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Hump Day

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 16, 2009

Hump Day

This is just too good to pass up.  The Cults of Jesus biggest huckster just met his maker.  I guess he didn’t get $8 million this year to keep him here.

Living a lavish life style off the backs of the poor, the ignorant and the plain foolish is the major accomplishment of these Evangelical Scam Artists who build the Cult of Jesus into a money-making machine.  This one in particular showed the way to mega-bucks by putting the TV to work and opened the door to the hate-mongers and charlatans of today.  Sad, sorry and I’m sure Oral Roberts is nice and toasty for eternity.

From one of my favorite cities in the USA this piece demonstrates the Cults of Jesus agenda.


Here’s a great example of the Mormon Cult of Jesus in the USA today.  These Mormon mouth-pieces are demonstrating exactly how dominionist action in government is the biggest threat to our liberties today.  Orrin Hatch provides great fertile ground for the Tax the Church movement with his clear bias toward theocracy.

The reality of putting into place a single payor national health insurance system to be in direct competition to the monopolistic commercial health insurance makes sense.  Right up front the single payer health system will save America 30% that paid to the fat-cat insurance company owners and eaten up in “administration costs” finding ways to deny coverage.  Medicare & Medicaid are social(ist) medical programs that work and there is no denial of that.  What’s stopped single payer insurance is the Insurance Company Lobby and the purchased politicians like Lieberman who should retire to Tel Aviv and leave real Americans to govern this great nation.

Let’s get a Mormon gold monger interviewing a Mormon influence peddler who is purchased by the Wall Street, Banking and Insurance lobbies.  Great Faux “Journalism” and a clear opinion piece that demonstrates the lack of intelligence present in Washington, DC and on the airwaves.  Where was this Mormon constitutionalist when Bush was tearing the constitution apart?  He was voting to support Dumb as a Box of Rock Bush is exactly where he was.  Liars, fear-mongers, hate-mongers and corrupt beyond description and now the whining bastard carries on about what the Democrats are doing after the Republicans did it for 8 years.

What is it that our elected representatives in Washington, DC fail to grasp?  The reality is that they are purchased by the Insurance Company interests and owned by the banking lobby.  The reality that our government is hijacked by Wall Street, Banking and Insurance money is a disgusting and appalling travesty of governance.

Other commentary and political push on the much-needed Public Option to bust the balls of the insurance monopoly seems futile at this moment.  The fear-mongers have succeeded in depriving Americans of the single greatest improvement we, as a society, are able to enact by pandering to the wealthy.  Kind of makes you proud to be an owned American, doesn’t it?


The New McCarthyism is being trumpeted and heralded into existence by the likes of Faux “News” the cast of clowns like Beck, Limbaugh and the Cheneys and of that there is no denial.  These Right-wing bigots, hate and fear-mongers are dependent upon no one having the courage to stand up to them and shut them up.  There is an interesting read brought to my attention by David Mixner at People For the American Way on this topic.  This article is a worthy read.

If you doubt the existence of the “New McCarthyism” just get an eyeful of this report from Media Matters:

You’ve seen it.  You know it’s true and these creatures are still poisoning the United States with their hate, bigotry, white supremacist, theocratic sense of entitlement and we are tolerating this garbage.  WAKE UP AMERICA!

The legislative process is broken beyond repair.  We, the people, must get rid of the bastards who’ve sold us out on Capital Hill and find candidates to occupy those seats who have a sense of value for and of the American public.  Lieberman, Snow, Bauchus and the Blue Dog turn coats do not deserve what we pay them.  This lot of purchased Washington whores and money-grubbing bastards just handed the Insurance Industry as big a gift as the bail out was to Wall Street and the Banks and they have to go.  This is the democratic way.  We will not be sold out on this level ever again.

I’ll withstand the crowing of the Right-wing bigots to have this current Lieberman gift to the Insurance Companies pitched down the tube right now.  I have no hope of a line item veto of the manditory medical insurance from Obama in spite of his campaign promises.  The man’s lack of leadership on this “health care reform” is as clear an indicator as the Bail-out is to his Sachs-Goldman ties.  I am not a happy camper with the insurance companies being handed a Christmas gift guaranteed to bankrupt the treasury and boost their profits with our tax dollars.

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