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Whine and Howl

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 3, 2010

Whine and Howl

From Firedoglake comes the headline:  “Terrorism Still Less Deadly Than Lack of Health Insurance.”  Follow the link and it’s well worth the read.

America, Wake Up!

The current brouhaha over the underwear bomber with the ignorant and just plain evil Dick Cheney in the Republican lead clearly demonstrates how deeply flawed our current purchased political system is.  The Republicans hold up the confirmation of  Erroll Southers, the proposed head of TSA, based on Jim DeMint’s (R-SC) fear of Unions, vote down the bomb screening devices and additional funding for Homeland Security and then use the obvious failure of the Bush administration system to beg for money on a fear-based campaign contribution letter.

What’s to fear?  The Republican party’s obstructionism, born-again lies, corruption and pure greed are what’s to fear and the Democrats aren’t far behind them.  The system is broken.  The New World Order is upon us.

Clay Barham responded to yesterday’s piece about Ayn Rand’s philosophy and the Conservative movement in the United States today.

As a liberal and Libertarian I take exception with Mr. Barham’s positions on a number of levels beginning with his assertions:

Conservatives and libertarians say the interests of individuals are more important than are those of the community. They believe when individuals prosper, their families and communities prosper. Government is best staying out of their way. Modern Democrats believe community interests are most important. They claim they can better define and govern community interests. They expand the role of government to serve those interests and as a few elite, will rule the many. Let us see who is right?”

What then follows is a diatribe presenting only 2 sides of a many-sided coin.  The two sides are “Rule by elite” or “Democratic rule” tied to his Christianist traditional view of America being founded upon Biblical law completely in tune with the hijacked Republican party of today that is the Fundamentalist Cult of Jesus party.  Republican purity is totally dependent upon being “born-again” and this is the most obscene position of politics within the United States today on a number of levels.

The assertion that the United States of America is founded upon “Christian” principles is patently untrue.  America was founded upon the desire for freedom to practice religion as the individual sees fit.  This is not just Christianism but freedom from religion, freedom to practice Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism or worshipping the flying spaghetti monster if that’s what does it for you.  The driving impetus was and is to keep religion out of government with a clear separation of Church and State and the modern Republican movement is diametrically opposed to that.  The modern Republican party as hijacked by the Cults of Jesus is determined to follow a Dominionist philosophy in the creation of a nation of fundamental “christians” and I use the term loosely.

The fundamental hijacking of America occurred with the rise of the Oligarchy, the installation of the FED in 1913 and has proceeded through the New Deal, a New Society and Voodoo Economics of Reagan nearly obliterating the American Dream as a direct result of oligarchical rule and the Corporate Communism that has purchased our political system with George W Bush and Dick Cheney as their poster children to the horror of the world.

In 1913 the FED’s installation produced by the Oligarchy that has driven the economic cycles within the United States and is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated against the United States Citizens in history.  America is not free with the FED’s manipulation of the economic conditions and the evidence is all around us but it is not in the Politician’s best interest to make waves or rock the proverbial boat because these are the hands who now feed the hired (via “election”) thief in Washington, DC.  The World Wars and wars since demonstrate that the FED and the oligarchy are not the American Citizen’s friend or benefactor but intent only on hijacking the political process through greed and corruption and they found a fertile field in the politics of the USA.

It is no accident that Wars occur when a prosperous population appears with enough man-power to threaten the ruling elite.  War, with righteous indignation driven by propaganda and lies from the elite, removes the real physical threat to the continued rule of the Oligarchy by murdering those who are best equipped to rise up and re-take this once great nation.

Over the course of the 20th century the elite have successfully taken the government from the hands of the people, built the Corporate Communism that has destroyed the Middle Class and perpetrated this fraud of “democratic” governance upon the American people.  One only needs look at the clear evidence in Washington, DC with the Lobbyists, Political Action Committees and examine the campaign contributions to determine the voting record of any one candidate.  Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all will not be restored within the United States until this reality of purchased politicians is removed from government.  The restoration of freely elected individuals who are not owned by special interests and keeping the special interests out of Washington, DC is the key to obtaining a free and viable society within the US.

The system has become so corrupt that congressional representatives openly boast that freshmen congressmen “get their start” on the financial committees where they can rake in huge cash contributions to purchase their votes and build their campaign war chests to out-spend any comer. The constituents mean nothing to these greedy, corrupt career politicians who make no bones about accepting the Lobbyist’s money, the PAC money and direct from the corporation contributions to fuel their hold on the perceived power of Senate and Congressional office.

