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Cults Of Jesus

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Cults Of Jesus.

One of the things that I do in being this “activist” in life for LGBT humans is confront the bigotry and hate whenever it rears its ugly head.  In light of this I took after the church sponsoring the “Boycott Houston” call.  The preacher, David Grisham, is calling for a boycott of Houston after Anise Parker, a highly qualified professional who happens to be Lesbian was elected.   The ensuing email thread is indeed enlightening.

I wrote:

“Cults of Jesus hate and fear-mongering are being exposed more and more every day.  This Cult of Jesus you inflame with hate and fear is recognized for what it is.

When are you putting the “Christ” back in “Christian?”

“Pastor” David H. Grisham responded:

“Read the Bible.  Only then will you know Christ.  Jesus is not the person the culture says He is, He is who the Word of God says He is.  There is a huge difference.  Do not rely on cultural heresay about God.

OK, I can deal.  The man doesn’t bother to answer a question but charges right into this diatribe based in the assumption that the person writing to him is less than he.

So I responded:


I have read the Bible in 3 versions, the Qur’an, Siddhartha’s Dharmas, The Tibetan Books of Living and Dying and the total works of Joseph Campbell.

No where, within any of these texts, does the hate and fear you espouse appear.

It is perhaps incumbent upon you to understand the message of Christ and to restore the “Christian” message into your Cult of Jesus hate and fear-mongering.

Demigods, as you attempt to present, are too often known by their clay feet which have a tendency to shatter with the least amount of examination.

You are the very embodiment of evil, the lowest and most vile of creatures.  That you promote the hate and fear in the name of Jesus Christ demonstrates a deep and abiding ignorance and emptiness of soul.  You obviously feel this hate for reasons founded completely within yourself and to those of us who are reality based; this speaks volumes.

Your Cults of Jesus are exposed and there is nothing Christian about you or your positions of hate that are supported within the Bible.  When you come to know Christ as Lord and Savior you will understand the Love of God the Father.  Perhaps you could find some support within PFOX or Exodus International that may help you understand the error of your ways.  You can change.

In America I am free to worship as I wish and I am Constitutionally guaranteed freedom from religion as much as freedom to worship as I chose.  My personal relationship with God is none of your business.

Whom the LGBT community loves is none of your business and these humans are God’s creation complete with the attributes they express in loving and committed relationships, real loving families with children, mothers, fathers, siblings and all the human condition.

Your new Mayor is a woman of honor, hard work, dedication, a loving and devoted partner of over 20 years duration and has raised 3 children, 2 still at home.  This is a highly skilled and valued child of God whom you denigrate and abuse in these kinds of hateful acts.

The Christ I know as an active and loving son of God would probably be crucified at the door of the Cult you create.  Your Dominionist position is offensive, your hate is offensive, your lack of respect for others is far from Christ-like and the Cult you attempt to inflame is discredited.

I wish you no ill will.  I wish you just to go away…  Hate in silence.


The “Pastor” David replies”

“You do not know the word of God.  I do not care about the other writings you mention as they are not the truth and are not worthy of respect.  If you have read the Bible as you claim why don’t you just prove your argument by the scriptures?  PROVE by the Bible that what we are espousing is hatred.  I await your response.”

Here is that vile and bigoted position of ignorance clearly framed by this creature who does not care about anything beyond his Bible.  Anything beyond this construct is not worthy of respect.  I guess that says it all.

My immediate response is:

No sir!

I have nothing to prove to anyone.  The living God that I know is one of Love.

You define your ignorance in your acts.

Do unto others.

That would be a good start.

Your Cult of Jesus is discredited, ultimately discreditable and beyond the scope of civil human behavior in espousing hate.

Read your Bible and pray you find forgiveness for what you’ve done.

There is no debate and no grounds for discussion.  You make it perfectly clear that discussion must be framed within your petty construct of the world and that’s not how reality works.

I pity you the world you exclude from hate rather than include with love.

Cults of Jesus, you sir are not Christian in any sense of the word.


Of course the psychotic “Pastor” David fires back:

“Again you make baseless claims that we espouse hatred that goes against the teachings of Christ..

But you cannot quote scripture to prove your point?

You have not read the Bible as you said you have or you would be armed with the truth.  The bible does indeed say “God is love” but it also says, “God is a consuming fire.”  How do you reconcile those two scriptures?

What do I need forgiveness for?  What sin?

Be specific.  Quote scripture… if you can.

OK, I admit it, I really just should’ve ignored the hate-monger and let it go.  I didn’t, I couldn’t help myself but respond:

You sir fail to grasp the point.  I will not, within any conversation or discussion with you base an argument, discussion or conversation upon the flawed and erroneously translated selections of Hebrew texts that Constantine, Gregory and many others have manipulated through time.  I grasp your dominionist and ideological foundation and will not engage in the dance.

I am armed with the truth.  The truth of love of the one true God who gave his only son to remove the Hebrew laws you are so fond of quoting but fail to adhere to.

My claims are far from baseless in that they are founded in the very acts that you have taken in mounting your Cults of Jesus campaign of hate.

As one who burns with the light of truth I understand the love of the creator and the messages clearly.

I have pity for you.

Good night.

And once again the psychotic “Pastor” David Gresham spews:

If you deny the written Word, you deny the Living Word Jesus Christ.  Jesus did not abolish the law.  If you had read the Bible as you claim you would know that Jesus said, “I came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it.”  He also said “not one jot or title of the law shall pass away until all is fulfilled.”  The law is still valid and in full force for those who do not accept Christ as their Savior.  You serve a false God of your own creation.  Jesus said (John 14:23-24) that those who love Him keep His Word and those who do not keep his Word do not love Him.  Jesus also HATES sin.

Did you know that?  Says so right in Hebrews 1:9.  Are you sure you know the Bible?

Immediately after this missive demonstrating the self-justification of hate and probably because I refused to respond came this:

By the way, homosexuality is a sin.  Both in the Old Testament (Deuteronomy) and the New Testament (Romans chapter 1) and (Corinthians 6:9-10) for starters.”

There is no way on God’s green earth that I am responding to the hate this creature spews with righteous indignation from his inerrant text (King James version from the quotes) and support group.  This is the foundation of the hate and fear.  I will not rise to the bait and will continue to speak out against this Cults of Jesus hate and fear-mongering.  I pity the creature for the tyranny it attempts to impose and understand all too clearly the psychosis behind this type of construct.  The belief system is what is important and there are some whose hearts and minds are never swayed.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Of course, the Military representative falls back to the Cults of Jesus position of “morally wrong” because they’ve depended upon the vilification of the God-given sexuality of the LGBT community to provide them the cohesion of Hate that they depend upon to keep their tithes in place.

In an earlier posting on this topic the Brits determination is “Respect of others is not an optional extra.”

On A Para-Military Sidebar Here:

And if traveling through Orlando you may be sure that the TSA folks there, the para-military gate keepers, are just having a ball at citizens expense.  The “Game Board” below is from the TSA Orlando who amuse themselves by harassing The LGBT Community (Pickle Smokers & Creatures) and demonstrate their racism in “Our Gang” indicators too.

Just so you feel safe flying we have Republicans who want to legislate full body scans out of existence, the Boom of the Loom Bomber and the TSA competing for points on harassment of travelers.  And you thought that the State Police and Sheriff’s offices were the only ones with quotas…

I’ll bet you feel safer now flying the friendly skies…

This is the ultimate result of bigoted positions like Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the Defense Of Marriage Act, Prop H8, Jim Crowe laws and all their ilk.  Americans are better than this.

Back on topic:

Although encouraged by President Barack H Obama’s clear statement of repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as “The right thing to do.” I’m cynical because of the existence of the Cults of Jesus within the military and the great resistance this Hate Group is already bringing to bear against LGBT citizens.  The institutionalized discrimination of the Armed Forces on the topic of race became divisive and fed the “separate but equal” mythology that we all know is second class citizenship.

The recently exposed Biblical verses on the gun sites carried by the US Military troops in Afghanistan and Iraq points up the subversive acts of the Cults of Jesus within the structure of the Military.  Recent mega-church construction on Military Bases like Ft Benning, GA and Ft Stewart also enlighten how deeply entrenched into the Military the Evangelicals are at this moment.  The LGBT Community is well aware of this fact and is bracing for the onslaught of the Cults of Jesus hate campaigns within the ranks.


From the reporting on Scott Roeder, Murderer of Dr. George Tiller being found guilty on all counts while the the Faux Nuz Fundie who incited the act remains at large.

Brad Friedman reports on 1/29/10:

“After just 37 minutes of deliberation, a jury in Kansas found Scott Roeder, the murderer of Dr. George Tiller guilty on all counts. The 51-year-old airport shuttle driver faces a mandatory life sentence with the possibility of parole in 25 years, though prosecutors have expressed they hope to get a “Hard 50″ for him — meaning he’d not be eligible for parole unless he lived to be 101.”

Though during the trial the domestic terrorist Roeder told the court he’d decided as long ago as 1993 to try and kill Tiller, it wasn’t until after months of increasing demonization by the rightwing media that Roeder finally found the courage to shoot Tiller in the head during a Sunday church service in Wichita last year.

Before his murder, Tiller, who for years had performed perfectly legal abortion procedures, had been villainized in an ongoing media campaign, led most notably by Bill O’Reilly of Fox “News.” O’Reilly, who, despite his own false claims to the contrary had described him on air, time and again, as “Tiller the Baby Killer” and repeatedly told viewers on the most popular program on cable “news” that “This guy will kill your baby for $5,000, any reason. Any reason.”

Politi-fact reports:

We searched transcripts of The O’Reilly Factor , his show that appears on the Fox News Channel.

We found at least 42 instances of O’Reilly mentioning Tiller by name, going back to 2005. In 24 instances, we found that O’Reilly referred to Tiller specifically as a “baby killer.”

Most of the time, O’Reilly would simply refer to the Tiller as “Tiller the baby killer” or as “Dr. George Tiller, known as Tiller the baby killer” without attributing it to anyone. We found four times when O’Reilly said that “some” called him Tiller the baby killer. We did not find any instance where O’Reilly named an individual or a particular antiabortion group that referred to Tiller that way.

Faux Nuz and the vile Bill O’Reilly are culpable in this instance and it’s beyond me why no one has brought this criminal Cult of Jesus mouthpiece to justice yet.  We all know how “fair and balanced” Faux Nuz is; they cut away from the President’s question and answer session with the Republicans to work their spin doctors and spin their Cults of Jesus lies.  So much for Rupert Murdock and the Arab’s sense of “journalism.”


Our President is preparing a $3.8 Trillion budget for the United States for 2011.  Aside from this obscene number being just too hard for the average person to wrap their brain around this is $2.1 Trillion for MILITARY EXPENDATURE.  Why is America spending 53% of its annual budget on the Military when the next great military nations spend just 5% of their annual budgets on Military?

Now, more than at any other time in history, Americans have to stand up and get their voices heard concerning this obscene waste and fraud perpetrated against them by first George W Bush and now continuing with Barack H Obama.  We must drive our Congressmen and Senators to defund the military and tear this industrial/military complex down to insure global peace and a solid United States economy.  The purchased politicians are not going to do anything to stop this obscene action and we must write, petition and push to stop this Imperial America from imposing it’s will, complete with defunding the illegal Military Contractors.

Once again we are hearing about “this gigantic security threat” that allegedly faces the United States of America.  The Republicans whip that fear to drive the lies and fraud that they’ve perpetrated against the American Taxpayers for the past decade and it won’t stop until we, the people, put an end to this insanity of out of control military spending that’s driving the prosperity of America into bankruptcy.

