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America’s Decline

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 5, 2010

America’s Decline

And you can keep chasing these things on  I’ve posted a few below if you are really enthusiastic to follow this train of thought to its conclusion.

Pat Buchanan, (of all the strange people for me to quote) writes “A Decade of Self-Delusion” for Human

“After a decade of self-delusion and self-indulgence, we must stop deceiving ourselves. As Hurricane Katrina demonstrated, the “can-do” nation that won World War II in Europe and the Pacific in less than four years, that put a man on the moon in the same decade JFK said we would, is history.

We have a government that cannot balance its books, defend its borders or win its wars. And what is it now doing? Drafting another entitlement program as we are informed that the Social Security and Medicare trust funds have unfunded liabilities in the trillions.

At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the question is not whether we will preside over the creation of a New World Order, but whether America’s decline is irreversible.”

As an American I am deeply angry, with justification, as Pat Buchanan accurately describes what Republican Conservatism in a Faith-Based Dumb as a Box of Rocks Bush and the Paranoid Cheney did to this once great nation with return to Reaganomics, voodoo economics and the general free-for-all on Capital Hill driven by the Corporate Communists’ purchase of the political process.  Buchanan and the Faith-Based Conservative Republicans clearly have “thrown in the towel” but real Americans know we just have to get these greedy, self-centered bastards out of our way and let us do the magic that Americans are notorious for doing.  Bastards have dragged us down for too damned long and 8 years of lying, 30 years of War, the manipulation of world governments and domestic economy may have worn us thin but they sure can’t wear out the reality of what Americans can do and will do.

We are sold-out.  Of that there is no doubt and Buchanan’s assertion that “we are history” is pure Faith-Based Conservative Republican BULLSHIT.

The lies, the murdering the destruction of American Civil Liberties effected on the Conservative Republican watch are now home to roost and Americans are suffering, really suffering as in the last Great Depression that was FED, Wall Street and Banking greed driven.  Clinton opened the door with the destruction of Glass-Steagall and the ignorant George W. Bush took a budget surplus and turned it into the largest deficit in history, mortgaged the United States to China in the process and sold out Americans with his lies and war mongering.

Bring these Bastards to justice.  Where are the trials for these criminals?

NAFTA took the poor-paying jobs that the greedy Corporate Communists hadn’t increased profit share on in 30 years and moved them to third world countries where labor costs are child labor and slave labor and we Americans are left in the Third-World America that is the Faith-Based Conservative Republican and Corporate Communist vision for America.

Pat Buchanan lays the responsibility for this American Decline upon the American people, in good Republican fashion, and I take exception at that loudly and clearly.  This is the Conservative Republican Lie, the Conservative Republican Fraud, the Conservative Republican Faith-Based ignorance and the Republican Corporate Communist Greed that has brought America to this place and we, the American People, the real Patriots and Active Citizens will have to clean-up the mess to build a new nation to restore America, an America of opportunity and Global Leadership by example again.

What Katrina did to New Orleans the fiscal programs from Bush / Cheney did to the strongest economy in the world that now lays in ruins after fraudulent Wars, the US Treasury being thrown open to the Wall Street, Banking and Insurance Company Greed and the too big to fail.

Dick Cheney’s recent criticism of President Barack H Obama is a clear demonstration of the Lies and Fraud perpetrated against the American people and we must now demand that this vile creature and George W. Bush be brought to justice as the murderers and treasonous subversives that they demonstrated.  Ignorance isn’t a crime but the actions of these Faith-Based Conservative Ignorant Republicans are crimes against the United States and each and every citizen.  The fiscal irresponsibility alone is high crimes and treason from the 12-step prince and his paranoid butt buddy.

The Corporate Communists, Wall Street and the Banking industry are in need of a real lesson in where their money and power are derived from as well.  We the people have empowered them to the place where they now feel as if they can rule and dictate to us and our votes with our hard-earned dollars will begin this battle in earnest.  The “Move Your Money” movement that I began calling for back in September has begun to gain some favor and has recently been pushed by The Huffington Post.

Now, more than ever before in history, buying American is the single hope we have to begin this process of restoration of America.  Understand the 100 mile rule and support your local businesses, your Mom & Pop shops that deliver products to you and keep your money within your community.  Shop for produce from your local farmers, dairymen and live healthier by reducing the red meat in your diet and bumping up the veggies.  Boycott the Oil Companies, the huge Box Stores that deliver Chinese goods and child manufactured products to your door.  The Corporate Business is your enemy and the recent examples of what Wall Street, Banking and Insurance Industry lobbyists have done to our government should set off all kinds of alarms in your minds and help you understand why you must take action.  These actions are not easy, I know that and I have sacrificed and do consciously sacrifice daily but thanks to this internet thingy the pain is getting less.

