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Sunday Morning Activism

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Activism

Love, the desire to be loved and to share love is a driving natural force within the human experience from literature through the arts to every breath you or I draw within this precious and fragile experience of now.  What is to fear from love?  The Cults of Jesus claim to “love thy neighbor as you love yourself” yet fear the God-Given attribute of loving a member of the same sex in a committed relationship and vilify this as a rallying cry.

From a posting by Father Tony in Queer New York comes this video with Mitchell Gold of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams furniture galleries.  This is important stuff for all of us activist minded humans to listen to.  The good stuff starts at about the 2 minute mark.

Mitchell Gold’s site, Faith In America is a great place to start building a compassionate position with accurate information.

I’ve been plowing through a theological text to arm myself effectively in God And Whose Army that is available on line.  For me as an activist it is very important to enable me to maintain center when confronting the rabid hate, fear and bigotry that openly Gay, Lesbian and Transgender humans are subjected to.  I focus on the basic Cult of Jesus fraud that is exposed in the LGBT community being God-Given attributes in sexual identity and not “sinners” or possessed by demons or evil by nature in the fine Calvinist tradition.


The Self-Righteous Cult of Jesus Right-Wing crazies find a largely ignored spokesman.  I apologize to the readers for inflicting Faux “news” upon you in this clip as these proof-texting Cult of Jesus freaks howl.

A German Reporter in Copenhagen provided the most accurate description of Sen Jim Inhofe: “You’re ridiculous.”

The next question is, did the American Taxpayers pay for this Cult of Jesus freak to fly and stay in Copenhagen?  For a man who, “wants to get something done” Sen Inhofe is always on the wrong side.  From the Climate and his clearly voiced opinion that Global Warming is a hoax to the Cults of Jesus and his anti-civil rights stand this bigot exposes his ignorance for all to see.  Sen Inhofe demonstrates for everyone that belief is better than facts or reality and his conspiracy theories are always right.

The shocking truth is that the GOP’s rabid dominionist Cult of Jesus base has historically raped, pillaged and plundered as it’s method of operation from the economically driven Crusades to the here and now.  The Cults of Jesus conducted a systematic genocide of aboriginal American Indians in North, Central and South America and this Cult systematically defiles the miracle of life on Earth in their acts.

In today’s political climate those of us who are reality-based must draw the line in the sand and fight to ensure that Separation of Church and State is maintained.  We must rise up and drive the Tax The Church movement to begin to instruct these Cults that their mythology and damnable acts have real human consequences that exact a price from everyone to repair.  How long must we sustain the genocide on our LGBT youth who chose to commit suicide rather than live within a culture where these Cults of Jesus inflict pain, suffering and threaten eternal damnation because of who we love?


I just have to love this moment from Keith Olbermann.

These demonstrations from Faux “news” define the death of journalism and the intent of Rupert Murdock to spread his particular flavor of hate and bigotry through these vile creatures.


More of the Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush with his Butt-Buddy Cheney’s destruction of the constitution and cover-ups exposed.

Transparent Government in a Republican administration seems as much the ultimate oxymoron as “military intelligence.”


In surfing the net today from a posting at Joe.My.God I made a trip to Free Republic and posted a single comment to express the truth that “61% of Americans support a single payor health care system to directly compete with the greedy corrupt insurance companies who pocket 25% of your insurance premiums for the ability to deny your claims.”

The end result is that the Teabagger revoked my posting privileges.  LOL  These wingnuts and Cult of Jesus crazies are unable to bring themselves into the reality- based world and wouldn’t know “rights to free speech” if it hit them in the face.  A joke, a true joke and waste of humanity.   Don’t ever confuse these ignorant manipulated creeps with facts.  Their minds are made up and way to small to affect a change without blowing a gasket or having a stroke.  They are not concerned with freedom or the republic and only concerned with like-minded hate mongers and fear mongers.  Ignorance reigns supreme at free republic.  Happily they lost the plagiarism suit but haven’t been shut down yet.  They’ll keep relying on the Koch brothers funding to keep their diversion of Teabagging active and we reality-based humans know this.  Once they’ve served their purpose for Koch and company they’ll be gone; hope springs infernal on that level.

Check out the reality of our Purchased Politicians and process at to get the most accurate information on lobbying and PAC activities in the USA today.

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