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Survivalist Mode

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 5, 2009

Survivalist Mode

After the defeat in Maine on Marriage Equality and in spite of the other great gains the LGBT community has made to date I’m feeling back in survivalist mode. Although expressing myself clearly and forcefully on topics of public interest I seldom express personal information or anecdotal evidence of who I am.

I am a Male, 55 years old,  single and celibate by choice at the moment, Libertarian in my basic politics, liberal in my attitudes but conservative in acts. Just because I espouse an end to the War on Drugs doesn’t mean I’m here smoking away and giggling.  I tend to hold an attitude of “eat the rich” and be done with them although I’m not communist or collectivist or socialist I’ve traveled and seen enough of how France, Germany, the UK and Scandinavia have resolved the issues of personal freedom within a collectivist society with great success.  I’ve also seen the heart-wrenching poverty of the United States, Honduras, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama and see this third-world system setting up home in the USA to my great dismay.  Within the United States I fear for my peers and the middle class as the top 1% have recently subsidized their bloated bank accounts with gifts from the US Treasury that amount to the largest transfer of wealth in history.

These obscenely wealthy and greedy few have gambled all our futures to the result of the 9/15/2008 near global crash that they used to blackmail the US Government into bailing them out rather than liquidating their assets as happens within the middle class.  Dumb as a Box of Rocks George W Bush and his butt buddy Dick Cheney with Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner and Congress just threw open the US Treasury and said, “come and get it boys.”  Bush de-regulation, tax breaks to the wealthiest and market manipulation by the FED moved us into this position of bail out for bankrupt zombie companies just as they Bush bankrupt his personal businesses before finding the holy grail of politics.  The lucrative nature of that endeavor, it appears, has no consequences for thievery, fraud, torture or corruption in the eyes of the Judicial System, Congress or the average American Taxpayer.  Bush and Cheney also had and hold no respect of or for the Constitution of the United States of America in mounting a mercenary army from Halliburton, Blackwater or whatever they are calling themselves these days. These military contractors are illegal and clearly against our constitution but the corrupt leading the corrupt maintain these contracts in place in light of rape, murder, theft and levy of astronomical fines that are just games with taxpayer money.  Lie about the foundation for initiation of a war and continue the lie to expand the war and feed the greed of the industrial, military, congressional complex that Ike Eisenhower warned us of 60+ years ago.  Orwell’s 1984 was 25 years ago and lives on…

Now that I have that out of my system for today…

In the most recent past I was primary care-giver for my best friend Nancy.  She died on June 3 of lung cancer and I miss her more with each passing day but know her faith told her she would be in a better place.  Nancy, an independent and seldom well-behaved woman, backpacked across India, climbed Mt Kilimanjaro and explored the Amazon, drove a Harley and was a centering force in life for me and many others is still here in many ways.

As a result of the experiences of Nancy I’ve been a hermit, a very reclusive human for the past year or more.  The experiences of getting her care, of the physical rigors of caring for her in her last days and running myself into complete physical and mental collapse all contributed to the destruction of my meager wealth.  I accomplished insuring that Nancy’s last days on this earth were trouble-free, care free and of the best quality of life I could provide and that is what I did for my friend.  I would do it all again even knowing then what I know now.

In the process of caring for Nancy my “Christian” employer decided that my services as Horticulturalist, Operations and Communications Manager were no longer required even with the Family Leave Act and protections that normal compassionate humans would expect.  Then again I am all too familiar with the hate and vitriol that the Cult of Jesus crazies spew.

Political Exhaustion is exactly what’s come over me today. As a proud, patriotic American who is reasonably well traveled, well read and experienced in life, I am personally fed up and over this bullshit pseudo-battling in Congress as these do-nothing, self-serving, garnering as many bribes as possible, purchased politicians on Capital Hill.  The lies, the corruption and the pandering to their corporate masters by ignoring the American Citizens is reprehensible and without merit of any sort.

What is required is clear and unwavering leadership. President Obama, wake up!  Push this Democratic Congress to get a strong Public Option and get this legislation passed.  Put Universal Health care in place now, clamp down on the Insurance Industry, provide Public Option competition to this untrustworthy trust.  The same is true for the Bankers and Wall Street.  Bring these obscenely large firms into reality with sound regulation and break them up.  Restore the American community Banker with a vested interest in the well-being of the community.

End the Wars! There is no greater pain on the American public than having their sons and daughters at risk in the Middle East on theological warfare and a war based in lies.  The obscene drain on our economy that Bush/Cheney hid and Obama has made public.  End the Military Contracts and get American Men and Women back at home working for this country instead of building further resentment and fanning the flames of anti-American sentiment and terrorism.

It’s the Economy.  It’s the Jobs.  It’s the Banker’s Greed at their created crap-shoot games of chance instead of funding real community stability through Small Business Investment that is the foundation of the “problems” of this economic condition now.

The Bail-out money spent is $25,357.00 for every American in our population of 280 million.  Do you think that buys a voice for America’s Middle Class?  A better solution would’ve been to let the bastards fail and pay every American Citizen the $25,357 to build an honest economy.

It’s the “Special Interest Focus” that is demonstrated clearly in purchased politicians and what more and more appears to be a Goldman Sachs purchased White House that has totally disillusioned the American people. Canidate Obama said he was intent on fighting the “Special Interests” in Washington and yet Wall Street and Banking greed is pandered to now more than ever before and the too big to fail have gotten bigger, at all our expense.  The greed and corruption of the Health Insurance Industry and PHARMA is pandered to with the gift of subsidized premiums from taxpayers forced to purchase from corrupt murdering Insurance Corporations.  It is all business as usual in Washington and to quote Candidate Obama, “The American is getting hosed” by Banks, Insurance and the collapse of the economy created by these greedy thieves and aided by the elected officials in Washington whom they have purchased.

The sunshine in Atlanta is beautiful today.

Here’s a reality check:

Republicans bitch about “tort reform” in Health Care Reform and the reality is that litigation, awards for damages and the costs of demanding culpability from the Insurance Industry, Doctors and Drug Manufacturers is .04% of the costs of health care that has driven to become 16% of our economy by thieving Insurance Companies grown fat on protections from the government and who could care less about human life or health.

The Right Wing Crazies and their Thursday protest in Congress is pure grandstanding, obstructionism and fraud founded from the corrupt Michelle Bauchmann who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her between the eyes. This misinformed Minnesotan dubbed “Captain Crazy” by her GOP peers is a graphic example of just what is wrong in America today.

It is business as usual on Capital Hill and our only hope is to revolt now and continue the revolt through the 2010 elections.

It is time to begin the labor strikes and shut down the country in protest of this purchased political process and end the insanity of PACs, lobbyists and pure bribery.  Americans on the 11th of every month should bring this nation to a complete stand-still as long as the wars continue.  Bring this nation to a halt until Banking and Wall Street Reform are met and bring this nation to a stand-still until the FED is audited and disposed of.


We have the power.  End the Wars, End the corruption, break up the big banks and regulate and tax Wall Street and Banking greed out of existence.  We have the power to re-take America now.

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