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Thursday Open Forum

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on December 31, 2009

Thursday Open Forum

Happy New Year’s Eve to all.  I am very happy the decade of zeros is over.

The biggest Zero of them all is now on the Faith-Based lecture circut and his torturing side kick in hiding except for the all too frequent sniping.  When are we going to charge these murderers with the crimes they are guilty of and restore justice in America?

I like Ron Paul’s description of Ben Bernanke as “the biggest counterfeiter of all time.”

There is some good news from the Cults of Jesus as reported by OneIowa and a compassionate and thoughtful Minister who disavows the Hate.  It’s worth the read and the Reverend Dick Clark provides some valuable talking points.

A big thanks to the people at Honduras Today who picked up and ran the Happy Hump Day column.  I cannot stress enough to the readership here that we have to bring pressure against our government to do the right thing in Honduras and throughout Mexico, Central America and South America in ending the Drug War.  We are not doing anyone, any place any good.  Stop the insanity.


From Joe.My.God I linked to this Linda Harvey piece and, as is typical for me, was moved to respond.  This woman spews her flavor of Cults of Jesus hate as Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber do.  My response:


I find it particularly interesting that within your narrow, petty and hate-filled site there is little to no discussion or comment/reply available to the reading public.

This one fact, more than the hate-mongering, fear mongering and falsehoods expressed, delivers a clear message that your Cults of Jesus, right-wing position is exactly why the Republican Party is nearly dead.

Honest discussion, rational discourse of any sort is impossible with the vile and repugnant hate filled positions espoused within your site.

Were it only possible to license parents. The position of Linda Harvey is exactly the kind of “blame everyone else” and “I have no responsibility to be honest” parenting that brings us the teenage pregnancy epidemic, the STD epidemic in teenagers and reflects the inability of your Cults of Jesus to live within the real world where talking snakes don’t exist.

Human sexuality is a God-given attribute and acceptance of children within a realistic set of values is the way honest parenting functions. I’ve seen too many delightful teenage lives snuffed out as a result of the hate you spew. To hell with putting Christ back in Christmas; it’s about time you put “Christ” back in “Christian.”

Thanks Kevin

A response arrived within an hour of this email to the webmaster.  Ms Linda Harvey herself writes:


There is a comment section on the Contact page–and I personally reply to lots of folks, as you can see.

The reason we don’t have general comments page, where comments are posted, is because of intolerant and vulgar comments that we typically get from verbal “snipers”–and just general insults, like yours. I will nevertheless, give a shot here at dialoging with you. I have a feeling I’ll get back more of the same, because it seems you “already know” everything–but if I am wrong, and I hope I am, we can have a conversation.

You are not speaking the truth here–in fact, you have no idea what you are talking about.

I used to be a liberal and it was a slow road to learning the truth about what Christ really teaches –although it’s all in the Bible, and is quite clear– but I had been too lazy or self-interested to read it. But having been a Christian now for 18 years, it’s much better over here. Better in every way–more rational, more genuine, in relationship with better people (people who actually care about each other rather than friends who are “users,” which is what I now realize so much of liberalism is), and most importantly, a real knowledge of God. There is Christ in Christianity, but if you only get your news and information from the mainstream media, all you will see is a cardboard caricature of the real thing. The real lives real Christians lead–even activists like me–are often really fulfilling and terrific.

I am not here to say everything is perfect, nor are all ( actually, any) Christians perfect, it’s just a whole lot better, and it’s because people want to know Jesus Christ, read and study the Word of Godand approach life thougtfully, rather than the general me-first, pleasure-seeking approach most of the world takes.

And believers try to do what God wants us to do. Yet I have never felt more “free” and more empowered, to use the gifts and talents I do have, which are few, but like everyone, I have some.

I used to be a feminist, but I have been so much more effective since I became a Christian–it’s another of those endless and surprising ironies. And I never though much about homosexuality and paganism and all the issues on our web site, until I became a Christian, but God just opened my eyes to what is happening in our world. And all the better ways people could be using their minds, spirits and bodies. I have seen many wasted lives and again, Christ is in the restoration and rehab business–although it’s far better not to even go there in the first place.

And free speech? I am plenty able and willing to dialogue with people who approach other humans with respect. But so many folks who consider themselves tolerant are actually the first ones to shut off debate by de-humanizing Christians and mis-characterizing our positions, then arguing against their false impressions. It’s a no-win situation. So that is why we have no comment page. I had one for a time on my YouTube page–but then there were men who wrote four letter foul words about me. See? What can a person do who wants to be just heard, respectfully, for those who are willing to listen?

Regardless of your venom, and your mistaken impressions, I hope you have a Happy New Year. Perhaps we can talk again, Kevin.

Your potential friend, Linda Harvey

The reply:

Ms Harvey:

Perhaps you would do well to consider your assumptions of “already knowing” as your “faith” allows you to liberally apply as just one of the many tools to delude yourself and those foolish enough to “believe” in your Cult of Jesus.  Lectures of “intolerance” and “sniping” or taking open commentary personally to the point of “insults” defines clearly the core reasons exactly why your Jihadist position is offensive to the rational thinking human.  Mindless martyrdom is the goal and mob-mentality rules.