You must VOTE!  Register to VOTE now.  Get yourself informed and involved in the process and make your voice heard.  No one is going to do it for you and it is your civic duty, it is your protection of your freedoms and liberties that remain that are dependent upon you taking action NOW!  Get your family, friends and the man on the street involved and take action.

End the Wars.  All the Wars and bring our troops home NOW!  The money we save by returning to within our borders will balance the budget and provide a guaranteed college education for every American Citizen who desires continuing education.

Who made the USA the policeman for the globe?  From the things our government has done in our name it’s about time we got our noses out of Central & South America and learned to be honest global citizens.  America has no real interests in the Middle East beyond the Oil Barons and I’m, personally, over kissing Arab Ass for Oil.  We can be energy independent and we can do it now.  There’s a growth industry to bust the balls of the Corporate Communists in style and rapidly.  Every home in America has the ability to be energy independent and pushing power back on the grid to make the Corporate Communists pay us.

By ending the Drug War we can fund Universal Health Care and afford to pay teachers, build strong communities and family support systems.  We have the resources, we have the people, we have the talents, skills and what’s lacking is the desire and the American Spirit that is sorely missing but has never, ever disappeared from the American consciousness.

The Purchased Politicians in every elected office in this nation are on notice.  You are not keeping you cushy job buddy.  You are in our line of fire and we are getting rid of you as fast as the election processes allow.  You are crooked, have lied to us for the last time and we are going to take this nation back and you’ll learn that you serve us or you don’t have a job.  Are we perfectly clear on this point?

Medicare for all.  A Universal Health System is possible within the United States and this Republican rant about “ending entitlements” is absolute nonsense.  Cutting Medicare, Medicaid, The VA, Social Security or any of the current social support programs is not the way to balance the budget.  Healthy citizens and open access to health care is how a productive nation cares for its citizens.

It’s time to reduce the Federal Government by the amount of Unemployment, 10.2% right now and start teaching our Civil Servants what Service is all about.  State Government and the obscenely bloated Police States end now.  The war on Drugs supplied the Oligarchy the standing Army in the USA and this is not the intention of the Constitution.  I’m an armed American and I will defend my family, my home and my country from all comers.

To hell with Foreign Aid to the Oil Producing countries, to China, India, Brazil and a dozen others who are more than able to stand on their own two feet and are a drain on our generosity and good graces.

The Conservative Faith-Based Pat Robertson decries the fact that Social Security and Medicare are not fully funded.  The reality is that in 1983 a tax increase was voted into law to fund the Social Security Trust Fund to supply the safety net for Baby Boomers as we not only paid for those receiving Social Security but paid, in advance, for our own retirements.  Our Government, the Conservative Faith-Based Republicans have squandered all these funds and all that is left is a box full of empty IOUs!  We’ve been lied to and these Republican Faith-Based thieves helped themselves to our money with no regrets, no remorse and have lived high on the hog at all of our expense for too long.

Destroy the FED!  Replace the Corporate Communists and the New World Order Oligarchy of the FED with an American National Bank under control of the People not the Elite.  The profits from this National Banking system pay down the National Debt.  I’m sure we have enough talent in America to run a profitable Central Bank for all the Citizens with Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae rolled up under its fiscal prudence to insure the dream of home ownership, American entrepreneurial growth and stability of this economy without the Oligarchy, the FED and the Corporate Communists with collusion of Wall Street and Banking raping us.

Americans, stand up and demand that, if you are over 50, you get a bail-out now.  Demand that the Government provide to you access to your personal Social Security Trust Fund to the amount of 75% of the money that is allegedly held in trust for you to provide you the opportunity to bail yourself out like the Corporate Communists have just been bailed out by the US Treasury.  Main Street deserves a bail-out more than Wall Street or the Bankers who brought us to the brink of destruction ever deserved it.

Providing Americans access to their Social Security Trust Funds for business investments, new business start-ups, paying off their mortgages or making investments as they see fit is the heart of capitalism and it’s about time we the people have capitalism restored.  These funds will provide the American People the power to rid ourselves of the Corporate Communists and restore American prosperity.

Restore Glass-Steagall, Break up the “too big to fail” and remove Corporate purchase of politicians.  Say good-bye to the lobbyists, the Political Action Committees and crank-up the limits on private donation to both parties and candidates.  This must be accomplished to restore democratic rule within the United States.  If we must, in order to get Americans to vote we can offer local tax credits for doing your civic duty.

Americans have the ability to, once again, set the standards for a New World Order but that World Order will be one of freedom, liberty and justice for all.  The world of the elite, the privileged corporate communist and Oligarchy is over.


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