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Sad Sunday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 27, 2009

Sad Sunday

The News coming from Honduras concerning the violations of human rights up to and inclusive of murders of the opposition and humans reporting human rights violations have escalated and yet remain largely ignored by mainstream media.

I am perhaps as guilty as others in that I’ve only briefly reported the death of Walter Trochez, 25-year-old activist for LGBT rights and human rights in this blog.  The United States position on the events in Honduras present a confusing and conflicted facade as demonstrated with the US ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens, who perhaps requires replacement with an American who understands democracy and not US inspired Central American Politics as usual.

You can imagine my horror with this condition in Honduras as the waste of human lives continues, apparently escalating as we sit idly by.  I do not look to Hitlary Clinton or the Obama Administration for help in resolving these kinds of civil rights issues within Honduras because they’ve already secured the rights to continued US Military presence within the country from the Pepe Lobo administration coming into office.  The US foreign Aid is flowing into the hands of the Elite and the Military in business as usual.

Much like the Bush administration, having the military locked in is the sole concern of this administration driving the Industrial-Military complex here in the USA too.  The US involvement in Honduran day-to-day life is propping up the oligarchy, exploiting the cheap labor and avoiding any tax liabilities within the US by operating virtually tax-free in Honduras without any social consciousness or sense of responsibility.

The United States difficulty with Micheletti as interim President and the reason for painting this as a “Coup” rather than a Congressional and Honduran Supreme Court approved action removing Zelaya (who was working to tear apart the Honduran Constitution) is because Micheletti threatened to bounce the US Military out of the country.  The pros and cons of Constitutional reconstruction are heavily opposed by the 12 or 15 ruling families of Honduras and the the last thing the international corporate community exploiting the Honduran people for cheap labor wants is to spoil their sweet deal for slaves with the oligarchy.

Zelaya was no prince by any stretch of the imagination and I admit a vast ignorance of the active politics behind the Congressional Approved removal from office. I do understand that this action was taken because Zelaya was working to gut the Honduran Constitution to put himself into a position, like his hero Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Like Chavez, Zelaya took his run against the Honduran Constitution to the “common people” with encouragement for them to push against the Congress upholding the Constitution.

This “direct to the people” position from Zelaya put the Haves in opposition to the Have-nots and the Have’s understood they didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell.  The ruling class, the oligarchy has not missed Hugo Chavez’s take over of the Venezuelan Banks, the manufacturing and the oil and this, more than any other factor, was Zelaya’s downfall in making the populist move toward a more democratic society.

The election of Pepe Lobo represents a return to Zelaya’s style of governance and political ideology too although Pepe Lobo is solidly one of the Haves. Lobo’s endorsement is because the Haves control him.  The fear was that Zelaya would, as Chevez has done, turn against the Haves at the first opportunity.  Pepe Lobo may make some concessions to the people that cost the American Corporate Communists taxes to help support education, medical care and development of infrastructure but the Haves are sure they are safe from any Constitutional re-alignments that would reduce their absolute tyranny of the people.

Pepe Lobo doesn’t present that threat. With my limited knowledge of Michelitti as a staunch supporter (Member) of the oligarchy (he was the telephone company in Honduras and is a child of privilege) and a twice loosing presidential candidate, I am not in possession of enough knowledge to form an opinion based in fact on his ability as interim President to be the foundation of this murder and mayhem in the country that is reality now. He did maintain a conservative and democratic position while Congressional President. Is he the foundation for the current wave of political assassinations?

I just don’t have any good answers and the information coming out of Honduras doesn’t clearly support that position of Micheletti as the master of massacre.

Micheletti’s nephew was abducted and murdered in October, 2009 and this may form a foundation for the actions but there is no clear link or smoking gun to support this. Has Micheletti moved to a right-wing, ultra-conservative position from his centrist to populist position while in the Honduran Congress? I find that hard to believe. His record is one of a liberal Catholic without prejudice for the LGBT community or academics.

The best supposition from within Honduras that is put forward is these civil rights violations and the suppression of dissent are Zelaya manipulated or from the Pepe Lobo regime poised to take office and all remain unfounded or substantiated in any way.  It is well within reasonable expectation that the monied elite are able to act in this oppressive, tyrannical and dictatorial way but the oligarchy has, in the past, been much more subtle about taking their wrath out against the people.  They understand clearly how easily outnumbered they are and the military support of this government is tenuous at best.

My personal opinion on the foundation for the current wave of murders and attempts to suppress opposition to Micheletti or Pepe Lobo lean toward the Machiavellian history of Hugo Chavez and his desires for Honduran instability to paint this well-recognized US protectorate as a less than stable or credible voice within Central America and to feed his growing desire for flexing Venezuelan military might into Honduras. The acts of human rights violations are stunningly similar to the actions Hugo Chavez took against members of SUMATA opposition within Venezuela and against the liberal academic community as he rose to power. For Hugo Chavez to be central in these actions makes great sense to me considering the desires he’s expressed in building a strong Central American Alliance with a justified anti-American attitude.  Chavez and Zelaya were in bed together and I can easily see Zelaya’s private thugs doing this kind of human rights murder and mayhem to damage the Oligarchy by  pushing his agenda.  Doing these things to paint opposition (Micheletti) as an oppressive regime falls well within the Chavez/Zelaya history and undermines support for Pepe Lobo prior to his coming into office.  The pinpoint accuracy of the opposition members being murdered points to knowledge of kind that only Zelaya would hold as the man who encouraged the resistance.  Offering up his conspirators to sacrifice to inflame the people of Honduras is well within his character.

Hugo Chavez also has an axe to grind with the US Ambassador in Honduras.  Mr. Hugo Llorens figures centrally in the attempted coup de ta of Chavez in 2002 under the Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush Administration and his presence as the American Banking representative on the ground in Honduras is inflammatory at best.  Mr Hugo Llorens is a Cuban who would best serve the USA from a post in Havana  rather than being the man who wields the US Military and Foreign Aid over the Honduran Oligarchy.  His personal agenda and that of the Obama Administration comes under question in the actions and the reporting from Honduras.

I love Honduras and the people are among the happiest, healthiest and most well centered humans I’ve met in Central America and I am at a loss over what else to do.  Getting the news out about the dire straights this struggling nation’s people now find themselves is paramount to their success in obtaining basic human rights.  The Honduran people have launched themselves on the path of wresting absolute control from the monied elite and Americans should support them in their desires for democracy.

I’m looking for answers and doing my letter-writing and reporting best to provide enlightenment and call for a return to sanity but the reality is that we are not sane in the USA in this same struggle and why should anything different be expected elsewhere? The USS Honduras has been subjugated by American Corporate Communists and often what happens within Honduras is a testing ground for what’s planned in the USA.

I encourage any and all to become active and informed on this topic and to help us put pressure upon the Honduran Government to end the human rights violations and for the United States to withdraw from Honduras.  We are not “supporters of Democracy” within Honduras and never have been.  We’ve used, abused and raped the country for our Corporate Greed and as a power base within the country, Central America and South America to stage our illegal wars and the drug war.  Stop the madness.


The Velvet Revolution has begun an action to stop domestic terrorism.  Please go, sign-up, sign-on and let’s bring some pressure to bear against these misinforming misanthropes.

And this from Dan Savage that’s wonderful:

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