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The Sunday Funnies

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 29, 2009

The Sunday Funnies

Mr. Ben Bernanke, the man who demonstrated to all of America that the best way to rob a Bank is to be a Banker and who, with his Jekyl Island pack of thieves has just conducted the largest transfer of wealth ever from the public into the “appointed private sector” is once again spewing his mythology and lightly veiled threats against the American Citizens that he and his Corporate Communists have grown fat upon.

In writing for the Washington Post Mr. Bernanke attempts to make a statement of “The right reform for the FED.” Not only are Mr Bernanke’s statements a ludicrous denial of responsibility but his comments in no way bear any resemblance to the truth and the reality of the melt-down of the economy of the USA and the Global economy at his and his Jekyl Island pack of thieves manipulation.  This commentary is a rather shining example of the secretive and opaque nature of this manipulative financial institution with its days numbered.  Audit of the FED and doing away with this Communist Institution of greed and thievery from the public is the single most important financial task Americans are able to mount to restore their freedoms.   If the United States of America is to have a “National” Bank then it should be an honest “National” Bank and not this system set up by Bankers, for Bankers that conducts business with Taxpayer money without transparency.

Mr William K Black writes in a Huffington Post blog, “Why is Obama Championing Bush’s Financial Wrecking Crew? For me this is rooted within the Financial Good Old Boy network with President Barack Obama’s clear links to Goldman Sachs and his allegiance to the monied elite that helped him purchase the office of the President of the United States of America.   What’s to be done about this unholy alliance?  The reality is that little to nothing is able to be done to effect the broad sweeping and radical reforms required within the Banking and Wall Street industries without clear leadership and we are all able to see that leadership is not going to be driven from this White House.

The reenactment of a Glass-Steagall regulatory legislation is not going to happen because the financial sector will not allow that and they’ve effectively purchased Capital Hill years ago.  This centrist President isn’t about to take a stand against the hands that feed him during his first term and if elected to a second term it is even more doubtful that the worm will turn.  The solutions begin in the 2010 elections and Americans, now more than ever, must be clear with their statements to Washington in not re-electing the same gang of thieves to the hill or to their State Houses.  A wholesale house-cleaning on Capital Hill is a good start to busting the balls of the influence peddlers, lobbyists and special interest groups.  In  America our Democracy is dependent upon the informed voter going to the polls and doing the right thing in electing humans of character who will act on the issues of the day that are at the forefront of stemming the bleeding of a broken economy, an out of control government and influence from the privileged few who have no national interest at heart.

Change you can depend on is a myth of President Barack H Obama intended solely to invest him into the office of the Presidency and from that instant forward it is forgotten. A true leader would speak clearly on the topics of Health Care Reform, work to end the wars that are a drain on this economy and be that tireless fighter for the Main Streets of America where the real people put him into office.

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