Open Secrets is a wonderful place for the average American to begin to educate themselves to the reality of this corruption of the political system of the United States by the Oligarchy and Corporate Communists.

One only needs look at the real economic conditions in the United States to understand that the Oligarchy, Wall Street, Banking and Corporate Communists have succeeded in bringing the United States to 3rd world status as demonstration of power.  Seeing this political system in action in Central and South America, understanding what NAFTA was and is all about and watching America be gutted by these legitimized criminals is the most horrifying aspect of life within the United States today.  The New World Order is upon us.

Have Bush and Cheney been brought up on the criminal charges that are documented?  Both are murderers and Cheney’s torture of prisoners flies in the face of the Geneva Convention but not even the World Court has brought charges against these tools of the Oligarchy with their Faith-Based administration opening the US Treasury to their benefactors on Wall Street, in Banking and Manufacturing and, for all we know, paying off the world banking community in the deal.

Where are the fraud and corruption charges against the elite on Wall Street?  Goldman-Sachs is “doing God’s work” if one is to believe their CEO and this from the creatures who pushed the global economic system to the point of collapse out of pure greed.  Clinton opened the door, Bush pushed everyone through and the only winners in this fraud against the American and Global Citizens are the Oligarchy and the New World Order.

Within the United States today there are other options and falling for the mythology spewed by The Media Elite, The Manufacturing Elite, The Wall Street and Banking Elite is no longer the norm.  A strong and true resistance to the current conditions exists and is growing rapidly.  Americans are not going to sit idly by as the Government pisses away the future of this great nation in the sands of the Middle East.  The American Citizens are not accepting the lies and the thievery of the Banking System and “too big to fail.”  American citizens have, for too long, been subject to the whim of the oligarchy and the manipulations of the economy by the FED and are coming together finding new ways of doing what has to be done.  The Corporate Communists, the Oligarchy and their Purchased Political Puppets are on notice that change is coming faster than they could ever imagine.

Make no mistake that this is seen by the powers that be.  The escalation of War in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere is a saber-rattling of the Oligarchy through the current political puppets.  These people are threatening your sons and daughters with death because we Americans and humans globally are enlightened and are moving to make effective change.

The Iranian people are determined to have self-direction but the meddling of the Israeli and Americans continues to solidify the current fearful regime into a position of war on all fronts.   Understand just how effectively the illegitimate Presidency of Iran wields power, terror and tyranny over the population.  Know that Bush applied the same within the borders of the USA with the endorsement of the Congress and Senate and remains a free man instead of being an incarcerated criminal as is deserved.

The Israeli continuation of settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza strip and the human rights violations against the Palestinians serve to solidify the intent of the Islamic world to the destruction of this nation and the United States and European Union’s continuation of support with these positions from the Israeli government are endorsements rather than indictments.

The fraud of the Bush / Cheney administration’s invasion of Iraq and the continued occupation only serves to inflame anti-American sentiment globally.  With the Blackwater Military Contractors escaping justice the insult to the Islamic world is amplified.  Bush and Cheney getting off scott-free with murder also amplifies this reality of  the failure of the American Justice system.

The War on Drugs precipitation of murder and displacement of a half-million humans from Mexico to Columbia demonstrates the failure of this prohibition and the Oligarchy, the Banking system and Corporate Prison systems are the only winners in this failed policy.  Laundering drug money is a major source of liquidity within the world banking system and United States Banking is not free of this reality of a failed prohibition since 1970.

The real wars feed the greed of the Oligarchy and are intended to keep Americans distracted from the real criminal activities of Wall Street, Banking and Corporate Communists who rake in more cash, obtain more power with each and every death in the sand on either side.

Make no mistake America, the enemy is within.  Your government is hijacked by the Corporate Communists, the Oligarchy and “the money trust” of Wall Street and Banking greed.  The Corporate Communists have moved your jobs off-shore and are selling America to the Chinese one mortgage, one consumer product at a time and you are driving it.  The treason of George W Bush and Dick Cheney is not yet fully exposed and by the time Americans see past this spectacle of “politics as usual” in the United States it may well be too late to reverse the acts of the greedy few inflicted upon the many.

End the wars.  Put 10% of the Federal, State and Local government on furlough, Open a real United States National Bank and destroy the FED.  Fire all the Military Contractors now and bring our troops home.  Our standing Army has one job and one job alone and that’s to keep the American people safe.  End the police state, tear down the Homeland Security Gestapo and restore sanity to United States Government.

