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Freaky Friday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 4, 2009

Freaky Friday

In a non-demoninational  message delivered to me by Chamblee54 this call for compassion struck a chord of truth that cannot be denied.

Reading at the Huffington Post yesterday I came across one of my heroine’s commentaries that is laced with fact and full of ire.  Please read what Elizabeth Warren has to say about America without a Middle Class.

With the escalation of the War(s), mostly in Afghanistan, the American people are again faced with the reality of government that has no concern for them.  We are spending Trillions of dollars in a country where many empires have died and for what?  What is the goal?

Does this President and the Generals actually believe that we are able to force Afghani citizens to build a nation?  This is a country with a national per capita income of $435 per person annually, where 60% or more are without potable water, where poppy production for heroine is the sole industry and where corruption rules as a result.

Let’s just send them money and bring our troops home.  That’s a better solution than any we see in practice today and this escalation is not going to make a difference in the Afghani citizen’s life other than to drive home the fact that they are an occupied country.

Our government doesn’t have accurate numbers on the military contractors that we employ there either so, like Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush, we are going to get nasty surprises when the bills for these people are presented.  This is a never ending nightmare and unless or until the American people rise up and present a united face of “we aren’t going to take this anymore” this government will continue to conduct business as usual at all our expense and the cost is our sons and daughters lives.

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