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What’s A Citizen To Do?

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 17, 2009

What’s A Citizen To Do?

In response to a recent comment about what are we, the Citizens of the United States of America, supposed to do to help cause effective change for all this video appeared on Joe.My.God and provided many insights. (I’m avoiding my anti-cults of Jesus rant here.)

The graphic experiences and the activism of Patric McAlvey in the video provides all of us many insights into what’s possible for each of us individually. This courageous young man shares how he diligently worked for, desired to change a God-given attribute of his person to conform within the ultra-conservative religious culture he desired acceptance within and details his betrayal by predators who claimed to have a “cure” that would fix him right up.  The reality of the psychological damage this young man experienced because of fear, hate and bigotry denying him the value of a single happy Gay role model is despicable and deplorable.  Human sexuality is a God-given attribute and the Church, this culture and humans across the board need to just grow up and get over themselves because we are not all cut from the same cloth and it’s our differences that make us strong.  God doesn’t make junk, God made me and God doesn’t make mistakes.  Man, not God, decided that the LGBT community are “sinners” to create a boogie-man to rant and rail against and we recognize that clearly.

The example is applicable across the last election and into the reality of what we are experiencing now as our Purchased Presidency and Purchased Politicians deliver us into the slaughter of economic disaster at the hands of Bernanke, Geithner and the reward of the FED’s manipulation of the economy that paid big dividends to Wall Street and Banking interests but has screwed the middle class for 30+ years. The Insurance Companies and Pharmaceutical manufacturers are looking for their pay-off now too with mandated purchase of insurance and denial of the right to purchase drugs from Canada or Europe where they cost a fraction of what they cost in the USA. None of us are able to afford this mandated purchase of Insurance and don’t desire this but the Insurance Lobby purchased enough politicians to get their way.  The Pharmaceutical manufacturers just cut their deal and had it upheld by congress just because of the pay-offs, the open bribery and the corruption of our purchased politicians.  Do you think that you and I really matter to anyone on Capital (yes I know the difference) Hill?

How do we become Activists?

For me, with the decisions made and the place that I am at in life now, I’ve taken up blogging to help encourage others to get active.  We each must decide what we are able to do and then just do it.  I still push through friends, attend rallies, protest and face arrest but not with the same fervor that I did when I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s.  I’m 55 and just a tad tired of the battles so I do my best to mentor a larger group but do and will put myself on the line in a skinny minute.

I know this sounds rather simplistic but it’s like becoming the environmentalist from your kitchen out.  You start shopping to purchase foods that are produced from local farms (I work on a 100 mile rule) to support local farmers and the local economy.  I’ve changed the light bulbs to be compact fluorescents, put in the programmable thermostats, drive less and tend to take friends with me when I do go any distance just to conserve and cut costs.  I’m being an activist on these levels.  I am taking responsibility for myself, encouraging my friends to do the same and doing my flat-out level best to bust the balls of the energy company, the oil companies and the corporate mindset that has poisoned this once great nation and brought us to our knees in third world status since George Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush with his Butt-Buddy Cheney flushed this country down the tube with lies, torture, treason, credit fraud and out of control spending.

I no longer have my money in the United States Banking or investment systems either.  I maintain a checking account to facilitate electronic transfers of money from clients, employers or other sources of income but I focus much of my day-to-day living expenses on a barter system that is beyond the tax laws.  I’ve grown this barter system from 2% of my annual living expenses to nearly 50% in just a few short years and this is only possible within a local market where the standards of trust, honesty and human integrity combined with effective communication build real community. I do not support a system that does not support me.  It’s just that simple.  I live on a cash basis and any funds I may have invested are in business with friends, in development projects in Honduras, Brazil and Costa Rica where they focus on environmentally friendly and conservation projects including education.  I was robbed on Black Monday in 1989 by the FED and decided from that point forward that I would never again be at risk to these thieves or their elected puppets.  I know the people and the places I’ve invested in and I trust them.  It’s that simple.

How am I able to make a difference?

From environmentalism to hard-core political activism each and every one of us makes a real difference first by getting into the mindset of doing things differently.  You, within yourself, must come to a place where taking action makes sense within your life and you are following your bliss.  It’s easy for we with some experience to proselytize and provide platitudes about the past experiences but none of those ever would’ve happened if I wasn’t absolutely, with all my heart and soul, committed to what I know and understand to be the right path.  I would never have the courage to confront or take action on the levels that I do now if this position wasn’t an integral part of my being.  The truth of this is graphically demonstrated by Patrick McAlvey in the video.  One cannot listen to this courageous young man and not be moved by the pain and suffering he has personally experienced in coming to this point of enlightenment and conviction where he makes the video, speaks clearly to the issue and tells the truth as fast as he can.

Can we really compete with the mega-bucks of the Wall Street, Banking, Insurance and Military Lobby?

No! That’s a real issue and a real problem with the current conditions of the political system within the United States today because of what has grown (as Ike warned us) in the current corporate owned government.  We have a real opportunity coming up in 2010 to start making effective changes with our vote.  I cannot stress enough how fundamentally important it is to get out and vote, to encourage your friends, neighbors and anyone you speak with to vote.  Then get informed on the candidates and start making recommendations, push a candidate or three and hold them to their promises or make it clear that your activism will replace them.  Replacement of the creatures that inhabit Washington, DC today on behalf of Wall Street, Banking, Insurance, Corporate greed in general must be rolled back and “we the people” restored to power.

David Mixner has some advice for those of us who are able and willing to contribute to the system with cash on any level and that is:

1. Do not contribute to Democratic party committees like the DNC, DSCC and DCCC. They will use the funds to not only elect our allies but also Blue Dog Democrats. Even if they set up a ‘special committee’ for us that will enable them to loosen funds for candidates who are opposed to our freedom.
2. Contribute directly to only those candidates who have proven by either by vote or sponsorships of legislation their commitment to our issues.
3. Contribute to LGBT candidates who most often know how to fight like hell for us. The Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund is one of the most effective groups in Washington,DC.
4. Contribute to our own community and its battles for freedom especially as our young resort to more traditional civil rights tactics.
5. Contribute to defeating our enemies at the local level which is a very powerful message to send those that oppose us.

Mixner: “Do not be charmed by fancy appeals, hot parties, invites to special places and personal attention. Hold strong and let them know your five guidelines for giving. For nearly two decades we have poured money into the political process only to be ignored or betrayed time and time again.”

The reality of activism:

While traveling in Honduras I had the great pleasure to meet Walter Trochez in Tegucigalpa and spend a day at Copan Ruins in heated discussions about the risks of activism in 2006.  Walter paid the ultimate price for his open, honest stance and his clear voice for democratic and equal human rights for all.  Amnesty International has posted a call for investigation and action from the Honduran Government.

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