In a New York Times Op-Ed, Frank Rich asserts that the state of the union is comatose.  I couldn’t agree more with the position.

Neil Barofsky, TARP Watchdog warns us:

The government’s response to the financial meltdown has made it more likely the United States will face a deeper crisis in the future, an independent watchdog at the Treasury Department warned.

The problems that led to the last crisis have not yet been addressed, and in some cases have grown worse, says Neil Barofsky, the special inspector general for the trouble asset relief program, or TARP. The quarterly report to Congress was released Sunday.

“Even if TARP saved our financial system from driving off a cliff back in 2008, absent meaningful reform, we are still driving on the same winding mountain road, but this time in a faster car,” Barofsky wrote.

The First Step in this fix of the system that is irreprably broken is to restore a Glass-Steagall type separation of investment banking and commercial banking and impose strong regulations with enough oversight to enforce them rapidly and without hesitation or this nation is going to be back into a depression completely created by the FED and the Corporate Communists with their Wall Street gambling buddies and the Banksters in tow.

The Second Step is for the United States Government to stop being dicked around by the FED and get them out of any involvement with our financial system by establishing a United States Bank.  Why the American people accept our tax dollars being paid to a private banking cartel and then allowing these Oligarchs to counterfeit money at their whim is a mystery to me.

The Third Step is understanding that the home mortgage market is already 90% funded by the Federal Government in Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae so rolling up into a Federal Home Mortgage Bank is not a big step for Americans or the Banking Community.  Pulling the mortgage market out of the control of the FED and Banksters and keeping the mortgage market out of the hands of the Wall Street gamblers and crooks is a great step toward ensuring stability in the home mortgage market while providing access to all Americans to the reality of home ownership.

The Forth Step in this economic solution is the direct lending from the United States Bank to small business.  This economic collapse, manipulated by the FED and the Wall Street gambling greed with Bankers in collusion is the reality of the United States economic system that is broken.  Direct lending from a real United States Bank that is of the people, for the people and by the people is the only hope Americans have to break the strangle-hold of the Oligarchy on the United States economy and the population.

Obama Speaks The Truth

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Obama Speaks The Truth:

I’ve been largely silent on the State of the Union address from President Obama because I really disagree with this idea of Imperial America that is pervasive through politics providing 54% of our government’s total budget to War, to the military to piss away in the sands and expand bases globally.  It’s obscene.

The smoke screen of this kind of bullshit thrown about by both parties covers up the reality of the Imperial movements of the United States in our global militarization and imposing American will upon Central American, South American, Eastern European, Western Asians and the Pacific basin nations and peoples.  This global militarization is insane.

On a domestic front this “Recovery Act” that not a single Republican voted for, but they all showed up to the ribbon cutting ceremonies and have taken credit for keeping teachers, police and firefighters working, is hypocritical.  And the “recovery” isn’t happening on Main Street either.  The economic numbers are improving but the jobs on Main Street are not there yet.  Direct lending to Small Business.  Direct lending for Mortgage Modification and short-selling, letting the criminal Bankers and Wall Street pay for their greed, is what makes sense for a real recovery on Main Street.

The Republicans have gotten their asses whooped because the truth will win out with these Cult of Jesus, Republican Bible-thumping hate and fear mongers.  They whine now like children caught with their hands in the cookie jar but watch the thieves.  Clean out Washington and get the Special Interests out of US Politics now.

As much as I enjoy seeing the great theater of President Barack H Obama taking a clear leadership role and confronting the Republican Cult of Jesus lies, slander and half-truths, this is just another smoke screen for the real issues that face this nation.  You can watch the whole Republican Retreat video at MSNBC at this link. The Republicans’ obstructionist bullshit is clearly seen by the American public (except for the Faux Nuz viewers and they’ll just wait for the preachers to tell ’em what to think) as hypocrisy, politics as usual and absolute dereliction of duty from the whole damned lot.

As a screaming liberal with strong conservative roots I depend upon the endorsements provided to Think Progress and Media Matters.  Bookmark the sites and keep yourself informed of what is really happening in the world.

Anytime the Cults of Jesus talking heads on Faux Nuz denigrate and defame a website or an individual, I view that as a stunning endorsement.  The “fair and balanced” gossip spewed from Faux Nuz is Rupert Murdock the Australian and his Arab partner pouring poison into the United States politics as rapidly as they are able.  These creatures are vile, repugnant and their owners and handlers are as far from patriotic Americans as one can imagine.

Put this one on your hit list kids.  Republican John Boehner with his fake tan and obstructionist tactics, lies and Cults of Jesus Bible-thumping, if his lips are moving; he is lying, actions again proves this assertion for the Republican Retreat.

Make no mistake, this creature is dangerous, destructive to the well-being of America and intent on lining his own pockets.  This creature knows exactly what his campaign will rake in from the lobbyists attending and is determined to get his hogs share.  Just check out this Republican Cults of Jesus for his record at Politco. This from the man with the voting machine fraud fiasco in his home state and he refused back-up paper ballots because then his cronies couldn’t doctor elections to keep him in office to pocket more lobby money.

I love President Obama’s  Tom Price response best because this Tom Price out of Georgia is a Cult of Jesus Republican spewing his party lies and talking points.  Now he is called on the carpet and the reality is somehow escaping him like the rest of the Republicans.  “We’ve offered a health care plan,” Price asserts.  Grayson got it right when he described the Republican plan, “Don’t get sick; if you do, die quickly.”  Boiler plate bullshit and lies is the Republican platform.  Torte reform is only 2% maximum and it’s not an issue but takes away patient rights by Republican Cults of Jesus liars throwing a red herring of “hate of lawyers” out there to screen denial of recourse to the patient.  That’s how the Republican Cults of Jesus have operated for 8 years.  It’s lies, smoke and mirrors and voodoo economics and it’s the reality of Republicans’ Theocracy and dominionist goals.

The Truth wins out every time and the Republicans thought they could hang President Barack H Obama with the Lies, Slander and Half-Truth from the Republican talking points.  Now the Republicans are whining like the called out liars that they are.  Faith-Based Bush demonstrated clearly just what the Republican agenda is and we should never forget that.  Gogg and Magogg the End Times demons are loose in the Middle East according to the 12-step Poor George…

The Wars are all about Oil and the Industrial/Military complex that Ike warned us of.  George W Bush lied and took us to war and deserves to be tried and sentenced to prison for his acts, his crimes against humanity.

From a reader this delightful piece of yellow journalism from Faux Nuz, the network that thinks Glen Beck is more important than historic discussion and isn’t able to tell the truth.

Faux Nuz is ill, mentally deranged.  If this Rick Warren Wann Be took the time to watch and understand the English language then this kind of propaganda and substantive lie would not appear.  I can only know for myself that this is willful misrepresentation and this is Rupert Murdock’s vision for Nuz with his Arab partner.  I apologize for inflicting this upon my readers but it’s important to see.

I am so happy I live in a reality based life rather than the Rupert Murdock and Arab partner twisted existence of the mindless sheep who swallow this kind of bullshit hook, line and sinker.

Wake Up America.

Before President Barack H Obama walked through the White House doors; 8 years of Republican, Faith- Based Congress, Senate, White House the 7 trillion deficit was of Bush and the Republicans’ author because of 2 wars, a prescription entitlement plan, tax cuts to the Oligarchy and none of it was paid for.  The budget projection is that the debt will double over the course of the next 10 years but the Republican talking point is “triple.” This is intended to scare the living shit out of Granny Gert because of the budget deficit and it is pure Republican LIE.  There’s that Faith-Based, Cult Of Jesus lack of reality or ability to tell or recognize the truth hanging out again.  So Republicans; it’s just not true and as your buddy and shining star Jim Wilson pointed out last year: “YOU LIE!”

The Reality of President Barack H Obama

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The Reality of President Barack H Obama.

Fifty years later the warning of Dwight D Eisenhower is unheeded as the United States of America spends 54% of it’s Federal Budget on 2 Wars, operates and/or controls between 700-800 bases in 191 countries and continues to grow.  From a review article also provides this graph of US Government Military Spending from 1998 to 2008.

At 2007 prices, 1998 military spending was $364.35bn. 2008’s is approximately $643.9bnClick here for Peace Pledge Union websiteMap-the World With Commander' Area of Responsibility

It is obscene that the United States holds its self at a state of continual war.

The past President, George W Bush, directly involved the United States in illegal and immoral acts of war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  In Iraq with lies; with no clear reason other than a “belief that Gogg and Magogg,” Cults of Jesus End Times demons loose in the Middle East.  This 12-step flunky, as the UN determination and US Military determination discovered that there were no weapons of mass destruction took the United States to War based on a lie.  WMDs as asserted by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld did not exist.  Additionally this conflict greatly discredits the United States of America with the Torture and Human Rights violations perpetrated by the Bush Administrations wanton disregard of the truth, the Geneva Convention and the allegation that civilians captured were not prisoners of war but “terrorists” with no affiliation to any sovereignty and therefore the Geneva Conventions did not apply.  Also the absolute devastation of civilian populations spun as “human shields” by the US and NATO military sources additionally subverted with “these are terrorist” to amplify the de-humanization and vilification of the civilian population’s devastating casualties.

The American public’s assertion that these activities are an “Oil War” is now certified as truth as the petroleum and international theater of war maps define.

The reality is that the United States is heavily dependent upon foreign oil production and supply but the insanity of George W Bush and the current political climate within the United States remains as armed military intervention to secure these resources and not develop energy independence within the United States Economy.  A sure cause for disaster over the long haul if ever one existed.

These strategic initiatives are not limited to the Middle East but extend through the military bases in Central and South America as well and focus on the strategic locations of natural resources throughout Amazonia.

Global Research reports:

US Military Bases in foreign countries, are mainly located in Western Europe: 26 of them are in Germany, 8, in Great Britain, and 8 in Italy. There are nine military installations in Japan (Wikepedia).

In the last few years, in the context of the GWOT, the US haa built 14 new bases in and around the Persian Gulf.

It is also involved in construction and/or reinforcement of 20 bases (106 structured units as a whole) in Iraq, with costs  of the order of 1.1 billion dollars in that country alone (Varea, 2007) and the use of about ten bases in Central Asia.

The US has also undertaken continued negotiations with several countries to install, buy, enlarge or rent an additional number of military bases. The latter pertain inter alia to installations in Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Ghana, Brazil and Australia (See Nicholson, B., 2007), Poland, Czech Republic (Traynor, I., 2007), Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Italy (Jucca, L., 2007) and France.

Washington has signed an agreement to build a military base in Djibouti (Manfredi, E., 2007). All these initiatives are a part of an overall plan to install a series of military bases geographically located in a West-East corridor extending from Colombia in South America, to North Africa, the Near East, Central Asia and as far as the Philippines (Johnson, C., 2004). The US bases in South American are related to the control and access to the extensive natural biological , mineral and water resources, resources of the Amazon Basin. (Delgado Jara, D., 2006 and Maps 9 and 10).

Is this the Imperial United States?

The real question to be posed within the context of readily available information is: Why does the United States require this type of military presence on a global basis?

Why is America going bankrupt to be policeman of the world when there is absolutely no valid foundation for the imperialism of the United States?

We are now in the 10th year of the war in Afghanistan and no closer to creating stability than we were in George H W Bush’s secret war that trained the “terrorist” we are allegedly pursuing in Afghanistan now.

