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What’s A Person To Do?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 8, 2009

What’s A Person To Do?

This young woman found a way.  Pray we are all as courageous.

There is no doubt that America is in a world of hurt at the moment as the mortgage melt-down drags on, the Wars on the population, in Afghanistan and Iraq rage on, the Wall Street and Banking war against the middle class and the FED’s collusion in the destruction of America have all of us with our backs up against the wall. Set this against the backdrop of Global Warming and drive it with the pure greed for power from the banking cartel, the oil cartel and the political cartel and you have a sure recipe for disaster on a scale that has never before been seen in world history.

What’s a person to do?  How does the average, intelligent human respond in an honest and straight forward way to the issues confronting them while continuing to keep a roof over their head, food on the table and maintain a job? The reality is that the deck is stacked against the individual intentionally.  The current “crisis” has roots that extend back into the beginning of the twentieth century with the birth of the FED and then proceed through the homogenization of America, the destruction of the family farm and family and now move to the divisive religious war that is being pushed.  What is the individual to do?

This week begins a week-long look at the FED through the G. Edward Griffin lecture concerning his work in The Creature From Jekyll Island where he provides an accurate history and review of the Federal Reserve Bank, the FED and the reality that this banking cartel is not America’s friend or ally. With the current legislation to audit the FED moving through the political process at the urging of Ron Paul and Alan Grayson we are either being led down the path or these two politicians are intent upon America finding a new way.  In either instance the risks are great.

The risk of auditing the FED is tremendous because of the interdependence of the US Banking and Financial system with the remainder of the world. The American public is completely unprepared for the extent that America has been mortgaged by the FED to other nations and in turn has mortgaged other nations through the world bank in the manipulation of global currency that are “flexible currency” funded in fiat dollars, pounds, euros or whatever the currency in the biggest scam ever perpetrated against the global population and the American Citizens within that context.  Make no mistake that “the new world order” is well on the way to becoming reality and that this current political system is in collusion with the FED in insuring that “new world order” becomes reality.

Each of us must understand this basic lie and fraud that has been perpetrated against us by the FED and the Central Banks of Europe and Globally to begin to accept responsibility and take informed actions.

First, the “flexible currency” fraud. When we moved from the gold standard, a precious metal backing the value of our Dollar, the stage was set for fraud driven by the greed of bankers.  No longer requiring $,1000.00 worth of gold to back $1,000.00 in US Currency is the birthplace of the hidden taxes of government operations and the obscene revenue stream of bankers.  The FED, a cartel, now controls the currency, the value of that currency and the availability of that currency.  Without a gold standard the scam works this way; Politicians (our government) decide that they must spend $1 million that they don’t have and they go to the FED to get that $1 million that doesn’t exist and doesn’t have $1 million in gold backing it up.  The FED writes the government a check for $1 million that has no backing other than the signature of the FED upon the paper it is written upon and effectively creates $1 million from nothing.  (If you or I did this we would be in prison for writing bad checks.)

The Government takes the $1 million check and deposits it in the commercial bank to pay for government expenses with money that doesn’t exist. From this $1 million, as Mr Griffin explains, the government disbursements put this into the commercial banking system where only a 10% reserve fund is required to loan money so the local bankers loan out $9 million against the deposit of $1 million from the government that the cartel of the FED magically produced from nothing but paper.  The bankers are earning interest on $10 million from the $1 million that has no backing.

“Money from nothing” is the name of this primary scam from the FED, a private cartel, our government with interest in hidden taxes to fund its self and levied against the general population of consumers of commercial credit. Given the current mortgage melt-down it’s also important to understand just what happens if the consumer is unable to meet the credit agreement with the commercial banker who has loaned money from nothing and collects interest on that money from nothing.  If the consumer defaults the bank takes the asset against which money was “loaned” and the consumer looses their home, vehicle or whatever was used as collateral for this money from nothing.  What risk is there to the banker who is lending money from nothing?

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