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Hump Day

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 2, 2009

Hump Day

I would be remiss if I didn’t address the issues of the day with President Obama’s announcements from last night.  Rachel Maddow says it best.

There is no doubt that Bush Doctrine is firmly in place in the Obama administration and the paranoia escalates at the cost of lives, the American economy and the principles this nation is founded upon.

I voted for “change you can depend upon” and this President demonstrated to me last night that no change is exactly what is true within this nation.  This President demonstrated that he is a War President by convenience and that he is unable to make effective decisions.  This is a grave disappointment and for me a sure sign that one-term Obama is moving into the public consciousness.

Mr. President, real leadership is doing as you promised in taking America toward a bright new future and what we see is more of the Bush administration’s lies, deceit and fraud against the American population.  We see our troops poised on both sides of Iran and hear the saber-rattling there as a standard course of business.  We, the American people, will no longer tolerate this kind of act against the population.  The new world order is not our goal.


The Cults of Jesus Terrorists and Fascists are working hard from their C Street Cell to insure that Gays in Uganda face the death penalty and creatures like Rick Warren refuse to condemn this loss of life because we all know that the Cults of Jesus keep their noses up every woman’s uterus as the only place where rights to life exist.  Rick Warren and his ilk are the perpetrators of this kind of hate crime.

These are just some of the highlights (low points) in the reality of the hypocrisy of the Cults of Jesus Fundamentalists.

The demonstrations of this kind of secretive group is a travesty of the American way.  That these politicians subvert and pervert this government’s responsibility and their personal responsibility to their constituents who elected them speaks eloquently to the Cult of Jesus subversion and terrorism.  There is no greater threat to America today than this type of Cult acting in concert within our government.

It’s Wednesday, packing and moving day for me.  My real world possessions are going into storage, the birds and I are going to friends in a neighboring State and we’ll see what kind of twists life presents.  If anyone had ever told me that I would be 55, alone, broke and at the mercy and kindness of friends I would’ve laughed in their faces.  Unfortunately caring for a friend with cancer in her last days, the economic collapse and the reality of unemployment at this point in life have reduced me to this with no regrets.  I wouldn’t have done anything different.

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