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Saturday View

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 7, 2009

Saturday View

Fall is in the air here in Atlanta with the foliage changing and the crisp air. I wish I could say that change, as promised, from our government was coming about.  It’s difficult to see that with the lack of progress, the lack of a robust public option or reduction of Wars.

President Barack H Obama has had an uphill battle like no other president in history. I do give the man credit for the accomplishments to date but America is still in a world of hurt and the average folks out here trying to keep a roof over their head and make an honest living are just not seeing any kind of economic recovery at all.

I read the 124 pages of the most recent Elizabeth Warren report last night ( and am not at all surprised at the poor review that the Congressional Oversight Panel provided of Mr Tim Geithner or the other players in this blackmail and rip-off of American Tax Payers to feed the greed of the “too big to fail” who have gotten bigger as a result.  The real bottom line on all this is that America’s Middle Class and Poor will once again suffer the pain to allow the rich to continue to gorge on greed dividing the classes further and George W Bush’s vision of a Third-World American is realized.

I understand with a great deal of intimacy the tragidy and the overwhelming loss that Americans have suffered through in this economic collapse that the Bush Presidency, the Republican and Wall Street Banking greed, precipitated.

Although I’ve withstood this, even through the death of best friend Nancy, loss of job and now the loss of dignity and all of my life savings; I fear I will be homeless at 55 very soon.

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