America has been at war for 10 years.  Since October 7, 2001 America has actively bombed, shot, murdered children, women and innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq begun by George W Bush and it is obscene.


The State of The Union address last night was a moving and direct speech to the combined Congress and Senate with Military and Supreme Court Justices in attendance and an American Middle Class that is under seige watching for any signs of bail-out, stimulus or hope for their futures.

As much as I genuinely like and voted for and support President Barack H Obama I am not on board with this “spending freeze” nor am I in agreement with the United States Budget that is 54% consumed by continued military spending and Imperial policy on a global basis.  Real change that Americans can believe in is the immediate closing of 50% of the American bases overseas and the immediate withdrawal of all United States troops not NATO committed.

Real Change that Americans can count on is direct lending to small business from the TARP funds and getting the Banking Greed and Corruption out of the equation.  The clear intention of this $30 Billion to “Community Banks” is Obama buying up and controlling the last vestiges of independent bankers who may (or may not) represent the folks who work Main Street in their small businesses and bring them into the Corporate Communist and Oligarchy’s control.  This is not reassuring.  Direct lending from the Government, cutting out the private sector profits, is much more effective at stimulus and creating competition and this Obama Administration is dead set against anything independent from the Oligarchy and Corporate Communists.  This is not a pretty message to receive.  The war of the Oligarchy is upon the American Citizens and we are not happy.

Real Change that Americans can count on is the delivery of the indictments of George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condaliza Rice and their trials as war criminals for the murder and torture of thousands of innocent civilians and the deaths of American Sons and Daughters based on lies.  President Obama will either completely pardon the acts of Treason, malfeasance, murder and high crimes against the United States of America or indict and punish these liars, torturers and thieves.  This is an either or situation that is the measure of the man.

Real change is directing an administration that is something other than what Bush / Cheney did to discredit and destroy the United States of America.  Bush / Cheney lied, tortured, doubled the military budget, installed a standing mercenary army and outsourced to military contractors and then hid the costs of their “no bid” contracts to their cronies.  Obama has not corrected this.

The Supreme Court, Bush stacked, is now making paper people who have a greater free speech ability than the average citizen.  This bad ruling is beyond the pale of reason.  International corporations now have free speech within United States elections.

Mr President, we do not want to return to Bush, we elected you for real change that we can count on and what we’ve seen is the agenda set by Bush in his initial give away of the Treasury to the Banksters, Wall Street and the Corporate Communists.  Where is the help for Main Street?

Real change that we can count on is making the Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac liabilities now into real American Assets and direct lending for home mortgages on short sale and making the Banks, the thieves on Wall Street accept the loss that the FED bubble created in manipulation of the economy.  That’s real change.

We must stop this insanity of a global military presence.  We must stop this industrial / military complex and restore the sovereignty of the United States within our physical borders.  We must now pay attention to the health and welfare of the United States Citizens and stop imposing our will upon Afghanistan, Iraq or anyplace outside the physical borders of this once great nation.

So the big questions remain for President Barack H Obama:

Mr. President, are you going to end the wars?

Mr. President, are you going to continue in a Bush presidency or are you forging your own path through this into a true democratic republic?

Mr. President, are you representing the Wall Street, Banking and Corporate Communist interests or are you representing the American Citizens who put you into office?

I am encouraged by the rhetoric but I don’t see the actions to back it up and too many of our young men and women overseas, at risk fighting Oil wars when they could be home helping us create energy independence.

Real change is doing away with the FED.

Real change is Universal Health Care.

Real change is a United States Bank and direct lending to the Small Business and Citizens of this great nation in direct competition with the Oligarchy that you appear to be more interested in maintaining than providing the real change as promised.

Real change is ending the wars.


Confine and constrain the military and move American back within her physical borders for world stability.

Get the Oligarchy out of American Banking and do the right thing.

Satan’s Spawn Sisterhood

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Satan’s Spawn Sisterhood

Maggie Gallagher

“The first question for me is: Are same-sex unions ‘marriages’? I’m against discrimination, I’m against hatred, I’m in favor of marriage equality, but I don’t think same-sex marriage is marriage. Therefore I think it is wrong for the government to insist, through the use of law, that we all believe that same-sex unions are marriages.” Maggie Gallagher at a debate at the University of Colorado.

Just in case you really needed a reason to avoid marriage like the plague we have NOM’s own Maggie Gallagher captured for all to view…    If you believe a word that spews forth from this Satan’s Spawn Sister; immediately head back to therapy and have your meds adjusted.  This is the embodiment of the Catholic Cults of Jesus Hate Campaign.

In the “news” today from Satan’s Spawn Sister Maggie Gallagher comes this little missive she’s penned to Judge Walker in the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial to position herself as “victim” and relay all the fear of the prospective witnesses that ran away out of fear of the Gays….

Satan’s Spawn Sisterhood spews:

The price of participating in a trial should not be the willingness to tolerate even a minimum of reasonable threats to one’s livelihood or personal safety. The Supreme Court stepped in to prevent the broadcast of these hearings. But it was too late. Expert witnesses had already dropped out. The trial had been changed, forever, by the mere prospect of television broadcast. Our case for Proposition 8 has been deeply harmed. The public record has been impoverished and the information available to reviewing courts permanently reduced all because some witnesses feared retaliation as a result of the publicity. I wish they had more courage, but I cannot view their fears as unreasonable. The first purpose of a trial is to do justice to the litigants.

As much as I would personally love to be able to see the Proposition 8 trial unfold in real time, I cannot contemplate the reasons why a court should subordinate justice to some other interest, whether it is public entertainment or public education. The purpose of a trial is not to educate the public. It is to do justice to the parties the court has permitted in the court room. Where there is a conflict, or a potential conflict, courts must adhere to their primary purpose and eschew any innovations that threaten that purpose. If television is ever to be permitted, it should only be when all parties to the litigation agree. Anything else is a travesty of justice, a subordination of the purpose of a court system to some other goal. Here’s the bottom line: If the Supreme Court should overturn Proposition 8 and find a constitutional right to gay marriage I will never know whether or not that would be a result of the haste to televise the trial. And it is to no-one’s interest that such a reasonable doubt should be thrown on the deliberations of the Supreme Court.

Yes Satan’s Spawn Sisterhood and your Cults of Jesus peers were all afraid of the truth, the truth testified to in court by real, certified, peer reviewed experts who actually have science and facts to back up the conclusions that they arrive at.  Humans who are able to think, observe, understand and interpret without having to rely on Poppa Pope to tell them how to think and what to feel.  I’m sure that’s a frightening place for a “true believer” who demonstrates what kind of Cult of Jesus she belongs to by spending $43 million to discriminate against 10% of the population.

I’m sure the readership will suffer for me even posting this vile and twisted continuation of the Cults of Jesus Hate Campaign from Prop H8.

In reply I would remind this vile and rabid Cults of Jesus bitch of Matthew Shepard, the increase of Homophobic Hate Crimes during the Hate Campaign of Prop H8 and the centuries of persecution and lies directed at the LGBT Community as a result of ill informed hate mongering Cults of Jesus theocrats like this vile creature, the Evangelicals and the LDS/Mormon Cultists perpetrate.   They are Cults of Jesus without a Christian among them.

With any luck the Supreme Court will do the right thing, Judge Walker will do the right thing and this kind of Hate will be confined to their congregations.

In the meantime let’s all get this TAX THE CHURCH movement going and make sure that they get registered as Political Action Committees and Lobbyists too.

Pacts With The Devil

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Pacts With The Devil

Alan Grayson is clear, measured and straightforward in his rebuke of this Cults of Jesus leader.

This Dominionist pillar of the Cults of Jesus ran for President in 1980, coming in third, but this began the subversion of the Republican Party to the Cults of Jesus that culminated with the Faith-Based, election fraud, George W Bush, “Gogg & Magogg are loose in the Middle East” Presidency.  Maybe Poor 12-step George W Bush can use the “demonic possession” defense in his trial for Murder and War Crimes?

There is one thing that we are sure of in the upcoming election and that is we each must carefully vet the candidates for fitness and clearly identify the Theocrats.  Keeping Theocrats like Inoffe, Grassley, DeMint indeed all members of the “Fellowship,” the C-Street Family, from obtaining any power in government is absolutely imperative.  The demonstration from California’s Prop H8 is a clear example of just how dangerous and highly organized this Hate Group is.  What the Cults of Jesus are planning in their “End Times” has to be as a clear warning and wake up call as can be found for the American voter.  If you don’t vote you provide the Theocrats more power for their vote.

As for the reality of the campaign of Hate from Prop H8 in California this week concluded the presentation of witnesses.  The team of Olson & Boies presented strong expert witnesses as to the source and damage of discrimination, the political powerlessness, the suitability to parent, the fitness of the LGBT community in general.  Olson & Boies then mounted the fully documented indictment of collusion from the Cults of Jesus from the Catholics, Evangelicals to the LDS/Mormon hate machine’s lies that created this unconstitutional amendment in Prop H8 in California.  Each step of the way the Prop H8 proponents have attempted to hide their acts of false witness, their lies and the conspiracy between sects of the Cults.

The Defense, the Cults of Jesus team, only mounted 2 witnesses and both were shredded by Ted Olson’s expert cross-examination.  That wasn’t unexpected by the LGBT Community that has long ago recognized the Hate and Fear promoted by the Cults of Jesus zombies.  It was no surprise to us that the Prop H8 proponents went to great lengths (the US Supreme Court) to censor and hide the exposure of the levels of hate and bigotry that they promoted in this case.  It was no surprise when their list of witnesses dwindled because they claimed fear of reprisal.  We all know how they “Love the sinner but hate the sin.”  Now we know that love is $46 million in one hate campaign highly orchestrated between the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Churches.

We all know that the “love” of the Cults of Jesus is clearly expressed in Matthew Shepard hanging beaten on a barbed wire fence in freezing Wyoming winter weather.  We all know that the “love” of the Cults of Jesus is expressed in therise of hate crimes against the LGBT Community in California as a result of the lies from Prop H8.

According to Washington City Paper:

“Santa Clara County, the California county south of San Francisco, has released its hate-crime data for 2008. In 2007, 15 percent of hate crimes were classified as homophobic; in 2008, 56 percent of hate crimes were motivated by homophobia. What changed? Deputy District Attorney Jay Boyarsky told The Mercury News that it is “headlines and controversies of the day” that lead to “surges in types of hate incidents”—meaningthe ongoing battle over Prop 8 may have turned some Californians violent.”

Each of us has personally experienced the “love” of the Cults of Jesus spewed from the pulpit and broadcast across the airwaves as their hate speech is protected by First Amendment Rights.

The LGBT Community knows the “love” expressed in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as highly skilled and valuable Arabic translators are driven from the Military Service, highly skilled and talented pilots are, through witch-hunts, hearsay and innuendo driven from the Military Service.  The man in the field of battle confronted with Biblical verse on the gun sights and gunned down by friendly fire because of who they love by the rabid Cults of Jesus within the military.

We’ve all listened to the rants from the Cults of Jesus on Faux Nuz about Acorn and the Czars that were Reagan’s gift to US Administrations.  Now the real story of the fraud from the reporter who “broke” this “news” is exposed and where are the Cults of Jesus?  The Cults of Jesus including Satan’s Spawn Sister Catholic Maggie Gallagher, the Evangelical and gluttonous Rick Warren, Pat Buchanan and all are silent on these events and on the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial once their collusion, their lies and their Cults of Jesus “love” is exposed.  I pray they all crawl back under their rocks and stay there.

