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The Cults of Jesus – Bearing False Witness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 11, 2009

The Cults Of Jesus – Bearing False Witness

God knows I love Rachel Maddow because of her fearless clear reporting on issues that may appear on the surface to effect only the Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered community but it doesn’t take much for the Cults of Jesus to turn from Killing the Gays to Killing the Blacks (again) to Killing those who don’t agree with them.  Ooops, my bad, they do that now with OBGYN physicians who may perform abortions.

Because Rachel Maddow’s fearless presentation of this graphic example of Hate from the Cults of Jesus the corpulent (the sin of gluttony) Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church who is a central figure in this “Hate the Gays, Kill the Gays” demonstration of dominionist theocracy in the “purpose-driven” nation of Uganda where Catholics and Evangelicals have conducted a cultural genocide and moved at his encouragement to legislate the death penalty for Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered humans he has now recanted.

This fat bastard is a very influential sponsor of the Kill the Gays bill in Uganda and just because this Cult of Jesus crazy says something different now doesn’t change his culpability from his past actions.  The “direct, quiet diplomacy” that this Cult of Jesus, gluttonous, greedy and vile creature claims now is documented clearly from his past actions and those actions were to call for the death of humans from this “right to life” fraud.  According to this Cult of Jesus Nazi only the chosen have a right to life and unless his nose is up every-woman’s uterus he isn’t happy.

It is long past time that reality-based humans bring these kinds of arrogant, lying hypocrites to justice for the damages they cause in this life.

Keep these members of the Family like Senators Inhof, Grassly and Brownback in your sights and we, as Americans, must work to remove these kinds of vile bigots and hate-mongers from any elected office and any position representing we the people.  These creatures are not, we the people, by any stretch of the imagination.

I’ve been so moved by this vile and repugnant act from the Cult of Jesus that I have penned a letter to the congregation of Saddleback Church and to Rick Warren.

To the congregation of Saddleback Church and Mr Rick Warren:

The Carpenter from Galilee, Jesus of Nazareth, would and will upon your meeting him, determine your just reward.

There is no sin greater than that of the lies and frauds you perpetrate against those unable to defend themselves.  Your Cult of Jesus acts in defiling a God-given attribute of life are reprehensible. Live as you desire but do not inflict your hypocrisy and fraud upon the free and loving spirits of the Ugandan people. The Cults of Jesus have perpetrated social genocide once too often in history and we will work to insure that is kept in the past and not perpetrated again.

Your addiction may be satisfied within your Cult but in God’s grace and divine will there are a vast diversity of humans who are valued as God’s creatures and your man’s words of God in the Bible do not provide you dominion now or ever.

Your cult of Jesus claims to be “the only path” and that enlightens all others to your arrogance and ignorance of the will of God the creator. You demonstrate that within your Cult of Jesus there is no shred of morality and continue to meddle in the affairs of others lives without provocation, justification and for God only know$ what personal endorphin cascade to continue your addiction and to addict others.

Within the United States we enjoy freedom of religion and a separation of church and state that is not true with your insistence of a “purpose-driven” nation in Uganda. Freedom from religion is as much a right within the United States as is the freedom to worship as we individually see fit. Keep your Taliban style Jihad / Crusade and rabid desire for theocracy among yourselves. The vast population of the United States sees clearly the seditious, treasonous and vile nature of your dominionist position and we are watching, will call you out, and know you for what you are regardless of your forced recantation now. We are everyones’ brothers and sisters who understand your childish need and desire to feed your addiction but not at the cost of one more human life.

Given your Cults of Jesus fear-mongering, hate-mongering and rabid justification of violence toward God’s creation in Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered children through your vile opposition to anti-bullying education, you domestically demonstrate this hate and encouragement of inflicting pain upon others as your right, duty and obligation within your Cult of Jesus purpose driven message. Not one more life.

There is more damage done to human lives from the vile and twisted interpretation of God’s will as you promote within your Cult of Jesus than can ever be told here and you are a graphic example of exactly why self-responsibility, a personal relationship with God, is paramount in any human’s life.  We would encourage you to pray upon your acts, grasp your responsibility and bring yourself to a normal human position of acceptance and perhaps then you will overcome the addiction that provides only lip-service to the concept of “love thy neighbor” that Christ brought to deliver us from the repressive Hebrew laws.

Recant and deny but you are seen, you are exposed and we recognize you as a hypocrite and fraud.  You denied taking a position on Proposition 8 in California and that was an outright lie, you’ve lied about your involvement in Uganda and as a man who presents himself as a representative of God you leave much to be desired.  You, sir are unable to tell the truth.

Know that we will tirelessly work to insure that the tax-free status of religion, the church, any church is removed and that you, the church, will pay through taxes for your rights to free speech as we free citizens pay for ours.

Thanks for listening,

Kevin Andrews

PS: Put your money where your mouth is and give up a couple of your meals a week to help feed the hungry globally. Corpulence is a clear sign of the manifestation of one of the 7 deadly sins (gluttony) within your person.

Let those among you who are without sin cast the first stone.

I encourage any and all to take up pen and address this issue directly to the Saddleback Church, Mr. Rick Warren and continue to call-out this lying, hypocrite to expose the truth of his actions and bring he and his congregation to the understanding that Hate, Bigotry and Violence are unacceptable in reality-based human lives.


From by Matt Taibbi comes a piece of reporting that is long past due and demonstrates that journalism and integrity still exists.  I encourage you to read Obama’s Big Sellout to understand exactly where we are today in the process of the New World Order and to help motivate you into action.

This piece is from earlier this year but is still relevant within the current events.

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  1. 轮盘赌赚钱 said, on December 27, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  2. roulettetrick said, on December 29, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Damn, that sound’s so easy if you think about it.

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