In your article you are clearly condemning humans with God-given attributes based on your opinion and yet it is clearly your expectation that no one will present an opposing position.  Worse yet is when you meet any opposition to your opinion you immediately begin screaming that you are victim of intolerance or that the opinion is founded on lies, not knowing the “facts” or illiteracy of the Bible.  I’m absolutely certain that this is a much more comfortable position for you than being Feminist or Liberal because you no longer must use the God-given attribute of intelligence to assume a defensive position by becoming just another put-upon “Christian.”

I raised two wonderful sons as a single parent.  I have two delightful grandchildren.  One of my sons is a Gay man and the other Not-Gay and God, in infinite wisdom, has blessed them both with enough intelligence to avoid the Cults of Jesus like the plague that you are.  I provided them a Christian upbringing, exposed them to Judaism, Buddhism, Islam and Hindu in the course of rearing them as Global Citizens and instilling within them respect for all human life, all life and all paths.  I am proud that my children were fully prepared to face the real world with enough information and secure self-identity to successfully negotiate a life that keeps them both happy, healthy and safe.

The Cults of Jesus with their hate-mongering, fear-mongering and inability to inform and educate themselves beyond a bodged-together collection of parables of doubtful author and translation, that is proof-texted to support the poison spewed liberally, are terrorist and a threat that is clearly identified here and abroad.  I have seen the results of “missionary” work by the Cults of Jesus too often in Central and South America first hand.  I have seen the damage done to indigenous humans with a rich and full culture that the Cults of Jesus effected a complete and total genocide against with zeal that can only be described in terms you will understand as absolutely “Satanic.”  Absolutely no respect of native culture, customs or intelligence and “at gun-point” conversion through fear, hate and ostracism and that in a nutshell is the Cult of Jesus terrorist tactic.

Delude yourself and feel secure within the delusions of the Cult to which you subscribe but do not inflict your ignorance and lack of values upon me, my family, my culture or this great nation that I love and return to regularly.  This Great Nation was founded upon the principal of religious freedom and that includes freedom from religion as much as it includes freedom for you to worship the flying spaghetti monster if that’s what provides your tortured soul comfort.

I stand by my statements that you, your Cults of Jesus and your current political actions are the greatest threat to American life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that has ever festered and grown within the national consciousness.  The infection that your Cults of Jesus represent within America are the foundation of the illness that provided George Bush to America and we, right-thinking and rational humans will not ever again tolerate that kind of bigotry and pure ignorance to assume any leadership.  Your Cults of Jesus and the Bush “faith-based” Presidency brought us the Terrorist problem, depression and we’ll see it through.

The hate, the fear-mongering, the lies from the Religious Right, from the Cults of Jesus are seen, identified and Americans will not tolerate this.  We, Americans, are working on the Tax The Church movement now.  We will push for hate-crimes prosecution against the inflammatory language directed against humans with God-given Attributes of sexuality, just as we fought to end the racism of Dominionism.

I will encourage Kevin Jennings to bring the full weight of the law to bear against the lies perpetrated against him by the Cults of Jesus and will point up your call for his removal as one more name to add to legal action.

Just because you say a thing doesn’t make it true.

As a life-long theologist and honest human I am offended at your position but understand clearly that you are unable to pull yourself into a position of upright human because it feels so much better to spread the hate and hold yourself just a little bit morally superior because of a flawed and false belief system you push in your arrogance as “the only path.”

Open dialogue is always welcome but, based upon your clearly demonstrated inability to adhere to accepted rules of discussion I doubt that would be possible. Don Miguel Ruiz in The Four Agreements lays out a path for human exchanges that would do you much good in improving your ability to communicate intensely emotional issues and to remove yourself from the discussion. It may help you with your writing as well.

There is also a very thoughtful and thought-provoking site at: where you may find some answers to exactly what the underlying issues of “belief” create.

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year and pray you find within yourself the ability to remove the hate.


Last week it was the Catholic hate-mongers and this week it’s the Fundamentalist Cults of Jesus crazies…  Go figure.  The reformed feminist from above is so confused that she doesn’t know if there is or if there isn’t a comment section on the website.  Because she is easily offended by “four-letter” words there is no comment on the page but there is if you go to the “contact us” section.  Give me a bucking freak.  Maybe this one will just go away.

Be on your guard.  Do not allow the lies and the fraud of these Fundamentalist Cults of Jesus to hang in the air without challenge and that challenge I will deliver clearly.  God doesn’t make junk (if he/she exists) and who are the Cults of Jesus to decide who is and who isn’t a sinner or what portions of their Bible that they will or won’t pay attention to?  Human sexuality is a God-given attribute (if you are a person of “faith” or “belief”) and who is any man or woman to decide what is right or wrong for someone else?  What day did this creature wake up and become heterosexual?

Do not underestimate the very real and pressing threat that these Cults of Jesus crazies present to the United States political system.  Never forget that George, Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush and the Torturing Dick Cheney were a “Faith-Based” administration and look at the results upon us now.  This mind-set of “Faith-Based” creatures and cretins are a real and pressing danger to the safety and security of the United States.

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  1. ruletke said, on January 1, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    I cannot believe this is true!

  2. Reseller Hosting said, on January 4, 2010 at 10:07 am

    Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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