A dear friend of mine, a devout Christian, became upset with me over the course of this past year because of my use of  “the Cults of Jesus” when speaking of these creatures like the Satan’s Spawn Sister Maggie Gallagher of NOM’s “Gathering Storm” fame, the gluttonous Rick Warren of “Kill the Gays” Uganda’s “Purpose Driven” nation fame and too many others to name here from the LDS/Mormon camp.  The simple explanation I offer to him and to the readers is:

“There is nothing “Christian” in the hate, fear and lies that these Cults of Jesus have spewed into the national and global consciousness for far too long.”

Freedom from religion is as much a right as freedom to practice the religion of your choice.  When the Cults of Jesus cross over the line as we’ve seen in the political arena over the past decade it is time to TAX THE CHURCH.

The “Fellowship” the C-Street Family has operated an illegal Political Action Committee for decades and decades now and is up to its ears in the Kill the Gays legislation in Uganda and the Hate the Gays in the United States.  Jeff Sharlett’s book The Family is highly recommended reading for anyone who is concerned about these Theocrats that are threatening the United States Government today.  There is no greater terrorist threat than the Cults of Jesus in the United States today and we all must keep up vigilance, be wary of their involvement within the political process.  The Separation of Church and State has kept this nation strong for 200+ years and these vile Dominionists are hell-bent on tearing that down to meet their end times and Armageddon.

To any that I may offend with the use of the “Cults of Jesus” I will apologize in advance but the purpose for this phrase is perfectly clear in that the Cults of Jesus have absolutely nothing to do with Christian principles now or ever.  The Cults of Jesus are Theocrats, zealots and zombies who demand conformity to their thought and their construct of existence and will impose that upon anyone and everyone that they are able to gain dominion over.  Slavery, womens’ rights and even basic human rights are all abrogated by these vile and malicious creatures and they are an insult to honest humans everywhere.  The Cults of Jesus are the biggest terrorist threat in existence today and the actions of George W Bush make that painfully clear to all.

What’s even more reprehensible in all this distraction by the Cults of Jesus hate and fear-mongering is the way that they (Republican Cults of Jesus) have promoted lies and obstruction like petulant children.  While Rome burns, while the American Middle Class is under siege these obscene self-aggrandizing hate and fear mongers have done their flat-out level best to ensure that President Obama “meets his Waterloo” to quote Mr. DeMint from South Carolina.  What Mr. DeMint accomplished was to deprive the United States TSA of a highly qualified, exceptionally skilled professional on the fear of unions in the baggage handlers and his own racial bigotry.  You can be proud of that Mr. DeMint when your voters back home throw your vile ass out of office.

What’s so obscene about this is exactly what was so obscene about the loss of the Olympics to Brazil and the cheering for America’s failure that Limbaugh, Beck, the Republican Cults of Jesus crowed about and that is a clear demonstration of the contempt that these creatures hold for the United States of America.  This isn’t just contempt of President Barack H Obama; this is the contempt that these vile creatures hold the United States of America and it’s people within.

America is in a world of hurt here and it’s not just the purchased politicians on Capital Hill that are responsible for this.

What is so obscene about this is the fact that the Bankers and Wall Street wouldn’t exist except for the (Bush, FED Bernanke and Geithner invited) generosity of the American Taxpayer through the purchased politicians and not one of them has missed a meal or had to decide between gas in the car or food for the kids; keeping the electric on or food on the table.

These Corporate Communists have squeezed the American Labor through Ronald Reagan’s union busting and open hostility toward their employee base for the past 30+ years.  The American Middle Class isn’t anymore because of these vile, greedy, self-serving bastards with no sense of decency, no patriotism unless it’s munition manufacturing and a profound blindness to the reality of the productivity of the people of the USA.  These Corporate Communists move manufacturing off-shore to enslave the third-world labor for a fraction of what American Labor costs but they have no sense of the value or ingenuity that Americans bring to the table.

Elizabeth Warren on the Daily Show stated:

Warren, chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel created to monitor TARP, said frankly: “It is simple. This is America’s middle class. We’ve hacked at it and chipped at it and pulled on it for 30 years now. And now there’s no more to do. Either we fix this problem going forward or the game really is over.”

This isn’t the first time Warren has talked death of the middle class. In December, she wrote a blog for the Huffington Post raising the possibility: “America without a strong middle class? Unthinkable, but the once-solid foundation is shaking.” A few days later, she told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski “We are at serious risk in America of having ‘middle class’ no longer synonymous with the old notions of security and solid, but instead meaning living one paycheck to the next, living one bad diagnosis or pink slip away from financial collapse.

Warren has been the TARP oversight chair since November 2008, and Stewart asked her why the system hasn’t been fixed yet.

“Well, these guys really do get it.” Warren told Stewart — the CEOs, bankers, and people in power– “They get it. And they work best behind closed doors.” She went on: if we leave it up to them, “Nothing, nothing will change. You know, I want to turn to these guys sometimes, and I want to say: ‘what part of we bailed you out do you not get?’ These are people who would not have their jobs because they would not have their companies.”

The Oligarchy has hoarded the cash to the top 2% of this society and now that the real working people saved their unhappy asses they forget us, play their Ponzi schemes and are openly working to enslave us for their profit.  The persons of Bush, Bernanke and Geithner just made the largest transfer of wealth in history from the US Treasury to the Private Sector.  All this from an insurance scam with Goldman Sachs and AIG central to this fraud.

Prosecute the bastards and put the Oligarchs in prison where they and President Bush and Vice President Cheney belong.  It’s not “looking back.”  It’s delivering justice to the American People who have been defrauded and had their most precious commodity, the lives, the dreams the living of their sons, daughters and economic future of this nation put at risk.  No greater crime has ever been perpetrated and this must come to justice.



This is the reality of what America’s middle class has faced and what brought us down to Third-World status because of the greed of the Corporate Communists, the Bankers and Wall Street Oligarchy squeezing anything and everything out of the productive base of America and then, US Government NAFTA sanctioned, sends the real economic base of manufacturing for domestic consumption overseas for slave labor and higher profits.

The “polls” touted every 15 freaking minutes about President Barack Obama are another point of contention for me too.  Pat Buchanan ranting about “Obama lost the Independents in Massachusetts and the Democratic base is eroding” is even more Republican, right-wing Cults of Jesus ranting over nothing.  Coakley ran a terrible campaign and she lost to pretty boy Brown.  BFD, stop projecting.

Let’s get honest about the Republican Obstructionist tactics in Congress.  The Republican Cults of Jesus brought this nation to a halt unless it was entitlement for their corporate masters and that’s obscene.  Prepare for your retirement and for your replacements.  Get ready for what’s coming from the American people because these bastards are history.  We have grounds to charge 404 of these bastards with Treason for voting for “The Patriot Act” because this violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  We are not stupid, mindless sheep and the getting even is just getting started.

The real accomplishments of this Obama Administration are ignored and discredited as the rabid Republican right-wing Cults of Jesus work diligently to get their end times politics and policies reinforced and that’s just not going to happen.  Barack H Obama was handed a stinking pile of shit from the Faith-Based George W Bush with 2 wars and an economy in shambles and a bail-out of Wall Street and Banking greed started by Bush that demanded attention first.

President Barack H Obama has improved the United States global reputation by declaring “an end to torture” more than any other aspect of his policy.  This centrist President’s position accomplished more within the Muslim world with one direct address than 7 years of George W Bush war created by lies and the superstitious belief in Gogg and Magogg being present in the Middle East as part of his Faith-Based, End Times agenda driven by the Cults of Jesus and his 12-step program.

This President has tackled Health Care Reform to see it derailed and undermined by purchased politicians pandering to their Corporate Communist masters and lining their pockets instead of honestly facing the real issues of people dying from lack of insurance and inaccessibility to medical care.  We demand leadership and a true Universal Health Care program independent of the greedy Corporate Communists who have raped the public for 100 years and lined their pockets instead of caring for people.

The Bankers and Wall Street are out of control and the solution is to establish the United States Bank to do direct business with the American Citizens and keep it completely independent from the FED.  Audit and remove the FED from the United States Banking system.  Regulate Wall Street and Tax bonuses and salaries over $200,000.00 to 80% to support the social systems required and to hell with the claims of “Socialist” because these Capitalists have no freaking conscious nor sense of duty to the people whose labor made them wealthy.

Elizabeth Warren would make a great United States Economic Director to replace the FED and the lying, “I didn’t do it” Bernanke, Geitherner, Summers or any of the Goldman Sachs owned appointments in the White House now.  The clear focus of the Congressional Oversight Committee with Elizabeth Warren has been the American People and that’s the only place we see that focus.

We see the Republicans as Treasonous, Traitors who are subverting the system to satisfy bigoted desires for the Presidency of the United States to fail.  It’s the United States that they are destroying and not the person of the President and this position is absolutely disgusting.

Now, more than at any other time, the Republican Right-Wing Cults of Jesus are making a run against the Social Security and Medicare coverage for our rapidly aging population.  The reason for this is that the Republicans, since Uncle Ronnie Reagan’s 1983 tax increase to fund these programs now, have raided the Social Security and Medicare trust funds to feed their greed, feed their wars and line the pockets of their Corporate Communist Masters.

There are no real Statesmen.  There are no honest politicians.  The Washington, DC of Hubert Humphrey, Barbara Jordan, FDR is long dead and gone.  What’s replaced Statesmen in Washington, DC are the scum of the earth in lawyers too intent on lining their own pockets and cutting back room deals, to enrich themselves or focused on lobbying after their term, to pay attention to the real and pressing needs of the people.

We’ve had 30 years of Republican Cult of Jesus Right-Wing policy that has brought this nation to bankruptcy and it stops now.  The Republican’s call now for “smaller government” flies in the face of what they’ve produced in a bankrupt nation, 3 wars that still rage on and the largest transfer of wealth from the US Taxpayer direct to the Oligarchs that has ever happened in history.  The Republicans delivered President Obama this stinking pile of shit left over from George W Bush and this man has faced it and made it work.  Shut up Republicans, Shut up Cults of Jesus and get out of the way.

End the wars.

Restore this nation.

Spending Freeze? When Hell Freezes Over!

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Spending Freeze?  When Hell Freezes Over!

President Barack H Obama’s staff leaked a suggestion that the President is proposing a discretionary spending freeze and all hell broke loose.

Is this just a political ploy to get the Republican run against the Social Security and Medicare programs disarmed before they can deliver a scathing review of their actions in raping the Social Security Trust Fund and raiding the Medicare Reserves to feed the greed and go to war based on lies?

That’s the Republican way as Alan Grayson pointed out; “Don’t get sick.  If you do get sick; Die Quickly.” that’s the Republican way.  What’s waiting in the wings at this moment is the Republicans doing the “figures don’t lie but liars figure” routine to attempt to hang the Republican rape of the Social Security Trust Fund that started with Reagan and has continued through Bush on the Democrats like they lie about the budget deficit now.  The Republicans spent the Social Security Trust Fund, that yours and my 1983 tax increase fattened up, to prevent the very bankruptcy that Republicans are preparing to land-mind Obama with now.  The Republicans under Reagan opened this fund to the Congress to spend and the Republicans in Congress have spent it and another 500 trillion to boot.  Republicans in the lead, the party of Tax and Spend and War and steal from the working folks for fat-cat salaries and lots of privilege.

Perhaps President Obama will grow some balls and make this point in his State of the Union Address…  One can only hope.