President Obama you were elected on “Change you can count on” and there is no change from the Bush politics and policy existing one year into your presidency.  Stop the madness and restore the United States.

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  1. Clay Barham said, on January 3, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    Whew! Lots of points which fail to intersect, but show a real hatred for Christian thinking. I cannot imagine the fifty or so Pilgrims where concerned about all the world religions and non-religions having a seat at their table, as that was not the reason they escaped the Old World. I am a libertarian of the Jefferson variety, which is why I wrote a book on the 19th Century libertarian Democrats in admiration of their policies, not their religion. Religion existed and still exists, and has a role to play in human behavior. The idea of the supremacy of community, which is what Obama promotes, is the same view of all the socialist, communist, monarchists, et al the world has experienced. Legitimate self-interests are the foundation of America, and that rose from the teaching of Jesus, which is fact and not religion.

  2. activecitizen54 said, on January 3, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    Clay, truly I appreciate your thoughtful commentary but I will open with “Christian thinking” being as much an oxymoron as “Military intelligence.”
    However, the opinion you form early in “a real hatred for Christian thinking” is patently untrue in that I do not invest enough power within the Cults of Jesus to bring myself to an emotional point of hate. I recognize addiction in all of it’s forms and addiction to the Cults of Jesus is only one of many.
    Unlike addicts to the Cults of Jesus I live from a foundation of love and have continually found that the fall-back position of the Cults of Jesus is the martyr and victim. This is ingrained in the mythology that begins with “original sin” and continues to the extremes of Calvinism and Catholicism.
    Our founding ancestors fled the Papal dominated culture of Europe, the oppression and ostracism of other Cults of Jesus to find religious freedom upon the shores of the North American continent, to establish self-determination and freedom to practice the belief systems of their choice. Our founding ancestors brought with them the real, based on the experience of Catholic involvement in European politics, experience with the very personal knowledge of theocratic rule and were determined to find a better way.
    This is the fundamental difference between reality based discussion and belief based. Have you met a talking snake with whom you may discuss enlightenment?
    Religion exists, of that there is no doubt. The religion of the founding ancestors led to the framing of civil laws as in English Common Law or Parish Law that are inextricably linked to the core values of the framers. Religion is all too frequently wrong as in the position of the rights of Dominion that provided permission then and now for the atrocities of the Cults of Jesus followers that may only be described as just plain evil. Would you chose to live under the Spanish Inquisition? Perhaps you would elect England where Protestants like William Tyndale were murdered for daring to print and distribute Bibles in English rather than Latin? Or would the reformation movement of Martin Luther be more to your liking? How many thousands of people were murdered for reading the Bible in English by Bloody Mary? This is the setting against which our founding ancestors were motivated to make the dangerous journey into the unknown of a new world.
    The collectivism you accuse President Barack Obama of subscribing to is the exact same collectivism of every evangelical, every sect and all religious leaders in the need for community from which to obtain funding for their particular flavor of hate. Why is this acceptable within the Cults of Jesus addiction but unacceptable with politics? As duly elected and able leadership President Barack Obama has a clear responsibility to citizens of the United States of America and this opinion you hold of his actions being collectivist are without foundation or substantiation.
    I would submit that the general population of the United States live under capitalism but the Oligarchy and Congress live with communism as their reality now. The bail-out is the clear demonstration of that and that was and is the Faith-Based Bush who replaced alcoholism and drug addiction with addiction to the Cult of Jesus which provided him the permission to bring the United States to third-world status. The Federal Government grew to be the largest employer in the United States under Reagan and only now the cries of socialism, communism and collectivism are being raised?
    How are you able to equate patriotic acts with socialism, communism or monarchy?
    As a Libertarian “of the Jefferson variety,” you of all people should be well aware of the responsibility of the individual to maintain his or her liberty up to and inclusive of civil disobedience if the need arises.
    Just because you say a thing doesn’t make that thing true. Sarah Palin demonstrates that clearly and writing a book is no claim to legitimacy on this topic as illustrated.
    As you assert, the legitimate self-interests arose from the teachings of Jesus as interpreted by man and in this instance Erasmus’ translations of the Bible are the foundation for the exodus to America. Is it your assertion that Erasmus is Jesus or are you defending the Mormon position of Jesus appearing in Palmira, NY?

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