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Hump Day Humor

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 23, 2009

Hump Day Humor:

When the news of the Catholic Church back-pedalling on pulling out of providing the minimal services that they do offer in Washington, DC because of the equal rights granted to same-sex couples I was not surprized.  I did, however, speak out to the communications director of the Washington dioces of the church who was blabbering on about nothing.  I’ve cut and pasted this below:

Sent: Saturday, December 19, 2009 4:36 PM
To: Gibbs, Susan
Subject: The Catholic Church and the delivery of “Charity” in
Washington, DC

Dear Ms Gibbs:

Given the open hate-mongering and bigotry of the Catholic Church, your
recent history of physical and sexual abuse and the cover-ups of said in
Ireland, the United States and your religion’s open hate-mongering in
Uganda and Rwanda I find the current back-pedaling to be as offensive as
your lies in general concerning the LGBT community.

Take your bigoted and corrupt church and go away.  I would like nothing
better than Washington, DC pulling any and all support from your
“services” which include indoctrination classes always accompanying them
and just go back to Rome.

LGBT Civil rights are a “national issue” and your Cult of Jesus is just
one of many hate-mongering, lying resources of bigotry based in
unfounded fear.  We of the LGBT community recognize our lives as
God-Given attributes and will no longer tolerate the hate.  What is it
that the Pope and the Catholic Church, Cults of Jesus in general, fear
from love between two humans?

Sell the Vatican and feed the world.


A response came today from Ms Gibbs who writes:

“I understand you do not agree with the Church’s teachings on human
sexuality. What is important is we have respect for each other and try
to understand the different perspectives. I am sorry you didn’t choose
that route.”

I know I should just let this die here but I have to respond.  I’ve sent this back to Ms. Susan Gibbs.

Dear Ms Gibbs:

You are exactly right Ms Gibbs. It is important to have respect and I submit that the Catholic Church has none for anyone but the treasurer of the Church and the fool that tithes to support your bigotry. That is the clear position of the Catholic Cult of Jesus that reinforces the threats made to deny services in Washington, DC and in your Cult’s funding of anti-equality measures in California, Maine, Washington State and continued meddling in United States Politics.

Globally the endorsement of the “kill the Gays” legislation in Uganda & Rwanda speaks volumes of Catholic Charity and intentions toward the God-given attributes of human sexuality. From a resource with all those men in dresses and virgins “married” to Jesus we, reality-based humans, are not highly motivated to trust your “teachings.”

How is the Church respectful in threatening to stop providing services to the homeless and needy based solely on a Civil Rights issue?

The openly Gay members of the Washington, DC city council have been great supporters of the Catholic Charities as are many of LGBT community and your demonstration of “respect” is to threaten to remove services from the needy in the city. Not very Christ-like now is it?

I submit, respectfully, that the diocese of Washington, DC return to ministry and get out of politics because this kind of lobbyist act is disgusting, revolting and a true demonstration of the flavor of Christianity promoted by the Pope.

How is the Church respectful in “God hates the sin but loves the sinner?”

Are you sure that God made a mistake when God created LGBT humans?

Perhaps it is your position that “Hate” is so much a part of your normal vocabulary that is so off-putting to the educated and well-informed. Where is love they neighbor as one loves thyself?

How is the sanctity of “marriage” at all threatened by being the union of two consenting adults who love each other?

How are you representing your faith in your actions of refusal to accept responsibility for the genocide, molestation and open hate-mongering promoted by your Pope’s erroneous positions on human sexuality?

How many LGBT youth will have to commit suicide before the Cults of Jesus come to the understanding that God made us equal to all men and your bigotry toward everyone’s brothers, sisters, family and friends is clearly seen?

There is no doubt of the atrocities committed by the clergy of the Catholic Cult of Jesus and many Evangelical others. The lies from the Pope about the use of condoms in Africa are public knowledge and this demonstrates clearly the intent of the Catholic Cult of Jesus to any rational and right-thinking human. Your Pope spreads lies about the use of condoms and the AIDS Epidemic in Africa explodes. Wonderful “missionary” work for a cult focused on genocide and cultural annihilation as standard operating practices while breeding millions of poor, keeping them ignorant enough to support your myths and cult at the expense of a better life today.

