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Monday Media Madness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 13, 2009

Monday Media Madness

Global Warming is real, any human is able to observe in their own backyard the clear costs of the hydrocarbon economy and coal fired electric that drives this nation and pours gigatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. My first-hand observations from the 1970s until 2005 of the decline of the reef systems in the Florida Keys is a compelling statement of environmental decline that is a direct result of our civilizations abuse of the global environment.  Are we or aren’t we going to be good stewards of this Earth and leave a planet suitable for habitation for our children?


Last week’s revelations and the exposure of Rick Warren as chief liar of the Cults of Jesus in the Evangelical work of creating a “Purpose-Driven” theocratic nation in Uganda creates the atmosphere of hate and murder that is directed toward the LGBT community.  These results are not exclusively the domain of the Evangelical movement in Uganda but play out across South Africa, Rwanda,Darfur and everywhere in sub-saharian Africa where Christian Evangelical missionaries have presented.  Onward Christian soldiers.  Seventeen years of war and the “Christians” are not satisfied with the death toll, they are hell bent on killing Gays too.

The Cults of Jesus would do well to pay close attention to the fruits of their labors within this culture of Uganda where they have driven hate and bigotry to these levels as “Christian” acts. The Catholic Church, right up to the Pope are also demonstrating their bigotry, hate and skills as liars by opposing the use of Condoms in the fight against AIDS.

One of the primary questions I present in confronting the hate and bigotry of the Cults of Jesus on the topic of LGBT God-given attributes is to ask: “does God make mistakes?” We all must understand the illness that consumes the Cults of Jesus and their misguided lies and slanders against our population because they obviously have demonized we of the LGBT community for the past 50 years that I’m able to remember and probably much longer.  We forgive them because we understand they are unable to follow the laws set out by their Cult for heterosexual behaviors, consuming food, working on the sabbath or a host of others.  From the Pope to the Evangelicals the clear statements from the church concerning LGBT humans is to use our God-given attributes to demonize us so they have some imagined enemy against which to rant and rail.  I forgive them but I will not let these issues go unanswered.

God doesn’t make junk and God made me in his (or her) image and therefore I am not “a mistake” by God, possessed by the Devil or demons and I am an upright human worthy of respect. I have nothing to repent, no desire to change and I am not “a sinner” as the Cults of Jesus would have us all believe because of the original sin being their method to control.  These sexually repressed, deeply closeted creatures must multiply their hate to justify their personal existence.  Without us to hate they have nothing.

These are the tools applied by FAUX News in its single-handed destruction of real journalism.

The FAUX News is a Cult of Jesus mouthpiece and employs the same tactics that the Cults have for years to indoctrinate and misinform. “Programming” is an accurate description.


We are an educated, informed society that knows better than rising to the bait of bigots and hate-mongers. Unless and until we unite and take back our government, take the power we’ve given up, we are screwed.  The religious right, the Cults of Jesus crazies, the racial bigots, the immigration bigots are all without a leg to stand on.  You know it, I know it and we must focus on the goals.  Universal health care, a fair and honest Banking and Business system, prosperity for all and not just the top 1% that has just received the largest transfer of wealth in history.  Unless we unite, unless we work together, these elite thieves will own us as surely as if we are slaves.

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