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Hump Day Happiness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 11, 2009

Hump Day Happiness

On this Veteran’s Day, 2009 it is with a deep understanding of the commitment and determination of our Service men and women that I wish them all a happy Veteran’s Day.

It’s a rough day for Seasonal Affected Disorder today being cold, gray and rainy here. For many of us the shorter days and stormy weather is a trigger for depressive bouts that may approach epic proportions and the power company loves us for turning on every light we can find as antidote.

Gay Marriage, Savage Commentary

The Topics of Freedom and Liberty are frequently discussed among my circle of friends and acquaintances with some amazing differences between us. There is much discussion that goes on about the foundation of Freedom and Liberty with us lining up into two distinct camps.  The first “camp” is the “God-given inalienable rights” and the second is “State allowed” freedom and Liberty.  The separation appears to be along generational lines and I am very saddened by this indoctrination.

For every American the Founding Fathers declared unalienable rights to freedom, liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness in the documents that this society is based upon today. This is not “Big Brother” or “The Nanny State” as exists today “allowing” me to enjoy freedom of speech, freedom to travel, freedom to live as I see fit.  This is the natural extension of the inalienable rights God, in her infinite wisdom, inferred upon me as I passed from the womb into this life as a free and equal citizen of the United States of America.

Today, right now in this moment, it doesn’t matter if I’m white, green, black, tan, yellow, orange or any color of the rainbow, I am a free citizen because hundreds of thousands of my predecessors, my peers, shed their blood to insure you and I are secure in this nation where we are free and enjoy liberties granted in our Constitution. There is no “Christian, Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu” in The Constitution of The United States of America and strict prohibitions exist against Church and State collusion to control the population.

However, I am not equal in the eyes of the law. As a Gay Man I am unable to marry my partner of choice and suffer penalties, many severe and crippling, because of that inequality and disparity created by “Cults of Jesus Hate and Fear-mongering.”

There is no greater threat to the freedom and liberty of American citizens today than that represented by the Hate-Mongering Cult of Jesus with its American charlatan Mormon partner pushing poison across the nation. The Catholic demonstration of “Love thy brother” just funded a hate campaign full of lies and fear-mongering in Maine that is a travesty of freedom with mob-rule endorsing discrimination, endorsing hate, violence and building upon unfounded prejudice and fear.

Christian?  Cult of Jesus is the best any are able to muster.

My faith, the method that I worship, if I worship, when I worship or why, who or what I worship is my business and no one elses and I am guaranteed freedom FROM religion as much as I am guaranteed freedom to worship as I see fit.

America today is in a world of hurt because of a “faith-based” Presidency most recently past in Dumb as a Box of Rocks George W Bush’s 12-step transferred alcoholic addiction to religious addiction coupled with his inability to comprehend the Constitution.

The hate-speech, the clearly discriminatory actions of the Cult of Jesus and their charlatan Mormon butt-buddies leading, funding and promoting lies in their hate of the LGBT community is as much a Nazi act as Hitler’s Brown shirts were with Crystal Nacht played out in California, Maine and across this great nation.


End the Wars:

End the War on Drugs that is a 30 year failed prohibition and a war against the American People that spills across our borders and creates havoc in Mexico, Central America and Globally.

Johann Hari in The Huffington Post writes:—and-end_b_353017.html

Just for a moment imagine a sane and rational America where no one is criminalized for possessing drugs or taking them, where the Government doesn’t work to control your body and alter your mind with propaganda and lies. It is inconceivable that in America today the Congress has directed that “no research into the positive effects of drugs will be funded or published.”  It’s a clear demonstration that the Alcohol and Tobacco lobby control this prohibition and these government endorsed killers are all Americans are legally allowed.  The 40 year long prohibition hasn’t controlled or stopped Drug trafficking. The American Government made use of crack cocaine to fund illegal wars in Nicaragua and Afghanistan by building addicts in Los Angeles and nationwide.  This is a failed prohibition and it has to end.

With the money American’s spend on “The War on Drugs” we can provide Universal Health Care and Universal Education and still pay down the national debt. What’s stopping you from calling your Senator and Congressman to tell them to “Stop The Insanity” and restore America’s freedoms?  End the Prohibition and end this war now.

The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are costing lives, tremendous amounts of US money and are totally ineffective in Afghanistan and only moderately effective in Iraq even though Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush declared the war won over three years now. Much to President Barack H Obama’s credit he has, at least, come clean with the total costs of these wars and it’s obscene that we are spilling our children’s blood and pouring our cash into these no-win situations.

“Thank you for your service” goes out to every American, NATO and UN military person as they place themselves in great personal risk for ideology, theology and a belief that their actions will help make a better world.

End the Wars and bring our brave troops home NOW!

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