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Monday Media Madness

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 28, 2009

Monday Media Madness:

This is a graphic example of the lies and frauds spewed by the Republican Propaganda Machine of Faux Nuz:

With the resurgence of McCarthyism driven by the Rabid Rupert Murdock, The lies of Beck, Limbaugh, Palin, Bachmann and the Cult of Jesus take-over of the Republican party, America is in a world of hurt.  The victories have been there though:

We all must remain vigilant to these kinds of McCarthyistic lies, fear-mongering, Hate-mongering and bandwagon propaganda machines that drive the intelligence challenged to acts like the assassination of Dr. Tillman, The Oklahoma City Bombing, Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr murders and calls for death sentences for LGBT citizens in Uganda and Rwanda which are presented through Faux Nuz and brought into the National Consciousness by the Cults of Jesus crazies from the C-Street House and throughout the Republican Party where they’ve found an all too comfortable home.

Hate and Fear are not American Values and they are most definitely not part of the American Family Values that I’ve lived within for 55 years and supplied to my family.  The rabid Right-Wing Cults of Jesus from Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren to Westborough Baptist’s Fred Phelps to Maggie Gallagher’s Catholic Cults of Jesus NOM’s open Bigotry through Ballot have defined the decade of Hate ushered in by the Faith-Based Alcoholic Baby Boy Bush and his Torturing Terrorist Cheney.

At the risk of death threats and all the accompanying sweetness and joy that is the benchmark of the Right-Wing Conservative movement delivered by the Cults of Jesus and Dominionists, Evangelicals or the Tea Baggers to my mail I confess to being a “subversive republican” for decades now in an active effort to help direct the Republican positions toward a more centrist position.  I’ve surrendered the post to the Cults of Jesus because I’m unable to effectively communicate with the ignorance of “faith-based” positions that have no foundation in reality.  Baby Boy Bush demonstrated that one is unable to compete with talking snakes and lies about weapons of mass destruction.

I will register as Democrat and continue my personal mission of helping to restore the United States to a position of Integrity, Honesty and Global Leadership by example into the future.  It is clear to me that the Republican Party is now the party of crazy and lies and I will not be a part of that.

The last straw for me is the inclusion of the John Birch Society the exclusion of the GOProud group from CPAC to define how completely ignorant this Right-Wing Conservative, Cult of Jesus take-over of the Republican Party is and especially with the open-arms invitation to the Teabaggers to join in the hate-fest.  Denial of Free Speech and the tactics of this movement more closely resemble the Brown Shirts of the Nazi youth corps than anything within my American Conscious.

The Cult of Jesus infection and the illness driven by this into the core of the Republican party has brought the GOP to its rightful position.  Dead, but not buried and stinking up the halls of Congress, the Senate and every State House nationwide.

This Right-Wing Conservative Cult of Jesus Evangelical to Dominionist movement that has consumed the Republican Party is the largest Terrorist Threat to the United States of America and is clearly the most Un-American of anything coming into existence since John Wilkes Boothe and the Succession of the Southern States.  The reality is that this movement drove the largest transfer of wealth to the Elite and Corporate Communists in history with the blessing of their Dumb as a Box of Rocks Baby Boy Bush and the Torturing Cheney.  The Republican Party deserves to be drummed out of existence for this one treasonous act alone.  Add to this the lies of their Poster- Child for the Intelligence Challenged open lies and fraud over the War in Iraq, the failed Coup De Ta in Venezuela, the testing ground of Honduras for Corporate Communist rule and the clear intent of the Republican Party is the absolute destruction of the United States of America.

To those Independent and War Mongers out there I clearly state: “One poor demented flaming-pants Nigerian flying out of Yemen does not an Al Qaeda cell make.  Are we Americans expected now to strip prior to flying?  Perhaps the Nanny-State and the Corporate Communists will provide us all with white robes like the Mormons so we may soar closer to your God?

Benjamin Franklin said it best: “Those that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty or Safety.”

My biggest disappointment with President Barack Obama is that he has left in place the Republican’s and Baby Boy Bush’s appointments and pandered to the Wall Street and Banking gangs as begun by the idiot Bush.  I hope and pray that President Barack Obama will discover his spine and make the much-needed corrections to his cabinet, his advisory staff and within the FED, the OCC and National Security Council that may save his Presidency from being a one-term, flash in the pan, piece of iron pyrite fool’s gold.

