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Patriot Act

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 6, 2009

Patriot Act

When Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush set himself up as Dictator after the 9/11 World Trade Towers bombing the United States Constitution was fractured in ways that may never be repaired.  In this one-act the lying, torturing Presidency of the United States was born and a domino effect leading to Iraq fell into place from the war monger.

It also became very clear that Americans are just plain stupid.  Americans were stupid enough to tolerate the Bush Presidency for 8 years when over 100 impeachable offenses were enforceable against him.  Today the boo-hooing is all about the death of the Republican Party and with the most recent example of Republican leadership and governance then it’s about time for the Republicans to fade into history and be forgotten as a sad chapter in American history.

Portions of the Patriot Act are coming up for renewal at the end of this year.  Do we Americans really want to continue allowing our government to spy upon us?  Do we want the Government to have the ability to tap our phones, trace our internet activities, invade our privacy and fulfill the Orwellian vision of Big Brother?  Do we want to live in the Nanny State?

It’s long past time America.  Rise up and demand the restoration of our civil rights, our civil liberties and do not back down until those are restored. What is to fear in a free America?  How is anyone diminished by everyone having the same liberty, knowing that justice is applied equally in every segment of society and fulfilling a government of the people, for the people and by the people?


We face internal threat from the Cults of Jesus who are sworn to “take back America for Jesus” and that single seditious phrase, that treasonous promise is foundation enough to raise alarm throughout this nation.  The American citizen is well able to deliver religious freedom and what the Cults of Jesus crazies have to come to terms with is that freedom from religion is our right too.

Take charge, write your Congressman, send emails, telephone and oppose any extension of the Patriot act.

And the Smear Campaigns go on from the Cults of Jesus liars:

Posted from holybullies and headlessmonsters the Cults of Jesus crazies are bearing false witness and demonstrating how being a liar for faith is OK.  I’m sure the American public, like me, is fed-up to our ears with this kind of insane action from bigots and hate-mongers.

A graphic example of this Cult of Jesus crazy is the Bigoted Cow, Maggie Gallagher, in her self-appointed role of “defender of marriage” as she and her Cult of Jesus crazies view the world only as they want to see it.  This unholy bitch works diligently to paint herself as victim and the reality is that her personal bigotry, her hate is the only victimization this moron suffers.  Thankfully these types of bigots have exposed themselves and their Cults of Jesus for any of us reality-based humans to clearly see and recognize as the human detritus that has nothing but hate and bigotry left to support their massive bulks.  This born-again liar and fraud is deserving of the ostracism and shunning she is becoming aware of now as a result of her hate and self-loathing.  Will there be a square inch of carpet left safe in the lower 48 when this one comes screaming out of her closet?

This bigoted cow has failed in her bid to obtain funding from Chase for her hate.  Thankfully, at least one American Corporation is clear in understanding the hate and bigotry that this Cow, Maggie Gallagher and NOM have promoted by sticking her nose into everyone’s genitalia and bedroom like the good little Cult of Jesus hate-monger that she is.  The lies this creature has spewed, the hate this creature spews are seen and understood.  The visions of what Maggie Gallagher’s world would look like is following.

These Cults of Jesus liars and frauds are probably the American and European men who are abusing boys on the streets.  The coverage goes on.

The Rick Warren involvement from his Cult of Jesus crazy manipulated legislation demonstrates clearly how much a fraud and hypocrite these creatures are.

It makes no difference if it’s the Catholic Church lying about condoms, the Family from C-Street pushing their influence or the ilk of Warren and Gallagher spewing their poison and hate the end result is the same.  These Cults of Jesus Crazies are absolutely insane and without any moral character in the lies they spew and the oppression, bigotry and hate that they promote.

And this from earlier in the year on just how these Bigots and Cult of Jesus crazies have established themselves as the privileged few.

Listen carefully to the subversive power-brokering from these US Representatives who now, through their Hate-based ministry have brought their Cult of Jesus insanity to poison the international community.  Illegal travel, influence peddling, subversion of US Government policy and foreign relations to their Cult of Jesus opinions.  Make no mistake about this that the C-Street boys are a clear and pressing danger to the US and to global stability.

History is peppered with demonstrations of the lack of Family Values, the lack of morality and the lack of character of these Cults of Jesus crazies from the C-Street boys affairs to the clip below the story is always the same.  The rabidly insane portion of all this is the lying, the complete and total fraud of these Cult of Jesus crazies.  The reverend Haggard is only one more in the tip of the iceberg.  The Catholic Clergy, fully 10% within the general population are homosexual and the lying, the fraud goes on and on in good Cult of Jesus insanity.

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