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British Military: “Respect For Others Is Not An Optional Extra.”

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 12, 2009

British Military: “Respect For Others Is Not An Optional Extra.”

“Military Intelligence” may be the ultimate oxymoron in the USA but within the ranks of the British Military Community “respect for others is not an optional extra” according to General Sir Richard Dannantt.  His statement at an LGBT conference appears in an interview with Ben Rakestrow, an openly Gay Serviceman, regarding Gays in the Military is excerpted from The Guardian below:

“Earlier this year the then head of the British army, General Sir Richard Dannatt, became the first army chief to address a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender conference. “Respect for others is not an optional extra,” he said.”

I encourage you to read the body of the article from the link above.  Great news for modern men and women who know that God doesn’t make junk and all humans are of value.

The reality of the Bigotry within America is clear in this video:

Conduct and cohesion are bullshit smokescreens for religious bigotry and homophobia.  Don’t ask don’t tell is bullshit and a reflection of this insanity that is pervasive within the United States today.  Driven by the Cults of Jesus this bigotry and homophobia springs from self-recognition and self-hate from a dogma and doctrine that has used Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered humans as their “demonstration of evil” as a boogie-man for too long.

Do we have a Christian Military?

Do we want a military that enforces bigotry and discrimination?

Boot the hater and keep the homo.

Pam’s House Blend is doing a live podcast with Lt Dan Choi who has endorsed Joe Sestak who is running to replace PA’s Arlin Specter.

I can’t say, given the recent attempts at Wall Street and Banking Regulation, that I am a big fan of Barney Frank and that his endorsement would mean much to me but CBS Blogs have this piece on the endorsement and the run on Arlen Specter’s  senate seat.  I’ve appreciated Senator Specter’s anti-war positions but his Republican Conservatism and Cult of Jesus positions keep him from being on my list of humans I would respect and endorse.

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  2. […] Twenty-five nations, our allies, are fully integrated with Gays,Lesbian and Bisexual troops serving openly without discord or rancor of any form and the Brits said it best: “Respect of others is not an optional extra.”  This from an earlier posting linked here. […]

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