President Obama, you were elected by the people and the people on Main Street are your source of real power.  We are suffering now at the hands of the Corporate Communists and we beg for your support and leadership in actively restoring America to her position of Global Leadership by standing up to the greed, the corruption, the fraud and lies.  Bring George W Bush to justice with criminal charges against him and Dick Cheney.  Bring the criminal charges against the Corporate Communists who drove this economy to the brink of collapse and replace Bernanke with Elizabeth Warren.

I will continue to call for the criminal prosecution of George W Bush and Dick Cheney for the murders they’ve perpetrated, for the active treason they perpetrated and will drive this with every ounce of my being.

I will continue to push for Taxation of the Church, any and every Church.  Once these religious organizations entered into politics they have lost their privilege to tax-exemptions and require recognition as the corporations they are. Separation of Church and State is a founding principal of the United States of America and the mythology of the Cults of Jesus that America is a “Christian” nation fuels only flames of bigotry and hate as they promote.  These are not victims by any stretch of the imagination.  These are vile, contemptible hate-mongers who are unable to deliver the acceptance and love that their Jesus died for.  Perhaps if the Cults of Jesus learn to put the “Christ” back in Christian they would stand a chance of being a valid source of inspiration and direction but the monopolization of money has corrupted them beyond salvation.  The Church is Big Business and deserves Corporate Taxation.  Freedom from religion is as much a right as freedom to practice the religion of your choice.

I will continue to push for Taxation of the Corporate Communists, Wall Street and Banking profits and to actively work for restoration of the Glass-Steagall Laws to contain these vile and repugnant creatures and restore the American Middle Class.  Too big to fail must die and rapidly if we are to maintain our freedom.

I will loudly and clearly call for the restoration of taxation on the wealthy elite, the top 1% who have just enjoyed the decade of giving direct from the US Treasury that created more billionaires than there are nations on the face of this Earth at the expense of every United States Citizen.

America must lead by example and unless and until we are able to care for our citizens in need we are in no position to continue to be the Global Policeman or the Global Big-Brother always there with a hand-out.  America must care for herself, her citizens and the welfare of this Nation as primary and then look beyond our borders.

David Swanson in a reply to Frank Schaffer’s blog at Brad Blog is exactly right when he admonishes us all to hold the Congress and all elected officials accountable.  Mr Swanson writes:

“The distractions that concern me are those that distract us from our job of pressuring the House of Representatives to block war funding, block Wall Street bailouts, and hold elected officials accountable. Has anyone noticed that none of the dozens of subpoenas issued in the last Congress against criminal members of the Bush administration have been reissued since the Justice Department fell under the tight supervision of the “great, good, and uniquely qualified man”? Of course not. We’re too busy reading about that man himself and his personal travails as a superhuman personification of American goodness.”

“Not since the days of the rise of fascism in Europe, the Second World War and the Depression has any President faced more adversity. Not since the Civil War has any President led a more bitterly divided country. Not since the introduction of racial integration has any President faced a more consistently short-sighted and willfully ignorant opposition – from both the Right and Left”

“Really? Those who think promises to reform NAFTA, support the Employee Free Choice Act, withdraw troops from Iraq, enforce the rule of law, halt the practice of rewriting laws with signing statements or creating them with executive orders, cease abusing “state secrets” privileges, create more not less transparency, broadcast meetings online, stop funding wars outside the standard budget, protect the rights of prisoners, promote the creation of a public healthcare option, comply with international treaties and laws, and apply the law equally to all should be upheld are willfully ignorant in roughly the same way as those who believe the President was born in Africa and wants to create communism, and who threaten his assassination?”

Mr Swanson continues this thoughtful and direct discussion that is well worth the read at Brad Blog. In the course of reading the discussion of this piece Mr Swanson provides this link to his where a “manifesto” of Citizen behavior, acts and understandings are clearly spelled out.  Thank you David for the courage, wisdom and strength of character to present this to a much manipulated public often unaware of how to effect change.

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