Economist Bradford DeLong,  at UC Berkeley provides enlightenment at his website writes:

“As one deficit-hawk journalist of my acquaintance says this evening, this is a perfect example of fundamental unseriousness: rather than make proposals that will actually tackle the long-term deficit–either through future tax increases triggered by excessive deficits or through future entitlement spending caps triggered by excessive deficits–come up with a proposal that does short-term harm to the economy without tackling the deficit in any serious and significant way.”

Grasping Reality with Opposable Thumbs


“A spending freeze? That’s the brilliant response of the Obama team to their first serious political setback?

It’s appalling on every level.

It’s bad economics, depressing demand when the economy is still suffering from mass unemployment. Jonathan Zasloff writes:

Obama’s Self-Inflicted Lobotomy Proceeds Apace « The Reality-Based Community: I’m trying to think of what could possibly be a worse plan.  Let’s see: we might be entering a double-dip recession and unemployment is in double-digits, and you are going to freeze spending?  What in God’s name are they thinking? Perhaps the worst thing about this is how it cedes the ideological ground to the Republicans.  At some point someone must make an argument for government.  I think it was former Senator Paul Simon who said: “give the voters a choice between a Republican and a Republican and they will choose a Republican every time.”

What next?  The rotting corpse of Andrew Mellon as Treasury Secretary?  Or do we already have that?”

President Obama seems to have decided to fire Tim Geithner and replace him with “the rotting corpse of Andrew Mellon” (Mellon was Herbert Hoover’s Treasury Secretary, who according to Hoover told him to “liquidate the workers, liquidate the farmers, purge the rottenness”.)

FEED THE OLIGARCHY!  This is the rally cry of the Obama camp and it’s more pandering to Right-Wing Republican Cults of Jesus, Banking, Wall Street and Corporate Communists who are now well insulated from the real financial collapse of the Middle Class that their Ponzi Schemes created in the global economy.  These bastards wrote the toxic predatory loans, bundled them and sold them, then insured themselves against the failure of the toxic assets, collected on the insurance through default swaps and Geithner’s gifts and kept the assets.  The United States Taxpayers just bailed their unhappy asses out and we are now cannon-fodder for their greed.  YOU BET AMERICANS ARE ANGRY.

The claim this morning that “Liberals are Cool on Obama’s Freeze” may be true for some liberals but this one is off the scope.  I am beyond “Not Cool” and all the way to “Certified Outraged” by this proposal that will strike at the very people who are under complete seige and assault by the failed economic policy of George W Bush carried into the Obama administration.  The American Citizen is under attack and the Government is declaring another war on the population in this obscene act.  This is the Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and Summer’s philosophy of “get the citizens to pay for our excess.”  Can you say “Claw-Back” ten times fast?

First and foremost in this outrage of a “freeze” is the Department of Defense entitlement program and Homeland Security entitlement proposed to continue unchecked and infinitely inflatable.  That is truly obscene!   These items already consume 54% of our government’s budget and are obscene when one looks at the other nations’ around the earth.

The War on Drugs may be winding down but the War on the United States Citizens is now in full force and proceeding as the Oligarchy of the Corporate Communists created.  The FEDs are clearly allied with the Oligarchy of the Corporate Communists and the purchased politicians are just puppets.

“Those that would give up essential liberties for a moment of security deserve neither liberty or security.”  Benjamin Franklin



Here is real saving for the United States Government.

The Cost of War

What could be better for the United States?

How will ending these illegal, immoral and impossible to win wars lessen the security of the United States of America?

Ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will not create additional “terrorist activity” globally as the war-mongers howl.  American exit and UN exit of troops may serve to quell the foment of terrorism by the cessation of murdering civilians.

Why are we fighting a tactic on soils that the sovereignty, the existing governments had nothing at all to do with the Twin Trade Tower attacks on 9/11/01?

The answer is OIL.  In both instances the clear answer is OIL and the economic interests of the Oligarchy, the Corporate Communists within the United States and Globally is the foundation for these insane wars begun by George W Bush’s lies.

The lineage of these Wars is all too clear.

George H W Bush laid the foundations for what passes today as the Wars in the Middle East by training, equipping and funding the Taliban and a recruit out of Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin Laden, while waging a CIA secret war against the Russians in Afghanistan.  The Russians got smart and just pulled out, we should take that lesson too.

We are effectively fighting the very men we trained and equipped to fight the Russians and the “terrorist” tactics they use are of CIA and United States author.  By removing ourselves from the Arabian peninsula we are not creating instability but returning this region to its rightful sovereign owners and peoples.  The insanity of this drives through the George W Bush lies and frauds of creating this war and defines the very foundation of the torture and war crimes committed against the native populations.

These wars are inextricably intertwined with the Israeli actions and Human Rights violations of the Palestinians, the Israeli refusal to bargain in good faith.  The Israeli determination to deny a Palestinian homeland that the USA supports.

The Corporate Communists are up to their ears in this too with Military Contractors illegally employed by Bush and Cheney to do the work the US Military refused to do and Bush and Cheney lied about being “more cost effective” than US Military personnel.

The truth of these Wars and the obscene greed and feeding of the Corporate Communists detailed in chapter 7 of God And Whose Army is available for free online here.

“In my line of work you have to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.”  George W Bush.

The pampered son of privilege lies, lies, lies….  Charge him with treason, murder and willful malfeasance and bring him to trial now.  An honest, just and American Administration would bring this man and his administration to justice as rapidly as is humanly possible.

George W Bush and Dick Cheney with Donald Rumsfeld ENDORSED AND PRACTICED TORTURE!  They are War Criminals, of that there is no doubt.



We are not at risk of becoming involved in another Viet Nam type conflict; we are hot at creating this Viet Nam conflict to serve the greed of the Military Contractor, the Oil Interests and the Corporate Communists who fear the result of a population of well-armed and well-trained American men and women being on domestic soil as they overtake the United States Government lock, stock and barrel. The Corporate Communists have already purchased Washington.  That’s obvious from this decision, this insanity of a “spending freeze.”

This openly political ploy of a “spending freeze” is a promise designed to be broken and strikes at the very core of an economic recovery for Main Street.  The purchased politicians in Washington, DC now see, know and understand that their days are numbered because of the insane dysfunction of the process that more Americans than ever before in history have paid attention to because we want real Health Care Reform.  Pandering to the Cults of Jesus, right-wing Republicans and bowing to the Corporate Communist masters is not a position any elected official would assume, provided that they have even an ounce of common sense.  Obama did this by refusing to take a stand during the Health Care lies espoused by the Republicans of “death panels” and has gone downhill to this.

I fervently hope and pray that President Barack H Obama comes to his senses in his State Of The Union address and presents clear, direct leadership and solid solutions because without this roadmap this President and this nation is screwed. If President Obama gets the courage to address the obscene obstructionism of the Republican’s use of the filibuster to point up the Republican responsibility and drive home Bush failed policy brought us to this point the Democrats may get an upper hand over the Cults of Jesus Republican Right-Wing lie machine.  There is no “polite” way to express that one more BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Comes Again) moment is waiting in the wings for the American Taxpaying Citizen.

The proposed Depart of Defense spending left intact is the biggest single mistake that this President could ever make within the context of the current FED manipulated global economic conditions.

Congressman Barney Frank argues that Defense Spending has “little use as a social safety net.”

Alan Greenspan takes this even further, “military spending is like insurance: if necessary to meet its primary need, it had to be done, but it was not good for the economy; and to the extent that it could be reduced, the economy would benefit.”

“The math is compelling: if we do not make reductions approximating 25% of the military budget starting fairly soon, it will be impossible to continue to fund an adequate level of domestic activity even with the repeal of Bush’s tax cuts for the very wealthy.”

These statements made many years ago are at the core of the crisis that is upon us now.  WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO SUSTAIN A PERMANENT STATE OF WAR!

To the normal, rational, sane human being this would be apparent from the ruins of an economy laying about us now.  Make no mistake about this; this destruction of the United States of America will be as complete as the destruction of the USSR if we maintain the course that George W Bush set us upon in his illegal, immoral Faith-Based Oil Wars.  Our politicians, 404 of them, have abrogated their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America in voting yes on the “Patriot Act” which is neither patriotic or necessary but a tool to deny every free citizen of the United States their constitutional rights to privacy, to due process, to search and seizure and ultimately the rights to bear arms.  This, more than any aspect of the Bush Imperial Presidency is the single point of his agenda that escapes the American Citizen.  This is the intent of the Dominionist Right-Wing Republican agenda and it is coming to fruition with President Barack H Obama demonstrating that there is no difference from the disastrous prior administration and carries into his administration the very creatures who destroyed the economy in the persons of Bernanke and Geithner.

I am and every American Citizen should be absolutely outraged at this continuing fraud from our government.  These Wars are the absolute economic destruction of the United States of America and there isn’t a Rosie the Riveter in the wings to paint a positive spin on the obscene spending and human rights violations perpetrated by the United States in these Wars.

It will take more than a David Plouffe to haul the purchased politicians on Capital Hill out of the absolute divesting of incumbents that is upon the Congress and Senate and this presents nothing but increasing opportunity to the Republican Cults of Jesus subverted contenders at the expense of the Democrats.  Our future is heading to Theocracy because of these failed policies and this administration either desires this or is too short-sighted to see this or too cowardly to confront it.

This is no time for a “Centrist” or Bi-Partisan bullshit.  This is no time for the President of the United States to pander to anyone or any voice within his “inner circle” of Corporate Communists and Wall Street Banksters.  Now is the time for the President of the United States to stand up and LEAD.  A “freeze” on spending anyplace but the Department of Defense is a colossal mistake.

Real solutions are:

Direct lending to Small Business.  We bailed the Corporate Communists out, the Banks and Wall Street and they are not lending to small business but rather shooting craps on derivitives, hedge funds, insurance against themselves that pays off 100% on the dollar when they break the system like Bernanke and Geithner did.

Home Mortgages rolled into bankruptcy and a direct from the government mortgage relief program with short-sell to the Corporate Communists, Banksters and Wall Street that created the bubble and burst.

Direct Student Loans and Technical Training programs.

America Works Program  to build green energy solutions in States with unemployment rates of 10% or higher.

Immediate Taxation of Banks, Value Added on Wall Street and Corporations to 35% to fund the America Works Program.

Tariffs on imports and 15% tax on re-imports of manufactured goods from United States based companies that moved off-shore for slave labor.

Universal Health Care.  Electronic Medical Records.

Tear down the FED and put the United States Citizens Bank in place.

In Budget terms this graph, produced by, is a “comparison” between actual deficits of George W Bush and projected deficits of Barack H Obama.  The $236.2 billion surplus is what Bill Clinton delivered to George W Bush with a healthy economy.


From March, 2009

It is important to remember that George W Bush delivered to President Barack H Obama an economy in ruins with the TARP program to “bail-out” the Corporate Communists already in play.  Bernanke and Geithner, Goldman-Sachs and Citigroup were already directing this debacle.

Here is a simple and accurate pie chart of the United States Budget for 2009 fiscal.

This is from the website.

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes FY 2009

FY2009 federal piechart


The United States Congress has borrowed 80% of the past military debt that we are paying interest on and proposes to escalate the war in Afghanistan.  Where is this money coming from?  The freaking Corporate Communists, China and the Oligarchy that is the FED printing fiat dollars is where this money comes from and it mortgages our labor, our childrens’ labor and has bankrupted this nation because of the fiscal irresponsibility of the Republican Congress and past President George W Bush because he LIED and took us to War.

It doesn’t get any clearer than this.


