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Monday Madness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on November 30, 2009

Monday Madness

The Manhattan Declaration is perhaps the most damning Fundamentalist document of hate ever penned by the hypocrites who attempt to pass themselves off as Christian while the clear demonstration and document is far from Christ-like by any stretch of the imagination. It is far too easy for The Cult of Jesus Crazies from the Fundamentalist movement to pick and chose from their Bible the verse and word that fits their need to hate today.  I say now, as in the past, that these Fundamentalist Cult of Jesus Crazies are the largest terrorist threat existing in the United States today.  That these Cult of Jesus Crazies move their vile and hateful messages throughout the world is more of a damning reality and will create a backlash against America.  Having these creatures, this Cult of Jesus, contained is the key to national security and the long-term safety and security of this world.

The Los Angles Times responds to the Manhattan Declaration in a clear statement of caution to the Cult of Jesus Crazies who preach their half-truths, hate, bigotry and outright lies as if it were gospel and not just the opinions of clerics who deserve Romanesque treatment now. The position is clear in that this is as much trawling for assassins as their Tee-shirts with “may his children be fatherless” and other such charming commentary from the Cults of Jesus Bibles that are so readily and easily edited and proof-texted to support their bigotry.  The Catholic Church today is asking parishioners to pray against Gay Marriage as if this is a morally upright position.  The Catholic Church, through its current Pope is single-handedly responsible for an egregious epidemic of AIDS in Africa through the malicious spreading of the rumor that condoms actually increase the incidence of AIDS in spite of the truth that this method of birth control stops the spread of the HIV infection.  These are the moral standards of the Catholic Church and they are seen in the false advertizing and outright lies expressed in the anti-Gay marriage battles in California, Maine and now New Jersey.

The LGBT Community has for too long suffered at the hands of these vile hate-mongering clerics who cry “wolf” without reason too often for any normal intelligent human to believe. There is no restraint on their free speech, no law proposed or existing that would force them to deviate from their “moral” positions.  The Catholic Church has recently demonstrated its moral position in effecting a 30 year cover-up of the sexual abuse that they knew was occurring within the confines of their church.  These clerics aren’t able to maintain their own house and are not welcome within mine and deserve to be taxed out of existence because of their divisive positions within politics today.  If the church is unable to stay out of secular politics then it deserves to be taxed as any individual in the USA.  The Cults of Jesus have demonstrated repeatedly over time that they are not pillars of the community, not honest and are far from moral and have no place within the discussion.  The hate diatribes like The Manhattan Declaration, the criminal actions of the clergy as demonstrated with Catholic pedophilia cover-ups and the damages to human lives that these institutions create need to come to an end now.  In a democratic society the theocracy of the Cults of Jesus have no place.

Intelligent humans have long since left the church and the hateful diatribes, the clear criminal activity, the outright lies and fraud that these Cults of Jesus perpetrate against the intellectually challenged and economically challenged speaks eloquently to the intent. Through oppression, guilt, hate and fear-mongering these morally devoid individuals seek to inflate their flocks and incite them to riot.  This is not religious freedom but is the Cult of Jesus ethic in clear demonstration for all to see.  The God I know doesn’t require an interpreter in a collar, a cleric of any sort to enable me to communicate and do what I know within my heart is the right and moral high road in life.  I pray for their forgiveness because these are the very creatures who would crucify Christ were he to appear among us today.

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