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Monday, Monday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 16, 2009

In an urgent news flash a request for all of us to contact the FBI and ask for Hate Crimes investigation of the death, dismemberment and burning of an openly Gay 19 year old.  The link is:

Monday, Monday

We, men, do have issues with the current societal pressures on the male of the species.  We’ve been re-defined every decade for the past 60 years and it seems to be taking a toll.  Knowing your PSA, having the colonoscopy after 50, cardiac stress tests and the workforce being completely redefined leaving many of we 50+ white men in unemployment and apparently unemployable in this new jobless recovery.  What’s a man to do?

Enjoy life, spend some time with the grandkids and explore what options are out there.  Men are discovering that being alpha isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  When I have the opportunity to speak with younger men I discover that the 1950s greaser mindset is near dead and gone and the Hippies have won the war.  The macho man is no longer the norm nor the expectation and that’s good news in and of its self.

Defining Free Speech and Corporations

The court may overturn the ban on corporate campaign donations leaning on the conservative view that spending money is a form of free speech expression. At the heart of that question is an assumption made by the court in 1886, in the Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad case, in which justices asserted that corporations had the same rights as individuals.  This assumption of Individual Rights for Corporations is the very root of the evil of the purchased politicians on Capital Hill.

In 1886 in a two sentence assertion by one justice and recorded by a court reporter in the opening of the decision provided the sweeping decision that corporations have the same rights as individuals. The opening of the link provided is the substantiation of this.  This is the ruling that has twisted and perverted our political system of governance into the Corporate Communism that just created the largest transfer of wealth in history to the top 1% of corporate communists in the USA.

Fund Raising Capital Hill Style

Here’s how your Congressman, Senator and elected public officials are milking the system they’ve established for as many dollars as they are able to wring out of it. This past year has proven a wind-fall for the purchased politicians in Washington and it’s amazing to me how many of them just spew what they are told to spew as seen in the current PHARMA speech writing for both sides of the aisle.

The PACs and lobbyists will start cranking cash into the hands of your purchased politicians who just sold-out to the Health Insurance Industry and the Bankers costing you a strong public option and real competition in the insurance industry.  Now they are working on raping the poor because they know the middle class is non-existent and has moved down the economic scale with the largest transfer of wealth to the upper 1% in history…  Funny how that works, isn’t it?

If you need more documentation that cash talks and morality, human rights and economic opportunity walks:

President Obama’s Town Hall in Shanghai

The “new world order” is upon us.

Back in the USA on Capitol Hill today the Religious Wingnuts are holding a rally to protest the Hate Crimes Law passed and signed by President Obama. These conservative crazies are hoping to be arrested for their hate speech directed toward the LGBT community to drive home the “unconstitutional” nature of this law.  These idiots have no clue that religion has been a protected class since the first inception of these laws and that only makes sense if you are calling the FBI to investigate Joe.My.God because the bully felt threatened.

There is no single greater terrorist threat to the United States today than these hate-mongering Religious Wingnuts. I encourage them to turn their focus upon themselves and stone to death the adulterer, to stop eating shrimp or follow whatever insane doctrine their man-produced Bible tells them is required but to remember that I have Constitutional protection from religion as much as I have freedom of religion.

The Fundamentalist, the Theocratic point of view is, that the only way is their way and that’s not only distinctly Un-American but completely offensive to most US Citizens. America is not “a Christian Country” as these fanatics would have all believe.  America is a diverse community of humans that live with acceptance of diversity as the rule of life and law with equal protections and equal rights for all.  The cults of Jesus, the Mormons, the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindi or athiest are all welcome within our borders and are free to practice their religion.  Gay rights, marriage equality or protection from hate crimes too often inspired by the cults of Jesus crazies are among those protected classes now and these rabid terrorists are unhappy with democracy or democratic rule.

From this example we can determine that Hate is a Family Value of the Cults of Jesus crazies.

Tax the church.

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