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Communication 101

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 28, 2009

Communication 101

Right-wing, Centrist, Left-wing, Fundamentalist Cult of Jesus, Wingnuts and the list goes on and on in America today. The Right-wing, Fundamentalist Cult of Jesus and Wingnuts are determined to cease any and all discussion on topics of civil liberties and equality for all to protect the special rights and privileges that they’ve enjoyed at all our expense.  The progressive Left-wing, Independents and Centrists voices are unheard or drowned out by the hate and fear-mongering from the Right-wing and Fundamentalist Cults of Jesus, Tea Bagger radicals who are determined that hate will rule the day.  The American public is more than a little angry over the Bail-Out of the Wall Street and Commercial Banks bringing this economy to its knees and our government footing the bill for their greed to prop up a global economy.  It is too true that it’s Socialism for the Wealthy and privileged and Capitalism for the masses who suffer the real losses.

Americans are footing the bill for unwanted, unwarranted wars on 3 fronts. We, the people, see and know the obscene costs of these actions of our government from the losses of our sons and daughters, the break up of our military families to the ever inflating deficit this government finances by selling off America to the Chinese and other foreign interests.

Americans are disgusted and disappointed in a “free press” that is not fair and balanced in reporting on issues and occurences of the day but on the sensationalized hyperbole and the pure vitriolic rhetoric from pseudo-intellectual (to be kind) conservative pundits who are focused more on hawking their wares than honest reporting or fair and balanced commentary.  From the fraud of Fox “News” through the ranting fear and hate-mongering of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk it is increasingly difficult to obtain accurate information from the cable and broadcast media.

Americans see and understand how our democratic government is highjacked by Corporate Communists, the special interests and we see how elected government officials readily cash in on selling their votes to the highest campaign contributors to line their own pockets. The back-lash that is coming in 2010, I pray, will turn Washington, DC and every State House on its ear and begin the lengthy process of restoring ethics to the political process.

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