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Happy New Year

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

It’s a new decade and one that is sorely in need of a new found optimism.

From a Trucker there is a note of sanity.

From Global World this article on the Kill the Gays bill in Uganda brings the reality of the very real threat to democratic rule from the Right-Wing Cults of Jesus Crazies as they meddle in international affairs working for their Dominionist theocracy to become reality.  This has Rick Warren’s words crammed back down his throat and the Quack Cohen is in the same boat.

Mr Warren is up to his ears in this and the demonstration above is clear. The gluttonous lying bastard has made a plea for $900,000.00 for his Saddleback Church before the end of the year.  Yeah, how’s that working out for ya Rick?  Have you taken to channeling Oral Roberts?  Maybe your flock sees you as the lair you are now Rick.  Have you thought about that?  Could that be why your collection plate was a little thin across your money-grubbing little empire?

This gluttonous, greedy, power-hungry bastard deserves to go broke because of his push into the politics of Dominion for his Cults of Jesus.  This gluttonous bastard, Rick Warren,  ex-gay Quack Cohen and the C-Street Cults of Jesus are exposed and their position is intolerable from both sides of the Atlantic in exactly the sense that any Cult of Jesus Dominion Theocracy is repulsive, repugnant and reprehensible  by the very hypocritical stance and reality of the God-Given attribute of human sexuality is defined as “wrong” or a “sin” by self-hating fearful closeted homosexuals or those that claim to have been saved from homosexuality as demonstration of their personal psychotic need for acceptance.  Rick Warren is exposed as the gluttonous lying bastard that he truly is and that is representative of the entirety of the Cults of Jesus who wish only that we all would subscribe to the lies and fraud they impose while denying anyone else freedom of will.  Of course you’ll have to Tithe and buy the CDs and “Training” books, badges and paraphernalia approved by the Pope.  Cohen and cohorts are graphic examples of this psychotic lie of “change” from Homosexual to Heterosexual and they all have blood on their hands just like any Jihadist.

The first issue that springs immediately to the forefront is the Cult of Jesus inspired notion that Gays and Lesbians are preying upon children in much the same way that the Catholic Church has done for decades.  In reality Heterosexual sexual abuse, molestation of children is 95% of all reported cases in the United States including those in the Catholic Church.

The reality of the hate that is spewed within this diatribe is from Ugandan Preachers is the foundation of the Cults of Jesus Hate-Mongering, Fear-Mongering and smacks clearly of the ignorance and fear spewed from creatures like Warren and Cohen with their lies and human rights abuse as endorsed by the C-Street whore house in Washington, DC.  How are those affairs going gents?  Cheat much on your wives lately?  Had sex in any airport bathrooms lately?  Have you texted or sexted any pages recently gents?

A quick cure is for the United States and the European Union to remove all Foreign Aid to these countries now.  This violation of human rights is now and has historically been driven by the Cults of Jesus.  Without bringing these hate-mongers to justice the hate will continue.  The Pope lies and spreads this lie throughout Africa that “condoms cause AIDS” and is proud of this stance.  The exclusively African idea that by raping a virgin you will be cured of AIDS is founded in the ignorance of the Cults of Jesus spreading their hate and the notion of divine intervention “passing on” the disease.

And for the members of the C-Street whore house who operate an illegal PAC I am praying for the day the Justice Department shuts your unhappy asses down big time.  Your acts are seditious to treasonous and the theory of dominion is diametrically opposed to democracy that you are sworn to uphold.  Criminal charges pending, I’m sure.

This Ugandan Pastor’s ignorant rant is clearly “Purpose Driven” and it’s about time that the world recognizes the Hate-mongering and Fear-mongering spewed by these Cults of Jesus lying frauds.  Presenting this video is intended to clearly demonstrate the levels of ignorance and hate and manipulation by mission of the peoples of Africa and it is tantamount to mental slavery.  The Cults of Jesus know all about indoctrination and that’s the foundation of their faith because you have to lie to a child early to make it stick, don’t you?  Home schooling is the only way to indoctrinate the next generation into hate.

