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Friday Funnies

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 20, 2009

Friday Funnies

We may as well begin with the biggest joke of the “economic recovery” mythology of today.

Geithner is vocal in this instance but the smarmy NYC Ex-FED doesn’t answer direct questions, fails to grasp the reality of Main Street and, hopefully, will be hung, drawn and quartered as his partners in crime also deserve to be with him. Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner are responsible in combination with the de-regulation, the clear Wall Street and Banking Greed and the bubble economy developed to line their pockets at all our expense in this economic melt-down based on derivatives of sub-prime loans.  It is no mere coincidence that these Bankers and Greedy Wall Street investors have gotten rich off the backs of the US Taxpayer while manipulating the global economy.  These “gentlemen” were taking crap shoots with the US and Global Economy with full knowledge of the fiscal crisis that they created and in collusion understood how to profit from it.  The best way to rob a bank is to be a Banker and the US Treasury will just open up and invite you to rape, pillage and seize through blackmail the wealth of this once great nation.  A Democrat threw open the door but the Republicans performed the rape with no doubt in my mind at all.

While the alma mater of Goldman Sachs may be a common thread of obscene greed and corporate pay-out for taxpayer money this unholy trio have manipulated and raped the United States to the point of treason and other high crimes against the Citizens.

Throughout this mess created by Bill Clinton’s destruction of regulations set in place after the Great Depression, Elizabeth Warren has been a clear and well-understood voice of reason in defense of the American Consumer in ways Ralph Nader could never accomplish. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind who has met her or listened to her clear explanations of how this fiscal disaster came about, that Elizabeth Warren doesn’t pull any punches and is bull-dog determined to get the real answers to hard questions and to present real solutions.  She is no friend to the Banking or Wall Street Lobby or Special Interests and consequently faces highly biased criticism from the Conservative Right Wing and Financial Interests who are being called-out on their predatory lending practices and financial abuse of America.

If any hope for real Banking and Wall Street reform exists today it is a direct result of Elizabeth Warren’s leadership in the Congressional Advisory Panel and her fearless defense of the American consumer.

Obtaining transparency in the FED is the primary key to prevention of serious collapse in the future and is required now. The actions of Ben Bernanke and the FED in moving from simply setting interest rates, printing money and manipulation of the economy from those perspectives has now moved into open acquisition and bail-out of the Too Big To Fail.  Americans are more at risk and the global economy is more at risk now than at any other time in history as a result of this kind of predation from the FED that can only be cured by transparency.

The War on Drugs is a failed prohibition. We all “know” on an instinctive level that this failed US policy has corrupted governments around the globe.  Americans who have understood the failed prohibition and seen the devastation of lives as a result of this failed prohibition now see and know the corruption filters deeper and deeper into our own government with Iran-Contra and the LA Crack Epidemic being just the tips of the iceberg of corruption and Graff that accompanies this failed policy.

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