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Thursday Updates

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 24, 2009

Thursday Updates

We love Rachel Maddow who has tirelessly bird-dogged this issue and continues to present the reality of the Cults of Jesus at Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren’s, the C-Street Family’s and Homophobe Cohen’s meddling in the internal affairs of Uganda and Rwanda to build their “purpose driven” country.  This issue is a great demonstration of why separation of Church and State is imperative to maintaining freedom, liberty and justice for all.

This from Faux Nuz:

The death of journalism is very apparent from this piece and the bias is open, clear and unmistakable.

And from the Cults of Jesus comes this piece that has no resemblance to reality

Maybe Tony Perkins and the bigots at the Family Research Council should get their information from someplace other than the Republican Party or Teabagging Wingnuts.  Tony, dahlink, look at the reality of your “faith-based” dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush and the torturing Cheney.  Baby boy Bush took a government surplus of $263 Billion and spent us into $485 Billion dollar hole.  Let’s add to it the illegal wars the lies about Iraq, the torture of prisoners, the give away of the Treasury to Wall Street and Banking interests and the farce of “no student left behind” and the Bush deficit balloons to over $1 Trillion.  Seems Ms Tony doesn’t have a clue as to what reality is.


Here’s today’s Huffington Post take on the deficit blather coming from congress.

Following the actions of President Barack H Obama in his first year of his term I am only mildly dissatisfied with the performance.  Considering what this man was confronted with upon taking office from Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush and the torturing Cheney it is a minor miracle that we are still standing.  I do understand the style of governance that President Obama practices and the politics behind it and I have hope that sometime within 2010 we will see the President appear as the strong leader that we all know he is able to be and that the United States Citizens deserve.

Joe.My.God has a great scorecard posted on President Obama’s first year that is cross posted from Politifact

Is it any wonder that the GOP is dying?  The GOP (remember you can’t have “conservative” without a “Con”) accepts, without objection, the assertion from the Teabaggers that President Obama is Muslim.  We do have religious freedom in this nation?  Even if President Barack H Obama is Muslim he is duly elected to the white house and these racist bigots will have to get over it or die pissed off.

Let’s just look at the reality of what is actually broken in our political system.

And from the Huffington Post the peccadillos of the political wing.  Also their list of The Religious Decade makes for an interesting read.

As for what is really one to watch and get active with is the issue of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and Rahm Emmanuel’s involvement in this scam with a backdoor slush fund to continue to prop up the TARP program pouring Trillions into the pockets of the elite.

This from our reader Richard from is worthy of publication:

Thanks Richard and keep up the great work.

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  1. bondwooley said, on December 24, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    Don’t rule out the GOP yet – they have a new re-branding strategy:


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