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Terrorism Tuesday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 15, 2009

Terrorism Tuesday

With the C-Street Family pushing LGBT murders in Uganda the real agenda of the Cults of Jesus becomes more and more apparent.  Is there really any difference between the Cults of Jesus and the Iranians killing Gay Men for alleged sodomy?  In Iran, because there may not be enough actual evidence the Iranians just use “the knowledge of the Judge” as the excuse for murder.

The Cults of Jesus who have imported, exported and created homophobia, hate and are at the heart of the Kill the Gays movement in Uganda are despicable and as dangerous an example as the Pope is of exactly what is wrong with organized Christian Religion today.  Dominionist positioning to facilitate Purpose-Driven Christian Theocracy in Uganda and elsewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa are clearly demonstrating a Global threat to equal the Al Qaeda, Taliban or any fundamentalist movement defining clearly agendas of hate, fear-mongering and vile manipulations of humans in the guise of religion.

Will we ever overcome this kind of radical bigotry?  From my personal experience that extends from The Stonewall Riots through the present-day the current Cults of Jesus, Muslim and Jewish unity in obstructing the Gay Pride march in Jerusalem speaks volumes to the foundation of hate in organized religion.

Dr Lawrence Mass writes in the GayCityNews concerning the reduction of bigotry and prejudicial acts within society that, “If only people under 30 would vote, we would have national same-sex marriage by now. While political pressure helps, things change just as the older people retire and the younger ones get more influence.”

For me it is important that I confront the bigot with truth and holding to these truths is paramount.

This is the state of the USA today:

The LGBT community holds the power to overcome the hate, fear-mongering and bigotry of these vile creatures who provide only lip-service to “love thy neighbor” and have no longer any concept of respect because of the vile indoctrination of their priests.  We have freedom from religion as a right as much as they have freedom to practice their religion.  Hold to the truth and expose the hate.  God doesn’t make junk.  I am created in the image of God and am no mistake.

These are the depths of the indoctrination and pure hate and bigotry spewed by those who desire to control angry mobs.  Make no mistake; religion is not about love, compassion, care or divine grace.  Organized religion is about power and control and these creatures demonstrate that clearly each and every time their lies and bigotry are exposed.  We are everyone’s brothers and sisters and we are watching, we are warning and we are not going away.

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