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The known Universe from the American Museum of Natural History.

Kind of makes one feel small and insignificant although it’s marvelously beautiful.

I wonder if the Cults of Jesus appreciate the awesome dimension of this universe?  It wasn’t too long ago that they were threatening to burn Galileo for heresy because of his observations of the universe.  What will Papa Pope do now that this is produced?

Maybe we can get Pat Robertson to rant in denial of this reality like he does about Global Warming, evolution and man’s responsibility.  Oh, that’s right, man doesn’t have to be responsible because he can be born again and again and again…

Just wondering is all…


Hope springs infernal in New York.

This is even sadder when one thinks of the damage done to humans with God-given attributes including same-sex attraction.

“It’s your Mommy & Daddy.  You weren’t nurtured correctly.  You’ve been possessed by demons.”  What ever bullshit the Cults of Jesus can spew finds favor from their bigotry and not any reality based system.  The response:  Homosexuality is a God-given attribute of life for millions of humans.  Live as you desire but don’t force your belief systems upon me.

The Lies, the Fear-Mongering, the Hate and Bigotry continues to be the Cults of Jesus mode of operation.  From Good As You and check out the site.

The “Family” Research Council must be residing at the C-Street House.  The lies, the fear-mongering, the Hate from this ultra-right wing Cult of Jesus crazy pseudo-intellectual hate front is offensive to me and 90% of the USA but they drone on and on with the lies…

And that’s the #1 mouthpiece from these Bigots, Hate and Fear-Mongers who have no facts, only belief.  Sick beyond belief and the lies continue.

No Changes

I’ve taken to responding to the Cults of Jesus hate mail and open Bigotry with this:

I am sure that your belief system in the Cults of Jesus fully supports the Hate and Fear-mongering bigotry that you promote.  I know, as all of the LGBT community knows, that Homosexuality is a God-Given Attribute.  What day did you wake-up to decide you were Heterosexual?  We are everyone’s brothers & sisters.  We are parents, employees, business people, homeowners and taxpayers against whom your Cults of Jesus are waging a war base exclusively on belief with no basis in reality other than the need for a boogie-man to rant against to whip your huddled masses into a frenzy of giving more cash.  The addiction to the Cults of Jesus is understood and we empathize but wonder when you will actually put the Christ back in Christian?

“Frustrate the plans of the evil one.”  I certainly hope so and the evil roots extend to the Evangelical, Fundamental Cults of Jesus who are anti-American Bigots hell-bent upon inflicting their twisted Calvinistic vision upon all.

Always remember that “Con” is the very beginning of Conservative.  You can’t have conservative without a “Con.”


What will it take to restore American Liberty?

The demonstrations of how we the people live democratically but our Wall Street, Banking, Insurance and Corporate entities and elite live as Communist vampires sucking the life’s blood from the real resource of productivity and wealth that is the Middle Class in the United Stats is seen and our destruction is upon us now.  Bush and his Butt-Buddies Cheney, Paulson, Geithner and Bernanke brought this once great nation to third world status in just 8 years.  I fear the Purchased Politicians on Capital Hill will complete the job much quicker.

Maybe it is time that we, the people, do the hard work again and re-think this system of FED Banking, Wall Street Greed, Corporate Greed and Insurance Company Fraud.  Vote with your dollars and stop spending into the corporate coffers.

Let’s start with ripping the control of our financial system from the FED and truly Nationalize Banking.  Let’s have We The People seize the banks and begin to operate them for everyone’s benefit and not just the CEO, Key personnel and stock holders.  Let’s have every American now and every American yet to be born as stock holders in the American Bank and get rid of the commercial banking system that’s a fraud and sham for communist control of the people of the United States of America.  The reality is that we just bought them and I don’t care how fast these lying, thieving bastards are “repaying” the “loan” from the American people; it is a reality that they wouldn’t exist today without the largest transfer of wealth in history orchestrated by Bush, Cheney, Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and a host of con men.  We own them.  They would not exist without us, we the people, and it’s time to foreclose on the Banks and do the right thing for the American people.

Now that I have that socialist rant out of my system…


The sorry state of the fraud of Health Care Reform is best understood with the open discussion as is only possible with Bill Moyers who will be sorely missed when he retires in April of 2010.

