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Strong Winds of Change Are Blowing

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 14, 2009

Strong Winds of Change Are Blowing

Mr. Lou Dobbs on his farewell speech at CNN claims “strong winds of change have begun buffeting this country and are effecting all of us” in the USA today. Bye-Bye Bigot, we wish you well in your “think-tank”  because you’ve destroyed your credibility with the American Citizens through your right-wing insanity, your vile diatribes on illegal aliens and racist hate-mongering. Americans are not tolerant of these kinds of attitudes or actions.

It’s about damned time for “change.”  Didn’t we elect President Barack H Obama out of a clear desire for “real change you can count on?”

I’m scared of what those changes are with Obama’s administration and the Congress blocking the release of the photos of American Torture of prisoners under the direction of George W Bush and Dick Cheney. The 44 photos have grown to over 2,000 and the reality is that the Government claims it will cause irreparable damage internationally and compromise the security and safety of US Citizens abroad.

Hello?  Dumb as a Box of Rocks being gone got you the Nobel Peace Prize and you fear photos now?

Man-up, get over it and get on with the business of “real change for America” NOW!

None other than Defense Secretary Robert Gates has decreed in this “transparent” Obama administration that these images of US Torture will not be public knowledge.  Because the lower courts ruled the photos should be released the Congress just writes a new law to allow the suppression of the reality that America tortured prisoners.  It’s OK to torture but not OK to publish the photos of that torture seems to be the tone set by a Government that is far from, “of the people, for the people and by the people,” unless you are the people in Washington.

Strong winds of change indeed….

These days I hear from friends, the media and the culture in general that “fundamentalism” is “the problem” that is confronting America now more than ever before. This may be true with the terrorist threats from the Cult of Jesus Crazies, the Cults of Mohammed Crazies and the Cults of Washington Purchased Politicians confronting every American citizen on levels that have brought this once great nation to her knees and soon will destroy America.

Dumb as a box of rocks George W Bush brought this great nation to third-world status and the destroyed middle class may soon erupt in a new American Revolution that will shock and amaze those in power who think they control.

For my peers and I it has been very apparent for the past decade that fundamentalism is the biggest terrorist threat to the USA and that faith-based George W Bush, the dumb as a box of rocks liar, 12-step alcoholic and commander in thief who bought the Presidency of the United States of America is the founding father of this terrorist threat.

Washington, DC is now Capital Hill with the big business Health Insurance Pay-Offs to the purchased politicians, the continuation of wars to feed the industrial-military-congressional complex and the wholesale rape and pillaging of the US Economy by the Bankers and Wall Street with de-regulation from Clinton and the disaster that resulted was predicted a decade ago.

The ultra-conservative right-wing fundamentalist wingnuts scream about “government take over of Health Insurance” as if this socialist step is a bad thing. The WPA Projects, the Interstate Highway Systems are Socialist programs, the Veteran’s Administration and Vet’s health Care is a “socialist” program.  Schools, social support in welfare, social security, Medicare and Medicaid are all “socialist” programs that function well and are worthy of a compassionate America’s support.  Universal Health Care, a National Health Care system with the United States Government being the single payer is not a bad thing because Medicare for all will work at a tremendous cost savings over the corporate greed of the Insurance Companies selling worthless products and raping policy holders by denial of service.  Keep the greedy fools if you like them but put all of Capital Hill on the Universal Health Care program.

It is beyond my comprehension how Americans are able to be so single-mindedly stupid as to fail to grasp that by busting the balls of the Health Insurance Companies we, Americans, save 30% right off the top without having to pay the obscene profits to private businesses that are glorified bankers with no conscious and no concern for health care at all. Do you think that your Doctor is going to conspire with the Government to deny you services?  Your experience with HMOs should show you that reality from the Health Insurance Industry now in ways that the government doesn’t have the ability to do.

It is beyond my comprehension how Americans have tolerated the current Banking and Wall Street abuse.  “Too big to fail” means “Too Big to Exist” and we taxpayers bought your greedy asses on September 15, 2008 with Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner inviting the bastards into the US Treasury, throwing the doors wide-open, to fund the “Too big to fail” getting even bigger without any control of the funds given away. These bastards are guilty of  fraud and treason.  The American Taxpayer, the American Citizen is paying for this fraud against the US Citizenry now and for eternity if these practices, these institutions are not broken-up, broken-down and a community based banking system established with a vested interest in the prosperity of the nation, the city, the community that they live within.  Take your money out of the “too big to fail” and put it in the community bank where they know your name and are interested in your financial health instead of theirs.

Audit and tear down the FED.

Regulate Banking, Investment Banking and the junk bonds market to build total transparency. Tax the bastards 50% of their profits to fund the re-building of the infrastructure of the United States of America that has kept them in business when, by all rights, they should’ve just failed and let their precious market clean up the mess.

The American people propped up their Zombie companies and the global economy and the largest single transfer of wealth in history happened with Paulson, Geithner and Bernanke at the helm of the rape of the American Middle Class.

Real Economic Stimulus would be giving us access to the Social Security Account held in our names and allow us the opportunity to invest these funds as we see fit instead of Dumb as Box of Rocks Bush spending the Social Security Trust Fund on paying off Chinese interest payments on loans to fund his illegal wars and shadow army in Blackwater or whatever they call themselves today.

Real Economic Stimulus is lending money to the Small Business Person who is best able to employ his or her neighbor, family or friends to create real economic stimulation instead of stagnation with the greedy sitting on stacks of cash doing nothing.

Real Economic Stimulus is building jobs, maintaining homes, supporting the American Family that has just been raped, pillaged and plundered out of existence by the Wall Street and Banking greed that has destroyed America.

Real Economic Stimulus is restoring the Family Farm that is the cornerstone of America’s success in feeding the world.

The 2010 elections are coming and I, for one, am determined that the incumbents will not return to Capital Hill to continue business as usual.  The lawyers on Capital Hill have demonstrated contempt of the American Family, the American Taxpayer and the American Dream for the last time.

Real Change You Can Count On…

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