Equal Protection Under The Law

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Equal Protection Under The Law

“Protect the Children” is the central focus of the Hate Campaign from the Catholics’ NOM and the Satanic Sister of Hate Maggie Gallagher.  This is echoed from the Evangelicals and the LDS/Mormons who combined spent $43 million dollars on Prop H8 in California.

How nice to know they are the real enablers, but then that’s a good Catholic trait now isn’t it?


From an earlier Supreme Court Ruling:

Marriage is one of the “basic civil rights of man,” fundamental to our very existence and survival…. To deny this fundamental freedom on so unsupportable a basis as the racial classifications embodied in these statutes, classifications so directly subversive of the principle of equality at the heart of the Fourteenth Amendment, is surely to deprive all the State’s citizens of liberty without due process of law. The Fourteenth Amendment requires that the freedom of choice to marry not be restricted by invidious racial discrimination. Under our Constitution, the freedom to marry, or not marry, a person of another race resides with the individual and cannot be infringed by the State. Loving v Virginia on the topic of inter-racial marriage.

Several facts come into play when speaking of the Civil Rights of LGBT United States Citizens today.  The first of this is the Religious Right’s determination to suppress the public seeing testimony from the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial.

More important to mainstream America is the fact that the right-wing media is completely ignoring the events of this trial and have not provided any coverage of the expose’ of hate presented in this proceeding.

Then there are the ultimate Conservatives in the Ted Olson, David Boies representation of two California LGBT couples who desire marriage.  This is solidly founded in the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution and the LGBT Community is watching this with passion as are their families, children, friends and supporters.

The same conditions exist in the repeal of the military’s repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell concerning the service of LGBT persons within the armed services.  With our military pushed to the limit by wars on two fronts and a massive relief effort in Haiti, the military actions in Columbia and assistance to Mexico in the drug wars; it is increasingly clear that the real cost of this perverse punishment for humans with the God-given attributes of homosexuality, bisexuality or transgendered orientation cannot be sustained.  The high-profile case of Lt Dan Choi and several other Arabic translators in the recent past pointing up the waste of millions of dollars in training, and the skills these patriotic humans provided, is becoming too much to intelligently sustain on this insane bigoted policy of fear and hate.

What is rapidly developing in the United States is a strong intolerance for the McCarthyism, the Hate and Fear pandered by the Right-Wing Republicans, Religious Cults of Jesus and Tea Bagging Wingnuts who have dominated the public discussions for far too long.

The outright lies from the Cults of Jesus and Right-Wing Republicans or Tea Bagging Wingnuts is clearly heard, seen and rejected.  The most graphic example of this is the “Death Panel” claim produced from the honest presentation of end of life options and planning within the proposed Health Care Reform in our politics.  The results of Bigotry and Hate from the Cults of Jesus in California’s Prop H8 recently documented in court and are insidiously present in our Military in reality of the day-to-day discrimination against the LGBT community promoted and endorsed by these vile creatures hiding behind scripture and lies.

Americans do not accept Hate.


Our President, Barack H Obama, is slow in acting upon the equal protections under the law of LGBT Citizens perhaps out of fear of the Cults of Jesus, Right-Wing Republicans or Tea Bagging Wingnuts but this is a condition that will not last as the majority of Americans clearly hear the hate, see the prejudice and know the discrimination expressed by these religious zealots who desire dominion and their end times as a self-fulfilling prophesy.  The Birthers, the Deathers, the Tea Bagging Bigots and Cults of Jesus are exposed and are clearly recognized as McCarthy-esque, the lunatic fringe.

What Americans, Californians in particular, have suddenly become aware of is the absolute absurdity of the campaign of hate directed by the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon Cults of Jesus in concert and the real political terrorism that they’ve conducted at great cost to their congregations and the Citizens of California.  The amounts of money directed at Hate legislation from California to Maine is obscene to Americans.  Honest Americans understand that Adam and Steve or Eve and Anna getting married will have no effect upon them directly or indirectly and the insanity from these Churches amounts to pure, unadulterated Hate.

Americans also are absolutely repulsed at the obscene and repugnant acts of this same Cults of Jesus squandering of resources on hate through a political action where Lies to induce Fear and Hate is the clear intention.  Americans are very able to accept differences in belief and respect the sanctity of the individual but we will never endorse prejudice, hate and discrimination.


From the Courage Campaign’s Robert Cruickshank comes this quote of the evidence admitted today into Judge Walker’s 9th District California Supreme Court:

“This morning’s evidence made the Prop 8 side’s strategy crystal clear — use fear and lies to promote hate. It is horrifying that Prop 8 proponents would compare marriage equality to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and imply that marriage equality will open the door to pedophilia, incest and bestiality.”

“Ron Prentice, Andrew Pugno and their Prop 8 team — with the highly capable and apparently deeply cynical leadership of Frank Schubert — created a permanent campaign to scare voters into believing that same-sex marriage would threaten children, undermine America and lead to every form of illicit behavior imaginable.”

“This evidence is not just a smoking gun. It was an arsenal of incendiary devices directed at the LGBT community and voters. This is how the Prop 8 side won — through fear and lies.”

“Finally, this morning we saw indisputable, documented evidence in the form of emails and videos that Ron Prentice and Protect Marriage coördinated closely and relied upon the Catholic Church, the LDS Church, the Family Research Council, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage to get Prop. 8 on the ballot and to win through a campaign of lies.”

“Last week, the Supreme Court erased decades of precedent by ruling that corporations have the same rights as people when it comes to speech. Let’s hope that the court will as readily see that LGBT people have at least the same rights as corporations and surely the same rights as other people.”

What are the result of these demonstrations of hate from the Cults of Jesus in California and Maine?

Thanks to Jeff Sarlett, American’s distrust of religion is reinforced through the publicity that organizations like the “Fellowship” or the “-Street Family” in Washington, DC that avoids transparency like the plague has suffered in exposing their manipulations in United States Government.  This distrust continues through Saddleback Church’s Rick Warren’s involvement and that of Five United States Congressmen (members of the Family) in the “Kill the Gays” legislation in Uganda are exposed.  Mr. Warren’s “Purpose Driven” nation of Uganda is tied closely with the Bahati author of this bill and the Ssempa who sponsored the seminars of hate from Americans Scott Livley and Cohen who are “experts in homosexuality” and on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Organizations list.

The American Public is mounting efforts to Tax the Church.

These Cults of Jesus, once seen as religious organizations, are now recognized as Political Action Committees to open Terrorists with the murder of Dr Tiller.  These, once sheltered, organizations are now ripe for taxation with demonstrations of liquidity like Rick Warren’s plea for $900,000.00 being answered in hours.  The Catholic Cults of Jesus demand for $30 donations to fund the anti-Gay marriage actions in Maine and the LDS/Mormon demand in California are other graphic demonstrations of just how liquid these organizations are and how political they have become.  In their Campaign of Hate for Prop 8 in California these organizations raised a reported $43 million to spend on institutionalizing their hate.  Given their penchants to bear false witness and outright lie the actual dollar amounts are probably much in excess of this reported amount.  The LDS/Mormons have already reported as much to California authorities.

Theocracy is not tolerated within the United States and American Citizens see clearly the results of this in the Taliban in Afghanistan, the repression of the Iranian peoples and, if one is to believe the lying Faith-Based George W Bush, within the conditions that existed before the American illegal invasion of Iraq.

What the Cults of Jesus have accomplished in their subversion of the Republican Party is best demonstrated by Congressman Jim DeMint’s opposition of a highly qualified candidate for Transit Security based on fear of unionization and collective bargaining; the lies of “death panels” that is understood now; the rants of Faux Nuz anchors claiming Tiger Woods should have a “come to Jesus” moment to repair his obviously broken life.  The arrogance, the ignorance and the underlying hate is clear.  Dominionists one and all with George W Bush admitting to the French Prime Minister that the demons Gogg and Magogg were at work in the Middle East as their crowning jewel.

Perhaps one of the most damning pieces of evidence against the Cults of Jesus is the TV Commercial prepared by NOM and endorsed by Satan’s Sister of hate, Maggie Gallagher aka “the gathering storm.”  No better example of the Cults of Jesus hate and fear mongering may ever be presented as this malicious piece of anti-gay propaganda aired at great cost to the Cults of Jesus supported by the Catholics, Evangelicals and LDS/Mormons.  There are many others that these lying hate mongers presented but this one is Satan’s Sister Maggie’s proudest moment.


The Cults of Jesus are hard at work in South Carolina too.

In a story brought to us by Lt. Gov Andre (Is he or isn’t he?) Bauer, reported in “The State his quote follows:

“My grandmother was not a highly educated woman, but she told me as a small child to quit feeding stray animals,” Bauer told a Greenville-area crowd. “You know why?”

“Because they breed.”

Bauer continues:

“You’re facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don’t think too much further than that. And so what you’ve got to do is you’ve got to curtail that type of behavior. They don’t know any better.”

What wonderful Christian sentiments from the Republican from South Carolina.  It’s almost as pretty as Joe “you lie” Wilson’s scream-fest in the joint session of Congress with President Obama.  Or what about walks on the Appalachian Trail with a mistresses in Argentina? The despicable screamers, obstructionists’ fear of unions causing highly qualified appointees to flee and determination to bring President Obama to his “Waterloo” as the proud C-Street Family member Jim DeMint crows. These, along with the always attractive basic Bigotry of the Cults of Jesus, are Lt Gov  Andre (Is he or isn’t he?) Bauer’s  gifts from South Carolina for all our entertainment.  Let’s not forget BJ University either.



The Brad Blog and Velvet Revolution reported on the Biblical Verses inscribed on the sights of United States Military Issue weapons in use in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The manufacturer, Trijicon enjoys a nearly $1 billion in Pentagon contracts and has agreed to provide modification kits to the Pentagon to enable the removal of the references that are already on the weapons in the field.

A member of the military, serving in Afghanistan, writes:

I am a U.S. Army infantry soldier with the rank of [rank withheld]. I am married with children. I am stationed at Fort [installation name withheld]. I have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times. I have been awarded medals for direct combat engagement as well as for injuries and wounds received in hand-to-hand combat.

I am a Muslim American. My family converted when I was very young. I am caucasian and have a last name that does not sound ethnic. Therefore, few of my fellow soldiers know that I am a Muslim. My wife comes from a Christian tradition but rarely practices or attends church. I have witnessed terrible religious persecution in the my [number withheld] years in the Army. Most of it comes from “angry” conservative Christians in my unit chains of command and occasionally from my fellow infantry soldiers.

I am very familiar with the Trijicon ACOG gunsights and have often had them as part of my personal weapons; both my M-4 and my M-16. In my first 2 deployments I saw and experienced no incidents regarding the New Testament bible quotes that are written on the metal casing of the gun sights. Many soldiers know of them and are very confused as to why they are there and what it is supposed to mean. Everyone is worried that if they were captured in combat that the enemy would use the bible quotes against them in captivity or some other form of propaganda.

As an American soldier I am ashamed that those bible quotes are on our primary weapons. As a Muslim American I am horrified. As one who swore his oath to the Constitution, I am driven to fight this Christian insanity but I know if I try to do so in a visible way that I will suffer at the hands of my military superiors. I am of low enlisted rank and can be crushed easily. I am prepared to suffer, but I am not prepared for my wife and children to suffer. So I have reached out to MRFF because there is nowhere else safe to go to try to fight this thing of disgrace.

