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Tuesday’s Child

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 17, 2009

Tuesday’s Child

Will Phillips has taken a stand by sitting down. Here’s a future we can depend upon.

“It’s about civil rights, stupid.”  That about says it all.  Great kid, great parents and this one is one to watch in the future. With liberty and justice for all.


An urgent news flash from bloggers John & Joe at AMERICAblog the report of a 19 year old openly Gay man being murdered, dismembered and burned has surfaced.  Local investigators said, “Someone like that, who does those kinds of things, and then goes out in public, knows full well that this might happen to him.”

It’s apparent the Puerto Rican investigator and Puerto Rican Police have no concept of Hate Crimes and endorse the actions with this kind of “blame the victim” statement.

I urge you all to follow this link and send the message to the US FBI to investigate this as a Hate Crime and see the murder(s) brought to justice.

Towleroad is also reporting this in greater depth.


Ms. Sarah Palin is carrying on about the critics panning her book as “opposition research” is just bunk. There is no opposition, we all know she’s an idiot without a snowball’s chance in hell of ever gaining a political office in the lower 48.  Alaska’s long dark winters do something to the residents and perhaps they appreciated her wacked-out view of life and living but I even doubt that.   Sarah, dear Sarah, you are just a circus side-show, a sad little blip of 15 minutes of fame.  Now we all have a book to burn in Going Rogue.

This dedication goes out to the Bovine Ms P and her Bigot Ghost Writer:

A very special “shout-out” to Lynn Vincent, the Religious Right, The Republican Party and the Reverend Fred Phelps.

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