upon by Walk-all-ova-ya aka Hell’s Fart-go.  The family home his parents built is now at risk and this foreclosure is a sweet deal for the bank with only $50,000.00 owed on a $200,000.00 home.  My friend is employed but negotiating an honest and fair mortgage is not in the Banker’s interest.

We see the nightmare Banking abuse from our bank statements to the vacant homes on our block. The average American is frustrated, abused and understands intimately the issues of Wall Street and Banking requiring regulation and reform even more than we grasp the life and death battle with Insurance Companies who are not about health care.  The banks are not about wealth care.  The only care banks are about is caring for their bottom line profits to the point of raping the poor for $35.00 overdraft fees calculated to enrich themselves to $5.00 check cashing fees to the obscene interest rates charged on consumer credit while they enjoy free money direct from the US Treasury at no interest.  The banks are still not making credit available to small business because it’s more in their interest to gamble with this free money for excessive profits in the junk market than it is to work to rebuild America’s Small Business base or provide assistance to the Middle Class.

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