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Playing For A Change

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 26, 2009

Playing For A Change

War/No More Trouble

“Until there are no more first class and second class citizens.”  Great lyrics for a Holiday Morning.

The “dithering” of President Obama is the first good news we’ve had in years and years. It is my fervent prayer that President Barack H Obama will find the courage to withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq rapidly.  The American Citizens have little patience left for the illegal wars that dumb as a box of rocks Bush involved us in and we’ve been too long entangled with the corruption and greed that drives these actions.  Bring our troops home, End the Wars and restore America’s faith in government.

Religion in a Cult of Jesus nutshell in the open forum with mouth-music from a Bishop and a prior MP. In this discussion there are 5 videos you may watch at that are enlightening, to say the least.  I make no secret of my disdain for organized religion and for the theocratic desires of religions around the globe today.  The Cults of Jesus in their open militancy in the United States are every bit as bad as the Islamic Jihadists, the Hebrew Hawks and lead to no good for humanity in their actions.

Within this discussion the audience was asked upon entry for  their position and those were:

1) Agree that the Catholic Church is a force for Good: 678

2) Against the Catholic Church as a force for Good:  1,102

3) Undecided: 346

After the debate presented these are:

1) For the Church: 278

2) Against the Church: 1,876

3) Undecided: 34

These results from a conservative British audience demonstrate clearly why the dogma of the Catholic Church is to consistently muzzle and censor its clergy, upholds its patriarchical position of “do as I say and not as I do” and that is recognized by any human capable of thought.  It is no surprise the Catholic Church preys upon 3rd world converts to increase its flocks.  It is no mystery why the Catholic Church has conducted it’s cultural genocide in Africa, South America and Southeast Asia in that these poor and poorly educated areas are the only resources left to an agency clearly seen as fraudulent in intent and with ethics that are less than honorable.

More of the Catholic Church’s lies, torture and fraud against their parishioners is exposed by the Irish Government’s investigation and reported in the Huffington Post. The Catholic Church is not now, nor has it ever been at any point in history an honest institution of man’s reverence for God.  The Catholic Church and the Evangelical to Fundamentalist Cults of Jesus are dependent upon oppression of humans to feed their greed.  Freedom from religion is the position most Americans are assuming and that’s a big improvement over the fine acts and fraud of the Catholic Church and the Evangelical to Fundamentalist Cults of Jesus that abound today in the USA.

On this Thanksgiving Day I am eternally thankful for the freedom from religion that Americans may enjoy and pray that God, in her infinite wisdom, will bring the most recent demonstrations of hate and fear-mongering from the Catholic Church and Evangelical Fundamentalists to an end rapidly.

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