It was so wonderful to hear Al Franken do what all of us have wanted to do for months now to the Smarmy Lieberman who is sold-out to the Insurance Companies.  This is the best thing ever.  As a general rule I just don’t like people from CT and Lieberman reinforces this bias.  Father Theresa is the exception and I forgive her for the Connecticut roots.

Wendell Potter says it best:

The reality according to Firedoglake is that Wall Street is happy about the Lieberman sell-out.  Actually Wall Street has had a great year destroying the economy for the Middle Class, reducing the value of our savings and assets while raping the US Treasury and laughing through fat bonuses that our tax dollars paid.  I suppose the Insurance industry, Wall Street and Banking Lobby will all get their bonuses too; after all they’ve purchased the politicians on Capital Hill.  Health Care Reform = a gift to the Insurance Companies to make up for the gifts to the Banking and Wall Street thieves.


Modern Cults of Jesus are a lot like the Insurance industry.  Pascal’s Wager set forth to convince rich gambling elites that their best bet was with Christianity: if they accept Christ and are correct, then their reward is eternal bliss; if they are wrong, their reward is oblivion, the same as it would have been without Christ. On the other hand, if they do not accept salvation, their best reward is oblivion, whereas the worst case scenario finds them suffering for all eternity. It is not actually faith or sincere belief at all, but rather a naked attempt to minimize one’s losses after death. On top of this, it assumes without basis that a professed belief in the wrong god (if there are several, or the single god is jealous) goes unpunished.

The foundations of the Tithe are contained within this modern theology.  It’s a bigger gamble to live with a Cult of Jesus next door as we are all discovering.

I much prefer the path of reality based living as practiced by my Animist Grandmother whose Iroquois Native American belief system held nature in esteem and reverence with a focus on harmony within the natural systems.  Most notably within the League of Seven Nations and across North American Native cultures the Berdache, niizh manidoowag of two spirits, the third sex, was openly accepted as these humans were the care-givers, the Shaman, medicine men and women and cultural leaders.  These men and women of two spirits were often the peace-makers and diplomats and were largely viewed as a normal portion of culture and life universally recognized and revered prior to Western European Cults of Jesus homophobia and hate being introduced during the Cults of Jesus genocide against all Native Americans and aboriginal humans globally.  The Cults of Jesus have a mandate to spread their poison, their hate and their bigotry.  That’s why their Christ was born, to give them permission to stick their noses into everyone else’s lives, to lie, to spread hate, fear, bigotry and divisiveness as their Saviour commanded.

It would be a much different world without the mindset of the European Cults of Jesus who claim “dominion” over this world rather than being an active participant within the complete living system.  Do you think we would be living in a garbage heap planet that is about to expire from human contempt and ill-treatment if we lived within this life rather than on the empty and unsubstantiated promise of a life after death?  What have the Cults of Jesus done to improve man’s lot in life and within this life sustaining ecology we all must maintain to survive?  What has the Vatican’s wealth done for you lately?  The Cults of Jesus missionaries spread the consumption, the greed, the contempt of this marvelous creation of God in this planet and spread their fear, hate and Bigotry globally, that’s what the Cults of Jesus do.

Who knew the Cults of Jesus were hell-bent on absolute destruction as their “rapture” and the result of their “dominion?”  Revelations defined this agenda and the Cults of Jesus are praying for it every day just as they are praying for the failure of health care reform today.  The agenda is clear and historically well documented.  Rant on dear Cults of Jesus, Bob Jones in Guiana is a graphic example of your intent.

To the Cults of Jesus, with no ill-will, I offer the prayer that you meet your maker and proceed directly to the afterlife without the obvious pain and suffering you intend to inflict upon everyone else as your Calvinistic world view intends.  Live as you like but extend the same respect to all other religions and belief systems as you are afforded for yours.  Live with your religious addictions within your cults of Jesus, following Jahweh, Buddha, Alla, Krishna or the purple monster but do so privately and do not ever demand or expect that I follow your dogma.

The truth, living a reality-based life within this marvelous place now is my goal and after death isn’t any concern but mine.  Keep your nose out of my life, out of my bedroom and away from my genitalia because you are not provided dominion over me.


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