Here is the gluttonous, greedy, lying  bastard on video demonstrating his Cult of Jesus fraud. This gluttonous, greedy, lying bastard is exposed and the above video clearly implicates him in this position of fraud.  The man is a liar and a fraud just as is demonstrated in the video.  This is endemic within the Cults of Jesus from the Pope to the missionary in the field.  One lies and the rest swear to it.  Just look to the Mormons for proof.

Here’s the Linda Harris piece that really burned my ass and helped motivate me to address the issues directly.  This bigot is beyond belief and is intent upon theocracy.

Now don’t you feel safer knowing this Nazi is out there?  “No one is born Gay.” is the assertion from this Linda Harris bigot and I will challenge this anytime, anyplace and without hesitation.  Sexuality is a God-given attribute and unless or until Ms Harris is able to demonstrate she has a direct line to God and he/she delivers the message to all beyond man’s manipulation this position stands on its own merit.  This kind of hate speech is reprehensible and beyond the scope of normal discourse but I will happily debate this vile, hate-mongering, fear-monger, born again bigot.  Telling the truth is exactly what Kevin Jennings has accomplished.

I have responded to this vile Cult of Jesus Nazi bitch in a prior posting and published her response.  Thankfully, like the Catholic archdioces of Washington there is no additional discussion.  They know they are Bigots, Liars and Frauds whose sole desire is to inflict the lie upon anyone and everyone around them in the guise of Fellowship that drives this Cult.


The Blackwater murderers, like Bush and Cheney are relieved of any criminal prosecution by our illustrious judicial system.  Once again in the United States the Judicial System doesn’t work.  Where are the trials for Bush & Cheney? Where are the Wall Street and Banking Criminal Charges?  Oh, that’s right, we paid those multi-million dollar bonuses for nearly destroying the global economy and then gave away the US Treasury to the clowns who did it so they can shut down small business by not loaning the money they got from us.  Corporate Communists and no justice exists in the United State until these criminals are prosecuted.  I see it and the world sees this.

The march goes on to eliminate the evidence of United States atrocities in Bagram prison too.  More and more Obama is resembling George Bush. Based on the miscarriage of justice in the Bush, Cheney and Blackwater murder issues this is no surprise to those of us who watch and care about equal justice under the eyes of the law.

Adriana Huffington hits the nail on the head with the American public’s take on the Presidency of Barack Obama.  Americans have learned just how disposable they are with a President cow-towing to the Oligarchy and completely back pedalling from the positions that got him elected.  The problems are deep, as deep as the pockets that are buying our political system and Barack Obama has been purchased as much as Congress and the Senate are purchased.

We, Americans, are just sick of it and over the lies, fraud, the open contempt that is delivered to we who are the productive base driving the economy.  Wall Street has stolen it’s “best year ever” off the backs of the working poor and that’s the exact system the Oligarchy desired.

From the closeted idiot Jim Hoft at Big Government the lies, fraud and ranting over the private masturbation material of this hack continues and I’m just over it too.   I’m sure he is up all night just looking for salicious passages to post.  Look at that; isn’t it disgusting?  Just look at that.

I posted this to the comments:

For every finger-pointing out there are three pointing back. Get real people. Sexual Orientation is a God-given attribute of the human condition and your “moral outrage” would perhaps be best directed at the Murderers Bush and Cheney, the outrage of war in Iraq, Afghanistan or on the innocent people of Central and South America as our prohibition and war on American Citizens drives the United States to pour tons of chemicals upon the forests and farmlands of Central and South America poisoning the environment, starving the people and creating a half-million refugees. Oh, but then your “Faith-Based” bullshit allowed Bush to steal the Presidency, rape the American people and open the US Treasury to the Oligarchy. Find a real issue instead of ranting on this creep’s made up issues based on his personal masturbation material.

I doubt it will make it past the censors as on every Right Wing Cult of Jesus site but it’s about time we all just swamped their comment columns with the truth.

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