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Media Matters

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 25, 2009

Media Matters

The week in review 11/20/2009 is a quick study in the propaganda machines that are cranking out the poison of the population without provocation and only to garner “market share.” Sensationalism, fear-mongering to incite divisiveness, dissidence for the sake of dissidence is the rule rather than the exception as “opinion” is played as “news” to a public that is not well-informed enough to distinguish the difference from the examples most recently seen in Sarah Palin and Tea-Baggers, from the Religious Right to the Boneheads in Congress this misinformation and outright lying passes for journalism in today’s marketplace and it’s disgusting.

Yellow journalism, Nixon-esque slander and slur campaigns, McCarthy-ism revisited as the media drives witch hunts, feeds the ignorant and panders to provocation of violence is not what I, as a consumer, expect and demand in fair, balanced reporting. The demise of Lou Dobbs is perhaps the only bright spot that has appeared from Fox Entertainment yet they persist in presentation of misleading video clips and working to drive public opinion in negative directions simply to inflate ratings.  The “cure,” if one exists, is for the advertisers to withdraw support for this type of hyperbole and fraud being perpetrated against the American public and to do it now.  I have the unfortunate experience of viewing Fox Entertainment on a number of occasions and honestly have stopped purchasing any product that appears as advertising within their bandwidth period.  I will not spend my hard-earned money on any product that advertises and by that process endorses this species of media.

Cult of Jesus bigotry and hate-mongering from today is a great example of this yellow journalism.

The not so silent menace of fear and hate-mongering continues with the Manhattan Declaration being touted by the Cults of Jesus Crazies. The Cults of Jesus Crazies endorsed slavery and the fought civil rights movements this same way for decades and before that they fought against the rights of women and continue to oppress women through today.  Bigots are bigots are bigots and they may express their belief in any way that they are able within their consciousness but when it comes to the Cults of Jesus inflicting upon me the belief system that they hold; I draw the line.  I am guaranteed freedom from religion just as they are guaranteed freedom to practice the religion of their choice.

The last of my journalism heroes is leaving the air in April as Bill Moyer announces his much deserved retirement. From among those out there now in the public eye I see few who are ever able to attain the caliber of reporting this man demonstrated throughout his spotless career being invited into our homes to discuss and enlighten the topics of the day.  Today’s sound-byte, sensationalism, hype and hyperbole culture seems to have little room for real investigative reporting or adherence to the truth.

America is much more vulnerable to propaganda and government intrusion into our lives and livelihoods with the death of the Journalists who fearlessly and accurately recorded and shared the historic events within the USA and Globally. This is not only the death of civility and culture but a crippling blow to anyone with brains enough to read or become curious of the current events.  There is no trust instilled by pseudo-journalists who abuse, belittle and berate their guests as seen on Fox.  There is no value in this approach and it is not newsworthy; it is disgusting.

The War(s) News

Americans are about to increase troop levels in Afghanistan to further inflate the reality that we are an occupying force. I urge anyone of good conscious to write to your Congressman, Senator, the local newspapers and express your opposition for this war continuing and take a solid stand against the current proposed escalation.  Why are we “nation building” in Afghanistan?  Why are we supporting a corrupt government?  Why are we involved in anything more than maintaining our UN commitment?

End the Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and the war against the American People in the failed prohibition of a War on Drugs.

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