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Terrorism Tuesday

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 29, 2009

Terrorism Tuesday

David Swanson’s new book, Daybreak, helps define a course of citizen action for restoration of the Democracy the United States Founding Fathers intended.

Fundamental moral questions exist and must be addressed.  The costs of war, the give-away to Wall Street, Bankers and the Insurance Companies and the open rape of Main Street by these corporate communists must be ended now.  “Too Big to Fail” is a lie, a fraud and a mythology that we, the American People, must not tolerate.

Why is America dead last in the industrial western world to provide Universal Health Care to its citizens?

When will our government prosecute George W Bush and Dick Cheney for the high crimes, treason and murder that they are guilty of?

When are we going to see the prosecution of the greedy corporate communists and Wall Street lying frauds who have raped the economy?

Americans, stand up and demand that justice be blind and apply the rule of law to this Murdering President past and to the greedy thieves on Wall Street, in Banking and in Corporate America including the Insurance Companies who actively kill citizens daily.

Why does our government ignore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

Just a quiet reminder of the intelligence challenged Teabaggers and Right-Wing Cults of Jesus crazies who marched on Washington on 9/12 and the Young Turks did this piece just so I could laugh on my birthday…

See yesterday’s posting for my personal take on this “movement” and the lying Mormon Hate-Monger who instigates it.

And just to demonstrate the Republican Part Selective Memory we have this from the Huffington Post:

To keep the record straight here we have to take Mary Matalin to task.  George W Bush (Dumb as a Box of Rocks) and Dick Cheney (The Torturer) received from President Bill Clinton the largest peacetime expansion of the economy in history, a Federal Budget Surplus of $236 Billion and a stable position within the Global Society.  The intelligence challenged Tax-ass Governor who stole the election, with collusion from Governor Bubba Jeb in Florida, opened his lying mouth and put the US economy into the crapper within 2 months of taking office.  I could care less if dear Mary wants to live in her own little Republican Fantasy world but to spew this garbage as a “Newscaster” is reprehensible, demonstrating the depth of the ignorance within the Republican party.

Just as a reminder of how the Republicans and Faux Nuz work to re-write history to fit their poor ignorant blond brains in this case…  The topic is the Ft Hood shooting

Dana Perino sure sets a high standard on that Stupid Bar that Glenn Beck has established for Faux Nuz with Poppa Murdock.  I wonder how that advertiser thing is working out at Faux Nuz?

As an American I am embarrassed by these mental midgets who are misinformed, at kindest description, by the media machine and Machiavellian mechanization of Rupert Murdock, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and the Cults of Jesus led Republican Right Wing.

Where were these idiots when George W Bush and Dick Cheney were raping the constitution, murdering our youth and civilians in Iraq?

Where have these idiots been while the rich get richer from Republican hand-outs?

Where are these idiots on the real issues that confront Americans today?


The reality of Honduras is addressed to the best of my ability at this moment in Sunday’s post.  Honduras is where the American Corporate Communists have moved to enjoy the profits from slavery that the US supported oligarchy promotes.

From blog research on Honduras.

Rodolfo Pastor De Maria y Campos speaks at Georgetown.

Pay attention America.  With the Bush-appointed Hugo Llorens at the helm, the open murder of LGBT humans, the tyrannical repression of the Honduran people is a direct result of the United States Military and Foreign Aid to the Oligarchy of Honduras that is at the root of all this folks.  This is a prime example of what the intention of the Religious Right’s repression, the Republican Right-wing’s sense of privilege is and the Corporate Communists desire for slavery for us here within the United States and they are damned close to it.

The Honduran people have withstood the Military oppression, the painful 25 year long struggle to obtain representation and it is no small wonder that anti-American sentiments run deep with American support of the oppression, funding for the military that represses them and propping of of the corrupt oligarchy that treats them as slaves, keeping the population intentionally uneducated and under their iron fist.  It sounds like the Catholic Cult of Jesus Imperial Representative Hugo Llorens is in full support of these actions.

The Church in Honduras has this to say.


In news breaking from the Miami Herald the FED’s probe of Banker Allen Stanford’s ties to the US Congress are just getting interesting.  I’m sure that Mr Stanford’s position as the Caribbean Connection and his isolation from the real thieves on Wall Street and Main Street Bankers will make him a safe scape-goat for this administration to take action against.  He will effectively be the sacrificial lamb of the Banking industry.  It’s going to take more than this to stop the American people from demanding justice as these thieves have raped us all.


These are our “best and brightest” working their way through Faux Nuz.

Watch closely at this kind of racial hate-mongering from Faux Nuz and the Religious-Right-Wing-Nuts.  Watch below and understand.

“Need I say more?”


We’ll take California and Florida, the Fundies, Republican and all politicians can have the north east leaving the rest of us alone.

Maybe Mr Flaming Pants will visit Tax-ass next.

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