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What’s Good For America?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 7, 2009

What’s good for America?

Having the death throes of the GOP across the airwaves is good for America and for Americans to see the type of vile, hateful and racist pigs these creatures demonstrate.

Or the clear ignorance of Tom Price of Georgia in the actions of the Republicans to prevent free speech on the Congressional floor.

Americans are not fools and see clearly that Anthony D Weiner, D, NY who has championed a single payer government run health care to compete with the Corporate Communists and Greedy Insurance Companies has folded to insure this gift to Insurance Companies that “Health Care Reform” has grown into is passed. At this point I can tell you that Civil Disobedience is going to be the rule in the USA from enactment of this travesty forward.  This one piece of legistlation without the Single Payer, the Public Option in a robust form included will bring Americans to the point of revolt.

Show us the law where we have to pay Income Tax.   Show us the law.  Tax revolt is the next step in this battle.  An absolute boycott of the insurance “industry” is another step but I much rather prefer total strike days.


Unite and bring this kind of Purchased Politician, Purchased Government to its knees and do it now.

Unite and throw all the bastards in every State House and on Capital Hill out of office and re-elect humans with ethics, morals and standards of what is right and honest and fair for all.

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