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The Ten Dollar Taliban In The USA

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 13, 2009

The Ten Dollar Taliban In The USA

Karzai, the corrupt President of Afghanistan claims that it will take 12 or 15 years to build up an Afghani military and police force to stabilize the nation. The reality is that Afghanistan will NEVER have a stable, honest government because the people of Afghanistan have no desire for democratic governance. The reality is that the Taliban pays better than the Afghani government and growing pot or poppies pays more than both.  This quagmire is exactly what the Al Qaieda intended in involving us in this area to bankrupt us.  We are now involved in a secret war intruding into Pakistan and this threatens to blow into a huge conflagration with nuclear arms in Pakistani possession.


The events of this week’s revelations in the Cults of Jesus, The Family of the C-Street (whore) House and the Evangelical Movement’s chief liar Rick Warren are coming home to roost and it’s about time. Within the USA the Teabaggers, the Evangelicals and the Catholic Cults of Jesus crazies like Maggie Galligher all demonstrate just how much the ten dollar Taliban is working in the USA.  Tithe and buy yourself a little religion, get yourself born again, be “saved” and find justification and vindication to encouragement for your hate.  Fire it up and substitute your addictions to alcohol, sex, anger or whatever with a good old-fashioned addiction to religion but know you are an addict.  Mary Fucking Christmas kids.  The carpenter from Galilee is watching you and knows who you are.

From the heart of the Bible belt here in Atlanta the noises I’ve heard this Holiday season as the religious right has it’s panties in a wad over anything and everything pretty well defines the “Christ” in Christmas. This evening I was attending an opening of a new performing arts center with friends included in the entertainment and was absolutely stricken with this “Christian Stepford” syndrome surrounding me to the point of nearly having a panic attack.  Thankfully I maintained center as the cathedral windows projected on the side-walls of the theater faded and the gospel Christmas moved into other less cult of Jesus focuses.  The last thing I wanted was to be subject to a revival but that’s about the gist of the evening.

The discussions that I overheard on the way into and out of this event largely centered on “putting the Christ back in Christmas” and “getting rid of the damned muslims, gays and liberals” to get that “dominionist revolution” going on. On more than one occasion I just adopted my Great Aunt Hattie’s stance on religion and batted my eyes asking, “well what do you think Jesus would do?”  Thankfully, here in the Bible belt those are civilized fighting words and not one rose to the bait because of the positioning.  I was prepared but baiting wasn’t in the cards.  I was and still am overwhelmed with the militancy of the evangelical right and they are not right.  That defines the Stepford moment.

The overwhelming sentiment heard and felt among this crowd is that of the Ten Dollar Taliban in Afghanistan but in Afghanistan the Taliban fighter at least gets his $10 where here in the Bible belt the Taliban, the cult of Jesus, demands the tithe of $10 to get you in. Don’t get me wrong here; I’m not knocking or denying these citizens their right to freedom of speech or freedom of religion but I am absolutely appalled at the level of ignorance expressed and the inability to grasp that anything beyond their narrow and petty scope from the FAUX “News” spoon fed lies escapes them.  This may be cultural and isolated but I fear, more than anyone can know, that this is the state of the nation and it’s an illness, an addiction that is without antidote.  There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Religion is another addiction or an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that deserves to be recognized as such and treatment is available. Is religion just a schizophrenic extension from the mold ergot, from the minds of clerics who were stricken with mental illness and invented a theology that is now 2,000+ years old?  This Cult of Jesus is, in my humble opinion, the greatest terrorist threat to the USA today.  This superstition, this method of mass indoctrination, this black and white, good and evil dichotomy is not healthy, normal or culturally correct.

It is my assertion that we, the LGBT Community, must move to expressing to the Cults of Jesus that we recognize their sin and will love the sinner but hate the sin of Fundamental Evangelic actions because this is based upon their illness, the illness within the institutions of the Cults of Jesus and we recognize clearly that the end results of this are the Charles Manson, the David Koresch and Bob Jones acts in this world. We healthy and well centered humans recognize that the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Salem Witch Hunts are all extensions of this religious addiction and we are able to forgive these poor ill humans for their fundamentally flawed selves in hope that they will bring themselves to a position of normal upright and moral human through our love and compassion.  Let us all, in a unified voice address the foundation of this illness and help bring these mentally handicapped humans into an enlightenment worthy of the twenty first century.

At this time of the year, the hijacked holiday of Christmas, a time when the Cults of Jesus celebrate the birth of their savior, Jesus of Nazareth born from an immaculate conception, speaking, walking and talking from the moment of entry into this world, it is amazing the militancy present in the “put the Christ back in Christmas” movement.  The Evangelical and Republican right are not right.  This bullshit smoke-screen of “putting the Christ back in Christmas” is one more divisive and ignorant act from the Cults of Jesus who claim “Jesus is the only way” to salvation or life after death and to be perfectly honest I could care less about what happens after death to maintain a healthy focus on what is happening in the now.  The reality of the manipulative and Cultish behavior of these individuals who claim “Christ-like” actions as their “Christian” label implies only identifies them more clearly as Cults of Jesus without compassion, morality or ethics.

Those of us who live in a reality based world understand and clearly acknowledge that others may have religious convictions that differ from the ones we hold and this “Happy Holidays” that has the Cults of Jesus panties in a wad is a very polite, civil and intellectual recognition of that possibility of religious differences.  All I am able to do is deliver sympathy and understand for these Cult of Jesus crazies and pray that they recognize their sins.  Jesus said (according to their own words) “love the sinner but hate the sin” and these Cults of Jesus in their misdirection of zeal have strayed from the correct path to indulge in insanity.

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