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Freaky Friday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 18, 2009

Freaky Friday

This bears repeating in light of the sell-out of the American People

From the Ed Show via Huffington Post this discussion of Lieberman and the two-faced lawyer (liar) representing the Pharma lobby singing the praise of being able to dip into the US Treasury (just like the banks) in this Health Care Reform fraud.

At this point with Health Care “Reform” I’m over the US Government period.  The smarmy creep Lieberman’s antics and the entire lot of the bastards on Capital (and I do know the difference) Hill can go pound salt at the 2010 elections because I’m just working to replace all the sons-of-bitches and the bitches too and get a fresh start.  Kill the gift to the Insurance Companies and get a clean start with honest humans who aren’t purchased (yet) in 2011.  Don’t make the mistake of “better the devil you know than the one you don’t” in the 2010 elections; make sure it’s new faces, new ideas and let’s tackle reform of the influence pedaling, corruption and outright fraud as we’ve seen with Wall Street, Banking and Insurance pay-offs at all our expense.

If Obama had any balls at all he would be out in the lead instead of holed up in the White House with his Banking Failure Butt-Buddies.  This President is a disappointment and the American People deserve real change.  What has consumed these spineless bastards in the House and Senate is the money-making machine of the American People threatening the Bankers, Wall Street and the Insurance Companies and these spineless cowards are just as greedy raking in the lobby money and campaign cash from Banks, Wall Street and the Insurance Companies while selling the American People out.  We have a purchased political system beyond a shadow of a doubt without a single Statesman left inside the loop.  It’s a disgusting legacy and I will personally find ways to revolt to the point of leaving the country if this isn’t changed.  I refuse to support the Bankers with my hard earned money, I refuse to support Insurance Companies with my hard earned money and I will not support a government that panders to special interests as demonstrated.  It’s long past time for a change, real change and that’s not Teabaggers, Nazi Republicans or Blue Dog Democrats.

We the people have the power to make those changes but FAUX News, the media in general with the death of journalism have crippled this system and the American People are being lied to, divided and will be conquered to the point of slavery rapidly without the uprising and cleaning out Capital Hill NOW!

Look at the numbers people.  Over 60% of the American Population wants real competition to Insurance Companies and the Universal Health Care, Medicare for everyone is the quickest and cleanest tool to do that.  We have an opportunity to save the Medicare system and make it work for us and you bet that Insurance Companies don’t want that to happen.  The Drug companies have a sweet deal and our government has now prevented us from purchasing cheaper products (the only difference is the price) from Canada.  This freaking Government tells us we have to buy Insurance from the thieves who have broken the system and then adds insult to injury by telling us we can’t shop in competitive markets for the drugs prescribed.

This Government just opened the Treasury to Wall Street and the Big Banks and we are screwed with charges, fees and 30% interest from these greedy theives who continue to work diligently to destroy the American Economy knowing that they are “Too Big To Fail” and the Taxpayers will prop their greedy asses up.  Not ever again.  If it were you and I (and it is with the foreclosure crisis) we liquidate or loose our assets and go back to pick up the pieces of a shattered life while these fucking bankers are communist leeches on the backs of the working class that is now reduced to third world status as a result of Bush & Cheney setting this deal up.

It makes me angry beyond words.  Experts spelled out the details, the handwriting is on the wall and the American People just lay down and take it.  Elizabeth Warren tells us what’s wrong with this picture and we just smile and nod and the purchased politicians continue feeding their greed at our expense.   It won’t stop until we make it stop and our President is not representing the people of America in his current actions.   Obama and the Democrats in majorety have pissed away an opportunity that may never come again and they’ve done it with a very clear agenda of selling out the American People and destroying the middle class.

Where is the Bail-Out on Main Street?

Where are the jobs?

Where is the real change you can count on?

Pissed away into the pockets of the top 1% of the elite, the Bankers, Wall Street and soon the Insurance thieves with the Politicians lining their pockets at everyone’s expense.

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