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Wednesday Warriors

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 18, 2009

Wednesday Warriors

The Cult of Jesus Crazies held their little “Hate the Homosexual Rally” on November 16, 2009, in Washington, DC with their typical lies, fraud and hyperbole focused exclusively on their Hate and soul-less need to pander to Hate and fear-mongering.  Joe.My.God covered this “press conference” that was largely unattended. Where are these creatures in the fight against hunger in the USA?  Where are these creatures in confronting the needs of the homeless in their community?  They are in Washington, DC ranting and hating and fear-mongering to the few who attended.  The lies these Cult of Jesus Crazies spew are beyond belief of any type and are solidly based in the hate that they promote as “normal” conversation.

Tax the Church is a movement that is gaining ground rapidly because of the clear political stance these Cult of Jesus Fascists adopt at the drop of a hat. These are not displays of freedom of speech, they are displays of freedom to hate.


End the War against the American Population that is the War on Drugs prohibition that is failed. End the prohibition and set our people free.

End the Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq and bring our brave troops home now. Put our brave men and women in the military to work in American making real improvements for America.

The War against the working class, American Labor has faced the Union Busting Ronald Reagan, the greed of the Corporate Communists who have received the largest transfer of wealth in history from our Government that just opened the doors to the US Treasury, at all our expense, as a war on freedom with “too big to fail” for the elite only. Daily, American labor faces foreclosure, repossession and economic ruin with no representation within government and no governmental action to bail us out.  The Bankers, in their greed, refuse to loan to Small Business or the general public, raise interest rates while receiving taxpayer dollars at no interest and levy fees, charges and anything possible to wring one more dollar from the American Middle Class to bring this country to the reality of Third World Status that the Corporate Communists desire as demonstrated.

So where is the American Labor, the American Middle-Class Bail-Out? The Middle Class in America is an endangered species with absolutely no conservation efforts coming from our purchased politicians on Capital Hill.  The Middle Class is not important to the United States Government as it exists today because the Orwellian vision of 1984 is 25 years realized.  It is more important to pay their puppet masters obscene amounts of interest free cash than it is to support the real engine of the economy in the Middle Class as Purchased Politicians on Capital Hill have demonstrated clearly.

The revolution is 2010 when we, the people, have an opportunity to strip these vile and despicable slaves to corporate interests of any power and replace them with persons of honor who will not have to kowtow to their corporate masters but respect the American Middle Class and deliver real reform of a broken system.

Real economic reform would come with Free Americans being provided access to the Social Security Trust Fund held in each of our names to enable bail-out of our mortgages, investments in new small business and real stimulation to the real economy.  Provide every American access to 50% of the funds held in trust in their Social Security Account and do it now.  This, of course, will not happen because Dumb as a Box of Rock Bush spent the Social Security Trust Fund on paying off the interest on loans from China to help support his rape of America.

In a scathing review of Timothy Geithner it is apparent where his loyalties lay in Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Wachovia aka Wells Fargo with top dollar pay-offs in the AIG ponzi scheme. I read the report produced by the Congressional Oversight Panel all 124 pages with attachments and tables and understand more clearly, for myself, just how this fraud against the American Taxpayer and every Citizen has been accomplished by Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke and the Wall Street Bankers.  Where is the investigation?  Where are the criminal charges against those who perpetrated this crime against the global economy?

Where are the dividends of these investments into American Banking made by the US Taxpayer? Paulson, Bernanke and Geithner have made too many sweetheart deals with our money and still remain at large doing what it is that they do in defrauding the United States Taxpayer.

Where is the personal investment and personal responsibility within these Zombie Corporations propped up by rape of the US Treasury? When I was in business for myself I sustained the $500,000.00 real cash loss created by a public utility cutting off my electric in a freeze event in Florida.  I took the risk, I paid the price.  These Zombie thieves have their lavish lives, their fat bonuses and continue to rape the American public with no recourse because of the purchased politicians.  I didn’t get a bonus, I didn’t even get US Small Business Administration disaster support as a US Citizen.  I got screwed and these Fat-Cat blackmailing greedy Wall Street Investment Bankers and Mortgage Bankers give themselves bonuses?  There is no risk involved in this kind of business and Americans should understand how Socialist to Fascist these actions are from the Corporate Communists who just raped the US Treasury through global economic blackmail.  Wake Up America.


A broken health care system is clearly demonstrated by this article from Huffington Post. Most notable is the following quote from America’s Health Insurance Plans, a PAC for the “industry” claims:

Insurance companies generally oppose state mandates, saying such rules complicate policies rather than help consumers. “I’m not going to talk about any one mandate specifically. There are already too many on the books,” said Susan Pisano, spokeswoman for the health insurance industry’s largest trade group, America’s Health Insurance Plans. “Too often the responsibility for this issue is laid at the doorstep of the insurance companies, when it needs to be shared with consumers, employers, and health care providers.”

Hello?  Don’t we pay for health insurance to private companies to lay the responsibility on their doorstep?  Isn’t that what “insurance” is all about?

America is in a rough spot right now and we, the people of America, are taking names and keeping score. We are moving our money from the “too big to fail” banks to small local banks that have vested interests in the community.  We are not using the credit cards that feed the greedy bankers.  We are not forgetting the purchased politicians on Capital Hill that have sold us out and we will make changes that will be broad sweeping and complete.  We buy from local farmers to feed ourselves.  We support local businesses and will restore the economy without the Corporate Communists and they will find it hard to survive eating their cash.

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