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The Sad, Sorry, Sell-Out Continues

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 9, 2009

The Sad, Sorry, Sell-Out Continues.

The American people are being sold out by the purchased politicians on Capital (yes I know the difference) Hill as the death of the Public Option appears assured. Our Purchased Politicians are determined to give away the Treasury to the Wall Street and Banking interests, sell-out our health and well being to the Insurance Companies and will soon find themselves unemployed.  I am eagerly awaiting the day these sorry excuses for patriots are replaced and humans with spines, ethics and a sense of morality are installed.

The week-long continuation of the FED examination.

Are the trends and the truth becoming clear yet?

Are you coming to an understanding?

Make no mistake about this; what the purchased politicians did with the FED.  The FED has just perpetrated thievery again against the total treasury and the Insurance Industry is demanding their due on top to insure we are reduced to third world status.

Stop the insanity and start taking action.

On Rachel Maddow’s show last night the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda was discussed with this smarmy, discredited author of “homosexuality may be cured” books who claims to offer “effective counseling” to those who do not want to be Gay.  Aside from the pure bullshit spewed by this underhanded, double-speaking creep, Richard Cohen, the primary allegation this bigot presented is the same that the Cults of Jesus fall upon in proof-texting in his book but that’s OK within the Bible.  This kind of circular thought is the very foundation of the illness of homophobia.  When confronted on the issue of race making one Gay as claimed in this hack’s work this creature denied it and recanted.  This creature is not licensed to practice in any state and claimed that “A Gay” perpetrated a hate crime against him in barring him from the professional association.

Thank the Gay God for Rachel Maddow.

This kind of lie from the Cults of Jesus “belief-based” hate and homophobia is founded within the made-up statistics and this kind of charlatan, Cohen, presents a solid case for the damage these kinds of ignorant, fear-based creatures create.

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