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The Big Lie

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 26, 2009

The Big Lie

“Looking to the future” to avoid the active prosecution of Bush and Cheney is the foundation of the great and overwhelming dissatisfaction and distrust of the gang of thieves within the beltway and extending to the governing bodies of every State.  As long as we ignore history and the reality of the high crimes and treason committed against the American People by lawless power-mongers in office we are doomed to repeat these egregious errors in actions.

The History is clear and some propose that, given the time elapsed and the subsiquent reality within the USA that far more nefarious actions are the foundation for the real human tragidies that have fallen upon the United States in Terrorist Attacks on 9/11, War in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Wars against the population of the United States both in the form of the Drug War and the current economic war that has just paid off in the largest transfer of wealth in history to the monied elite all under the guise of “saving the system.”

What has “the system” done for you?

Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Clinton left office with a surplus in the budget and Baby boy Bush with his Butt-Buddy Cheney spent it all and drove us $1.2 trillion into debt with wars, violation of the constitution and complete economic collapse with a hand out to the wealthy elite as our reward.

All the politicians in Washington, DC have treated the 1983 prepayment of Baby-Boomer’s Social Security to insure their benefits as a slush fund to feed their greed upon and create a government that is the largest employer in the United States.

Bush took (and I mean literally stole) the office of President and in one ignorant statement brought the largest peace-time expansion of this economy in history to a screeching halt.  For that reason alone it begins to make sense that a “Faith-based, right-wing, war mongering, child of privilege” would comport himself as America’s Worst President.

The Contents of Building 7 included the documentation from the Enron “investigation,” in the SEC offices, the DOD, FBI, CIA, IRS all held offices there and was the most secure building in the complex.  Could this really be, as Hitler did, a government destruction specifically to alter the world view and galvanize the American people into acceptance of the unconstitutional actions that have followed?

Americans will never know the truth of the 9/11/01 disaster any more than we will ever know the truth of John F Kennedy’s assassination and given the known history of the Bush / Cheney “Faith-Based” administration I wouldn’t put it past them to be involved in the collapse of this building 7 that had no damage from a plane crashing into it and only sustained damage from debris.

I’m not a subscriber to “conspiracy theories” as a general rule but looking at the history of Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush with his Butt-Buddy the Torturing Dick Cheney and their cabinet it is easy to grasp how this petty, mean-spirited child of privilege could easily perpetrate these crimes against the United States of America, her people and this government.

Where are the criminal charges against Bush & Cheney for their actions of treason and murder while in office?  Where is the public outcry for justice in light of the evidence presented?

How, in America, can any one person demonstrate an absolute contempt of the Constitution of the United States of America and it’s laws and maintain an office?

The system is broken.  Restore America, restore freedom, liberty and justice for all.

We have real problems in Washington, DC that are a direct result of the purchasing of politicians and the Corporate Communists interests being placed superior to the Citizens of the United States of America.  The American Citizens must, absolutely must, retake this political system and end the corruption and purchasing of power on Capital (I know the difference) Hill.

Mainstream Media have blacked out this important news for all Americans.

How can we make this better?

Where is the media push to drive this effort to bring to justice the biggest criminal who ever set foot into the American Political Arena?

Why are Americans living in fear?

Our government is hijacked by the special interests, the corporate communists from Wall Street, Banking, Drug Companies, the Insurance Industry and Auto Industry and we’ve allowed this to happen by pandering to the lowest common denominators of the ignorance of the Religious Right, the Right-Wing Conservative and the “Faith Based” that define the actions of George W Bush and are the single greatest threat to our national security going into the future.

We, the people, must take action by removing the foundation of the fraud by paying attention to how we vote, who we vote for and what the agenda is for this once great nation.  We must get the Corporate Communists out of our Government and move this once great nation back to a secure democracy with liberty and justice for all.

We, the people, must stand up and demand that no human in this great nation is above the law.

The American People are withstanding the greatest depression that has ever stricken this nation and it’s not getting better with the thieves and liars responsible for it still maintaining power.

Look around you at the media’s failure to accurately and impartially report the activities of our “leadership.”  Look at the reality of the largest transfer of wealth in history being perpetrated as a crime against the American Citizens and the endorsement of this as “Bernanke – Man of the Year” when this slimy bastard’s failure in oversight and the Clinton removal of Glass-Steagall are the foundation of free-for-all (except the middle class who pay dearly) that opened the Twenty-first Century.

America is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave.  America is sold out to the wealthy elite with the demonstrations abounding around all of us and the perpetrator of this crime living a life of luxury at our expense.

We, the People, must demand justice on this topic and the rapid injection of transparency into the United States Government’s processes of elections, campaign reform and lobbying removal from the equation of democratic governance in America.

I encourage each and every American to make the demand that George W Bush, Dick Cheney and the cabinet of the prior administration face the full and complete indictments against them.

Unless and until we the people rise up and demand that this government enforce the law that suppresses us with the same fervor that is leveled against the middle class and economically challenged we are not a free and equal nation.

As a footnote here to my personal history, I have learned that the FBI now holds a file with my name upon it.  I applied for temporary work with the Census Bureau and after having clearance onto military bases across the USA in my former job I’m now on the FBI list and unemployable by the government.  I’m doing the research to determine exactly what’s contained in this file but as in all things with the Government as it exists today these things take time.

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