There are many other soldiers who feel as I do. Many are Protestant and Catholic and they fear reprisal just as much as I do for trying to stand up to the Christian bullies in uniform who outrank us. But if you try to fight back, you are not “asking” for trouble, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE from the start. And if you are a Muslim American, the hatred is always just below the surface and ready to explode at a moment’s notice. After the Fort Hood shootings, it was so bad, even for a low profile Muslim like me, that I had to ask MRFF for help.”

Read the complete piece at Bradblog for additional enlightenment.

In the comments #21 on this piece appears this response:

As the Director of Veterans Affairs for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (I am a volunteer – I receive NO pay) I have received and read countless e-mails from Fundamentalist Dominionist Christian bigots who spew vitriol and hatred out of one side of their mouths and accuse the MRFF and its activists of discriminating against Christians out of the other. Of course they are just projecting. Approximately 97% of the MRFF’s clients are Christians – Christians who are suffering discrimination at the hands of other Christians who consider them “not Christian enough.” As a result of this discrimination by Christians against Christians within the military and Dept. of Veterans Affairs I have represented far more Christians than all others combined. As an example, recently I represented two Catholic veterans of multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan who had been denied access to PTSD therapy groups at a V.A. facility because they weren’t considered to be “born again”. Those overseeing and conducting the therapy groups were only willing to include “born again” Christians in their groups. Tell me: is that acceptable to you?

In point of fact the Military Religious Freedom Foundation doesn’t discriminate against anyone; we represent individuals of all faiths (as well as those who espouse no faith) who have and are experiencing discrimination as a result of their own faith (or non-faith). If one were privy to the day to day efforts of the foundation one would realize that we wouldn’t miss a beat in rising to the defense of even a Fundamentalist Dominionist Christian if he/she were suffering discrimination based on his/her faith at the hands of a superior officer, NCO or V.A. health care provider. Our objective is to uphold the Constitution of the United States and put a stop to agents of the State using their positions of power to impose their religious beliefs on others. Unfortunately it is the Fundamentalist Dominionist Christian hoards who not only seek to overthrow the U.S. Constitution and impose a theocracy based on their narrow religious beliefs, but are unwilling to wait for that to happen. They are hard at work right now promoting their own within the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs and are the overwhelming scourge that discriminates against those who don’t share their beliefs. Not a day goes by when The Foundation doesn’t hear from an assortment of servicemen/women and veterans who are suffering as a result of religious discrimination at the hands of Fundamentalist Dominionist Christians in positions of power.

One must realize that these Fundamentalist, Dominionist Christian radicals will not back down. They will not stop seeking to impose their beliefs on others. They will not apologize and they will not moderate themselves – they consider moderation to be the religious equivalent of treason. And, in fact, they are famous for flooding the media with complaints that “the Christian faith is under attack in America” every time an individual or group stands up to their efforts to impose their beliefs on others. It’s time for the American public to wake up and see that it is the rest of us who are being attacked by these crusaders. Every time you see or hear the right wing, Fundamentalist Dominionist Christians screaming bloody murder, claiming that Christianity is once again under attack in America, look more closely, you will see that they are the ones attacking the rest of us and somebody or some group has just had the courage to stand up to them. They want to frighten us into sitting down and shutting up. We need to be courageous and refuse to sit down and shut up…and then maybe others will draw courage from us and join us in our efforts to rebuild and fortify the wall of separation between Church and State in America. The future of our Republic depends on it. These bigots want a theocracy. I don’t know about you, but I won’t settle for anything less than democracy!

And here ya‘ll thought it was just me talking out my ass about the Cults of Jesus and this clear and present danger that these insane Dominionists present.  This is the Terrorist threat that George W Bush embodied and that President Barack H Obama has to develop enough courage to face now…

State of The Union

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State of the Union

With President Barack H Obama’s State of the Union address coming up on Wednesday of this week there are a number of very important aspects of America to look at and understand before listening to what this President has to say.

First and foremost is the most recent Activist Supreme Court Decision from the Roberts Court and the reality that 5 of these Justices should be arrested and brought to trial on treason for their run against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Just so Americans are clear on this topic, this ruling does not allow Corporate Entities to directly fund to the Politician; they still have to bribe through Lobbyists and Political Action Committees. This ruling allows the Corporate Entity to purchase advertising against or for a particular candidate or issue in the election right up to election day.

The reality of this is that if the Corporate entity spends just 1% of its Corporate Coffers they will have the ability to outspend all the Purchased Politicians from the President, Congress and Senate combined by a factor of 2 to 1 in the Corporate Communist’s favor in any election.

One year ago the Faith-Based Liar George W Bush with his Torturer Dick Cheney delivered to President Barack H Obama an economy that laid in ruins from 8 years of Liar’s loans and Wall Street greed coupled with insane Industrial, Military, Congressional complex spending for fraudulent wars.  Make no mistake about this; the Faith-Based ignorant saber-rattling and disastrous foreign policy of the liar George W Bush is directly responsible for 9/11/01 and his Daddy, George H W Bush trained and equipped these Terrorists while supporting a secret war against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan.  It’s history and it’s documented.

President Obama had no choice but to continue the obscene Bail-out of these “too big to fail” Banking and Wall Street entities, that the liar Bush left unregulated. President Obama’s loyalties are clearly defined by the Administration he brought being Citibank, Goldman-Sachs and Wall Street interests loaded instead of the highly qualified campaign advisors.  Bernanke and his cohort in crime, Timothy Geithner continued the failed policies of Greenspan, Paulson and Bernanke’s own feeding of the Oligarchy.

With the Middle Class in ruins, their economic security shattered by the FED created real estate bubble bursting, President Obama is boxed into a corner of feeding the Industrial, Military, Congressional complex to maintain employment at status quo while providing lip-service to “a new green economy” that cannot happen without funding.

America is at war on 3 fronts.  There is the 30+ year-long war on Drugs that is an absolutely failed prohibition.  President Obama’s conciliatory move toward ending this is to instruct the Federal Department of Drug Enforcement to not prosecute the medical marijuana dispensaries.  However the obscenity of this failed prohibition has created a murderous border war with Mexico and a half-million hunger refugees in Columbia from US Military spraying herbicides to attempt to eliminate coca growing.  Human rights travesties that the United States failed policy on Drugs is responsible for from a Faith-Based Republican ignorant Bush that were begun by a Faith-Based actor and Republican.  President Obama has yet to fully address this issue and it is an issue because of the push to legalize pot across the USA completely undermining the bloody Mexican Drug War.

Murder and Human Rights Violations that amount to Bush/Cheney War Crimes in GITMO are only the tip of this iceberg of CIA and the competing DOJ shadow group of Bush’s Mr. Rumsfeld’s design that extend throughout the Middle East and Black Ops networks across Europe.  President Obama’s statements that American Torture ends with his Presidency helped the Foreign Relations but the issue is not solved.

A war in Afghanistan that is absolutely unwinnable and now escalated because of the electioneering and political activism of a lying General McCrystal who worked to cover-up the friendly fire death of athlete Pat Tillman.

A war in Iraq founded in the Lies of George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld’s claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Faith-Based George W Bush’s clearly stated belief that the demons Gogg and Magogg were at work in the Middle East as an indicator of the End Times of his Evangelical Hate Monger’s handlers and owners.  This group’s war crimes extend through the unconstitutional use of a standing mercenary armed force of Military Contractors that feeds the Corporate Greed and demoralize the American Military Personnel by the outrageous wages these mercenaries are paid for working in the War Zone on “No-Bid” Military Contracts while the solders’ kids and wives struggle to buy groceries back home.

The results of the corruption of these military contractors is demonstrated by United States Military Personnel being electrocuted in the showers of newly constructed barracks.  This is even more obscene evidence of this deriliction of duty from the liar George W Bush, the Torturer Dick Cheney and the Bush administration in general as well as the Military that accepted the conditions.

President Barack H Obama, at least, made the United States Citizens aware of this expense by the lying Faith-Based Bush and Torturer Cheney’s administration almost immediately upon his entry to the White House.

American Families were and still are under attack by the Corporate Communists Greed and the American Dream of Home Ownership was becoming the American Nightmare of Underwater Mortgages, bankruptcies and foreclosures not seen since the Great Depression.  Clinton unlocked the Pandora’s Box of removing Glass-Steagall regulations of separating Commercial Banking and Investment Banking and it took the FEDs and Bush’s failure to oversee and reinsert regulation to bring the system to the brink of collapse in just 10 years.

American Labor’s wages have remained stagnant for 30+ years in spite of their productivity increasing three-fold while executive pay is now 4,000% higher than labor.   The Middle Class discovered that the United States of America is really a Third World Country by the design of the Faith-Based lying Bush Administration and the subverted-by-the-Cults-of-Jesus Republican Party’s failed economic policy.

The Cults of Jesus are dependent upon oppressed, impoverished and ignorant populations to gain dominion.  The Lying George W Bush and Torturing Dick Cheney certainly delivered these requirements into the hands of the Cults of Jesus just as the Republican Cults of Jesus intended.  No child left behind indeed…

Katrina in New Orleans and the absolute devastation of Gulf Coast made this reality perfectly clear to Americans as Bush flew over and ignored this reality just as he ignored the reality of his Administration and the Republican Party taking a $236 Billion surplus from the Clinton’s Presidency and turning it into a deficit to equal the deficits of all the Presidents proceeding him combined!

These are the conditions that President Barack H Obama confronted as he took the helm of this juggernaut ship of State that Faith-Based George W Bush and the Torturer Dick Cheney delivered on to the rocks as an inauguration day gift to President Obama.  The Republican Party has been real clear about wanting to “destroy” President Obama but what they’ve effectively done is work to destroy the United States of America.

This is the reality of President Barack H Obama who has created miracles in the restoration of America’s Foreign Policy, the stabilization of the economy, delivered the appearance of some fiscal responsiblity through the voice of Elizabeth Warren in the Congressional Oversight Committee of TARP although the American Citizens still see clearly that the special interests of Banking, Wall Street, Insurance and Corporate Communists own this political process because of spineless purchased politicians and their failures to act led by the Obstructionist Cults of Jesus Republicans.  Where is the accounting of the TARP funds?

What the Corporate Communists and President Barack H Obama’s masters have done to support him is absolutely nothing.  The Banks refuse to loan to small business to continue to drive unemployment rates over 10% that in reality are closer to 25% and there is no recovery on Main Street as these greedy, amoral oligarchs continue their global Ponzi scheme and drive toward their new world order.

The Cults of Jesus in America have mounted an offensive and bigoted Dominionist movement against this President and the Civil Rights of every American through their infiltration of the American Political Process and Globally as demonstrated by the “Kill the Gays” bill in Uganda driven by 5 United States Congressmen and the lying Cults of Jesus Evangelical, Catholic and LDS/Mormon Hate-Mongers “missions.”

This President has diligently worked to maintain his “Centrist” position and this appears to the independent and free-thinking Americans on Main Street as a complete sell-out and lack of leadership.  What the average American sees from this President is the ultimate politician who is as spineless and without conviction as his Democratic party in Congress and the Senate and their inability to represent the people who put them into office because they bow to their Corporate Communist Masters.  The media panders to fears and fails to report anything that may rub against the lying Right-Wing Cults of Jesus position, effectively turning all of the information available in media to the Australian/Arabian Faux Nuz bias of  lying Cults of Jesus bigotry.

This is the virulent and vile Cult of Jesus Right-Wing Republican Domestic Terrorism that President Barack H Obama has courageously faced and with measured and careful actions begun to disarm.  There are many voices out there to drown this atrocious vitriolic trolling for assassins and McCarthyism out of the public consciousness but that would affect Faux Nuz in their bottom line and heaven forbid that anything gets in the way of the God Almighty Buck in America according to the Cult of Jesus lunatics with Rupert Murdock the Aussie Crazy and his Arab partner at the helm.