What is respectful in the obscene wealth of the Catholic Church being hoarded rather than applied to feed the hungry, house the homeless and heal the infirmed? Create a miracle and sell the Vatican to feed the world.

In all honesty I have no sympathy for the path you have elected to follow and will continue to expose the hate, fear-mongering and bigotry of the Cults of Jesus relentlessly in the reality of this life knowing that God, in her infinite wisdom, is not the vile and vindictive God your Cults of Jesus represent.

I return to the issues of the threats to remove your “charitable” services from the needy in Washington, DC as graphic demonstration of the hate and fear-mongering your Cults of Jesus practice. I pray the City Council removes you from the tax-payer supported role of service provider as a result of this bigoted act. Our friends in Washington, DC will help ensure that happens.

My friends and I will continue to mount our efforts to Tax the Church and point out the lack of “Christ” in the Cults of Jesus in this Christmas season. The issue isn’t put “Christ” back in Christmas. The issue is to put “Christ” back into Christian.

The Washington Diocese of the Catholic Church provided the world a graphic demonstration of Papal endorsed hate and bigotry that will be publicized.

The “route” that I’ve chosen is to insure the lies of the Catholic Cults of Jesus are exposed so I do understand your ability to be “sorry” as your self-description provides.

Thanks Kevin

OK, I feel better now but the real question is:  Will this make any difference?

I doubt that Ms Susan Gibbs will comprehend the despicable nature of her acts, her words, the position of the Catholic Cults of Jesus in this civil rights issue but I will not allow this to go unchallenged.  The taxpayers of Washington, DC are, in fact, providing the funding for the services and a huge portion of the director’s salary so I’m not at all surprised at the back-pedalling from these Catholic Cult of Jesus Bigots.


This response just in from Ms Gibbs:

“The Church’s teaching on respect for all people is clear and unequivocable.

The Church’s teaching on human sexuality and marriage has to do with their purpose, which includes procreation. That is biology, not bigotry.

Catholic Charities has and is committed to serving all people. At no time have we threatened to walk away. There have been organizations which have made that claim and have done so falsely. What we have said is we should be able to follow our own faith teachings within our own organization. As we have shared in many statements, our concern is that the city – not the Church – is adding a NEW requirement for providing services that is unrelated to the qualifications of the organization to do so and could negatively impact the organization’s ability to serve.

I would really encourage you to learn more rather than throw out the kinds of statements you do. I am also sorry that you do not believe the position of the Holy Father on condoms: abstinence is the only way to completely avoid HIV/AIDS. Condoms are not. Interestingly, those countries that have encouraged abstinence have had lower rates of HIV. I would hope, in the interest of ending that terrible disease, you would support the only known means of prevention.”

Obviously this woman has no concept of contraception or human reproductive rights in her zeal to populate the world with poor upon whom the Catholic flavor of the Cults of Jesus feed upon.

The statements are clear that the institutional bigotry and inability to recognize the truth are articles of “faith” delivered by “the holy father.”

What the city demands is an end to discrimination against a class of humans with God-given attributes that are beyond reproach and the Catholic, Evangelical and other Cults of Jesus have demonized us for too many years to tolerate this any longer.  I have no doubt that a strong response is going to happen and this “communications director” demonstrates that strong response is based in bigotry, mythology and belief in the lies they promote concerning the LGBT community.

Old Habits Die Hard – every pun intended.

I may respond, then again I may not.  These bigoted creatures are beyond belief and there are none so blind as those who will not see.  We’ll see how I feel about this in the AM.