Real Americans must understand and reject this kind of vile propaganda from continuing to dominate the public discussions if there is a Republic to be left standing.  The Cult of Jesus driven Right Wing-Republican machine on the loose now is the greatest threat to United States security domestically and globally.

For me, and many of my peers, this self-described “Fierce Advocate” of LGBT civil rights is recognized as being of little to no value.  When the real fight begins this President is hanging in the wings and waiting to see which way the wind blows to maintain his “centrist popularity” when he was elected for “real change you can count on.”

President Obama has delivered spineless drivel rhetoric and trillions of dollars into his Corporate Communist handlers.

We of the LGBT Community, their families and friends understand the incendiary nature of our Civil Rights to these Cult of Jesus, Tea Bagging Domestic Terrorists and provide President Obama the benefit of the doubt but this is a condition that will not continue for long.  We have driven and will drive accountability and although the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act was passed there are still EDNA, DOMA and DADT waiting to be acted upon.  The GayTM is closed as a result of this current impasse and the Cults of Jesus held at bay but at what cost?

A landmark trial in Perry v Schwarzenegger with Olson and Boies as the defenders of the Constitutional rights of LGBT Citizens rages in San Francisco but the “Fierce Advocate” of President Barack H Obama remains silent on this topic.  There can be no topic more important to the United States than the Constitutional Guarantees of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness with Equal Justice for all and this President, for fear of inflammatory position, remains silent.

President Barack H Obama has to decide if he intends continue to be the ultimate “Step-and Fetch-It” for his Banking, Wall Street and Corporate Communist Masters or if he is going to develop a spine and represent the American People who elected him for “Real Change You Can Count On.”

Mr. President, we are counting on you and we are sorely disappointed.


The restoration of 1 biological person, 1 vote through a verifiable election process and fully recorded through the certification process by a body of Citizens in each district.  We do not need, nor do we desire an “electoral college” to get between our vote and the elected candidate and we do not desire the Supreme Court to validate fraudulent elections as experienced with the Liar Bush and his Buba Jeb in Florida.

An end to the Wars, all the Wars, the Drug War, The War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq.    The Cost of Wars are obscene.

Bring our troops home to defend the United States Citizens from the Corporate Communists.

Destroy the FED.

American Citizens understand that the FED is a private banking cartel and we demand the FED be audited and abolished.  A real United States, Taxpayer Owned and Operated, Banking Institution established to collect and distribute our tax dollars, loan to our small business and support the system of mortgage home ownership and other credit within the United States in direct competition with “the too big to fail” and the Banking cartel world wide.  Americans demand protection for our freedom and this is the surest method available.  This is not optional.  This is War against the Oligarchy coming from Main Street.

We are demanding and we are getting our State Tax Dollars moved into small hometown Banks and Credit Unions who have an interest in our communities’ success and away from the “too big to fail” frauds that play games with our dollars to enrich themselves at the expense of the economy.

Real regulation of Wall Street and a clear separation of Commercial Consumer Banking from Ponzi Scheme Investment Banking and break up the “too big to fail” NOW.

A STRONG Consumer Protection Agency with regulatory ability as recommended by Elizabeth Warren to drive a roll back on Credit Abuse, Predatory Lending and obscene interest rates through the financial industry.

Provide American Citizens over 50 access to their Social Security Trust Fund accounts in the amount of 75% of contribution to inject economic stimulus into this economy now.  The new business, the new investments, the new opportunities this will provide will turn this nation around independent of the FED’s and the Banking Cartel’s manipulation.  Wall Street got their bail-out, now bail out the American Citizens.  Main Street needs the injection of cash and we can manage our own money.

A Universal Health Care System paid for and supported by the United States Citizens that is independent of and clearly separate from the greed and abuse of Corporate Communist Insurance Industry Monopoly.

Electronic Medical Records standard throughout the Health Care System.

A restoration of Civil Liberties by the destruction of the unconstitutional Patriot Act put in place by the Lying George W Bush and the Torturing Dick Cheney.  We additionally demand the impeachment of the 404 Senators and Congressmen who voted for the Patriot Act for abrogation of their sworn statement to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  It’s long past time that the American Purchased Politicians understand that there are consequences for their actions and those are up to and inclusive of Criminal Charges.

A restoration of the Civil Liberties of the United States Citizens in the abolition of the prohibition of drugs in the USA including the importation of low cost drugs from Canada and Europe.

The immediate restoration of Civil Rights in the United States by striking down Defense Of Marriage Act and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell immediately confronting the Bigotry and Hate from the Fear-Mongers of the Cults of Jesus.

Restoration of the wall of separation between Church and State by bringing criminal charges against the Fellowship, the Family members in Congress and the Senate who sponsored the export of Cults of Jesus Hate by total abrogation of the oath to support the Constitution of the United States of America.

Criminal Charges for the War Crimes committed by the lying Faith-Based George W Bush, the Torturer Dick Cheney and the subversive Donald Rumsfeld.

The immediate closure of GITMO as a terrorist prison returning the detainees to their place of origin and securing our borders.  These humans are of no threat to the security of the USA and continuing to torture and murder them is a reprehensible Human Rights Violation.

The immediate closure of American Military Bases around the globe.

The Cessation of Foreign Aid to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon until a peace accord is signed, sealed and delivered that includes a Palestinian homeland.

The immediate cessation of all military activities in Central and South America and the recall of ambassador Llorenz from Honduras because of his support of the Oligarchy and ineffectiveness in obtaining basic Human Rights for the Honduran People.

An immediate tariff on all imported goods from China and anything manufactured beyond the United States physical borders including a 35% tax on Corporate profits from any and all off-shore activities of United States Corporations.

An immediate tax on all Corporate Profits of 50% to fund the United States repayment of loans from the Chinese.

Universal Education for all United States Citizens through Doctoral Dissertation.

Amnesty for all illegal immigrants and the immediate securing of the United States borders as the primary task of the Military Personnel returned to the United States soil.

The immediate implementation of the improvements to the infrastructure of the United States including a domestic high-speed rail system, green public transportation and green energy production to insure every American household is energy independent within 10 years.

This is a legacy that a real President of the United States of America would pursue with a passion given the conditions that exist on a global basis today.

Develop a Spine Mr. President and deliver the “REAL CHANGE WE CAN COUNT ON” and do it now.

By taking clear and decisive actions, as outlined above, the Presidency of Barack H Obama will find a wellspring of support from the Independents, the Progressives and the true Conservatives of this Nation that will drown the Hate and Fear-Mongering of the Cults of Jesus Religious Right.

These actions, Mr President will move, will inspire Americans into the actions that are required to restore our Nation to prosperity, dignity and free us from the yoke of the Corporate Communists by allowing real Americans to control their lives once again with freedom, opportunity and dignity for all United States Citizens.  This will restore America to her position of global leadership well into the future but it takes courge, it takes clear and decisive actions and it takes the backing of the United States Citizens.

Mr President, you have our support.  We elected you.

The Importance of Perry v Schwarzenegger

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 24, 2010

The Importance of Perry v Schwarzenegger

Our illustrious Cults of Jesus have exported their positions, with the assistance of United States Representatives and “experts” (Paul Cameron fake science, Scott Lively Hate Ministry et al) who are clearly discredited in the United States.  These creatures have spewed their lies and hate through their “missions” to Africa with the blessing of the C-Street Family.  Mr Lively’s ministry of Hate is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of Hate Organizations and this “offends” the “expert” Scott Lively who is really just an expert at lying and bearing false witness.

Reading at Truth Wins Out Blog, one rapidly gains an understanding of the animus and fear-mongering leveled against the LGBT Community in California during the Prop H8 campaign.  Understand clearly that this is not an isolated incident but this is the clearly proclaimed mission of hate from the Cults of Jesus and especially from the Catholic, Evangelical and LDS/Mormon cults of Jesus is a warning and threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen.  We, of the LGBT Community know that these creatures lie and then everyone swears to it and that’s been demonstrated throughout this trial and the gyrations of the proponents of Prop H8 since it began.

What, clearly, is at stake here within the United States is basic Constitutional Rights of a suspect class of people and a Separation of Church and State with the Theocrats, the Cults of Jesus infiltration and take over of the Republican Party.  The lesson that we’ve learned from the Perry v Schwarzenegger trial is the level of organization and the ability to mobilize a phenomenal volunteer base with the Bishop to the Clergy to the Congregation structure put into full play in the case of Prop H8.  We also know the lengths that they go in bearing false witness.

What is important to the rest of us is that we are not free until all of us are free and these Cults of Jesus involvement within the political system demonstrates a level of power that we all must be absolutely aware of and continually wary of.  The Dominionist positions, the openly working for the end times and the rapture that drives these insane zealots is most recently demonstrated by the disastrous 8 years of George W Bush and the torturer Dick Cheney’s Faith-Based administration.  The demonstration of this “Faith-Based” administration is in the sands of Iraq, the confession to France’s Prime Minister that “Gogg and Magogg” were in the Middle East by George W Bush in his enthusiasm for the end of times and the Cult of Jesus ease with which Bush lied about WMDs.  Do you sense a pattern here?

The real importance of Perry v Schwarzenegger is drawing that proverbial line in the sand that will make it clear to the Cults of Jesus that their Hate, Bigotry, Fear-Mongering and Slanders will no longer be acceptable within a free American Society.  The Agenda of Hate from the Cults of Jesus will end.  It is a matter of the survival of the United States as a free nation with liberty and justice for all that is at stake here and we, the LGBT Community have the obligation to lead the defense of this nation even though we are unable to serve it’s military openly with our “Fierce Advocate” in the Presidency.

We face a grave danger in the Roberts Supreme Court because this Bush legacy is the very embodiment of “the activist court.”  Roberts is the Cults of Jesus appointment on this court just as they have taken over the Republican Party and that’s as grave a danger as having the Pope himself as the embodiment of evil on the bench.  The Republican “Big Lie” is exposed when you understand this court is the very embodiment of the Republican Party and it’s record.  This is not simply my opinion, this is fact from the record as pointed out by Jeffery Toobin in the New Yorker:

“Roberts’s record is not that of a humble moderate but, rather, that of a doctrinaire conservative. The kind of humility that Roberts favors reflects a view that the Court should almost always defer to the existing power relationships in society. In every major case since he became the nation’s seventeenth Chief Justice, Roberts has sided with the prosecution over the defendant, the state over the condemned, the executive branch over the legislative, and the corporate defendant over the individual plaintiff. Even more than Scalia, who has embodied judicial conservatism during a generation of service on the Supreme Court, Roberts has served the interests, and reflected the values, of the contemporary Republican Party.”

The Huffington Post reporter Mitchell Bard points this up in his very illuminating piece that is well worth the read.

The point of this is that for all of Ted Olson’s successful performance before this court we are facing an uphill battle that will take a miracle of swinging Kennedy into a position of upright human for us to prevail if and when this case comes before this activist court.  We have a heavyweight conservative on our side but this court is blindly conservative to the point of clear activism on rolling back afirmative action, individual rights and demonstrates an ignorance of the Constitution and the Federalist Letters like the GOP’s Mr Steel himself sets on the bench.  It’s a repulsive and repugnant conservative activism that is dangerous and clearly defines a Bush legacy of disaster for well after the bad boy with the silver spoon is out of office.  Roberts is there for life.  It’s a death sentence for liberty and justice for all.