The response this morning:

> The link is to the statements from Catholic Charities CEO
> in open hearings
> And this from Metro Weekly in which you are quoted:
> Perhaps, Ms Gibbs, you would do well to work on your memory
> in this matter because it is not at all becoming to
> communicate less than truthful statements on topics that
> have an impact on 10% of the population’s lives who are
> directly in the line of fire of the Catholic Cult of Jesus
> bigoted and hateful position.
> “Biology not Bigotry” is just one more of the clear lies
> the Catholic Church and its agents promote. What of the
> infertile couple?  What of the couples who elect (Papal
> forbidden) birth control?  What of the couple beyond
> child-bearing years?  Your bigoted argument makes no
> sense in light of the benefits provided to married couples
> by the government.  Equal rights for same-sex marriage
> does not diminish the institution of marriage in any way,
> shape or manner but rather extends equal protection under
> the law in civil matters of property rights, hospital
> visitation, child rearing (yes we do have children) and tax
> matters.  In Massachusetts the reality is the divorce
> rate has declined and your Catholic Charities have not been
> missed in matters of adoption and your litany of “services”
> you allegedly provide.
> Given the long tradition of hate and bigotry extending from
> the Catholic Cults of Jesus and the Evangelicals I repeat my
> pledge to continue to push the Tax The Church movement, to
> silence the hate promoted by your Cult and to help in any
> and every way within my grasp to expose the reality of the
> lies promoted by your particular flavor of the Cults of
> Jesus. We will work to ensure that Catholic Charities is no
> longer subsidized with taxpayer dollars as a result of the
> open hate, bigotry and position of denial of civil rights
> that your particular flavor of hate promotes.
> Old Habits Die Hard – every pun intended.
> We of the LGBT community do understand the reality of the
> Catholic Cults of Jesus perpetrating abuse and molestation
> of children given the church’s record of human rights
> violations throughout its long and checkered history.
> We understand institutional bigotry on levels that identify
> the Catholic Cults of Jesus as Caesar and we are the
> oppressed.  We are everywhere and we are everyone’s
> brothers and sisters and this is a fact that your Catholic
> Cult of Jesus fails to recognize as the hate and poison
> spews from the pulpit with fluency that defies your claim
> that, “the Catholic Church’s teaching on respect for all
> people are clear and unequivocable.”  Perhaps you
> should learn to work a little harder at following those
> teachings to demonstrate the truth you attempt to portray.
> Just because you say a thing doesn’t make it true and the
> Catholic Cult of Jesus demonstrates daily that Hate,
> bigotry, social injustice and immoral conduct are the laws
> laid down by your “holy father” from his luxurious vatican
> retreat.
> I would point you to this site, to help
> you become more well informed on the issues of AIDS and it’s
> spread in Africa pointing out the increase after the Papal
> lies about condom use.  I will also point out that
> although abstinence is the best method of prevention the use
> of a condom is AIDS prevention and your Cult of Jesus
> promotes death by denial of this reality.  That’s the
> gift of the “holy father” in Africa coupled with the “Kill
> the Gays” support in Uganda and Rwanda.  The Catholic
> Cult of Jesus keeps a consistent position of hate and
> bigotry provided this reality.
> The “ABC” program in Africa was very effective at reduction
> of AIDS until the “holy father’s” lies about condom use and
> I would encourage you to become much better informed if you
> intend to present any rational discussion of these topics.
> Given the nature of the institutional bigotry, the clear
> track record of the Catholic and Evangelical Cults of Jesus,
> the open hate promoted from the “holy father” and your clear
> statements here I am more determined than ever to work to
> remove public funding from your Catholic Charities.
> The Church’s position in this instance is as wrong as the
> position was on slavery.  Denial of civil rights is not
> a religious perogative.  Every effort is made to
> respect your religious convictions that are institutional
> bigotry so we understand your fear but your Catholic Cult of
> Jesus is still exposed on this issue.
> Perhaps you would do well to focus, in this Christmas
> season, on putting the “Christ” back in Christian because
> there is nothing Christ-like in the behavior of the Catholic
> Cults of Jesus on this topic.
> Thank you
> Kevin

I encourage any and all to write to Ms Gibbs, the communication director for the Archdiosces of Washington, DC and express your outrage at these kinds of actions from this Cult of Jesus.  The contact information is:

Susan Gibbs
Director of Communications

I’m counting on you to help inundate this bigot with affirmative action mail and send the clear message that bigots of any flavor are not welcome in American Culture.

From the Narco News comes a thought provoking article worthy of the read.
The Bill Moyers Journal has a very typical piece and is oddly biased.

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