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Enough Is Enough!

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 6, 2010

Enough Is Enough!

The political brouhaha over the Underwear Bomber, Republican memory problems and all, only makes me wonder just what is being masked by this distraction.  I am a supporter of President Barack Obama and have a reasonable grasp of the issues from hours of reading, research and, in the case of Central and South America, personal experience.

As an American I am just over the bullshit from Washington, DC.  I’ve howled about Republican obstructionism, Democratic spinelessness and the reality of a Corporate Communist rule that exists today.  The reality of the hate-speech and vociferous poison that is soon to be spewed in the mid-term elections has me bracing myself already.

The issues that all of us have to pay attention to are:

Voting records of our Senate and Congressional Representatives and the sources of their funding. is an accurate resource for research.

Campaign reform is a topic we have to drive to take back our government from the Corporate Communists, the Lobbyists and the Political Action Committees that have derailed our government.

Universal Health Care.  This Health Insurance reform is best boiled down to one question: Why do you want to pay a middleman 25% or 30% profit for the privilege of having $1,000.00 deductible to satisfy and then pay the bill anyway when your claim is denied?

Single payor Health Care provided by the Government will provide effective competition to the Corporate Communists who have raped us too long.  Do you have something against saving money on health care?

Banking and Wall Street reform.  Our Banks have no business playing in the Stock Market, gambling on Hedge Funds or creative (caustic) packages of fraudulent mortgages but they are right back to doing it and not investing in small business, qualified home purchasers or honest banking practices.  Our Banks need real competition from an honest National Bank and not the Oligarchy.  It is time to Destroy the FED and install a real United States National Bank with the people, for the people and by the people.  Why are we handing our tax dollars over to private Bankers?  Why are private Bankers printing our money?  The FED is not a Government Agency.  Destroy the FED.

End the Wars.  We have a Congressional election coming in this mid-term election and we can end these wars with Congressional action even if President Obama wants to continue with the failed policies.  We can get Congress to deny funding for the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the War on Drugs and start getting control of spending that is out of control.

Repeal of the Patriot Act and define appropriate use of Military and Police to insure the safety of the traveling public and all US Citizens on US soil.

Pressing the criminal charges against George W Bush and Dick Cheney for the high crimes and treason they and 404 members of Congress committed against the United States Citizens.

As news is breaking tonight the bomber is now alleged to be Jordanian and a long known CIA operative plus there is Blackwater (Xe) involvement with 2 Xe personnel allegedly being killed in the attack.

The Rachel Maddow Show has Bob Hunter, a representative of  The C-Street Family going public.

This video is from November, 2009 but is applicable here too now.

I’ll search for the clip of the Bob Hunter interview and post it here ASAP.

Jeff Sharlett’s book, The Family is featured.

John Ensign, Mark Sanford, Chip Pickering’s affairs all centrally featured the C-Street Family.  Doug Coe’s Red Guard descriptions as Jesus said: “You have put me before any other.”

Get the C-Street Family out of Congress!

Get the C-Street Family out of Politics.

We have separation of Church and State and this is NOT separation of Church and State.

Bob Hunter in his appearance on Rachel Maddow is doing a dance to cover this fact of political involvement up.  This is nonsense about the Family “not being political.”  At the very least the Family should be registered as a Political Action Committee.  How, on God’s green Earth, do you get all these politicians into one house and claim it’s “not political?”

Bob Hunter is carrying on about Jeff Sharlett disavowing the Cover of his book and the “political” acts of the C-Street Family and claims the link to Uganda personally.

“Ten Thousand groups loosely linked globally.  Not linked with politics in any way” is the claim from Bob Hunter.  “I went to Uganda with Andrew Young.”

“The white and black South Africans met secretly” at the C-Street Family house is Mr. Bob Hunter’s claim.

Get these “Kill the Gays” and Cult of Jesus ultra-right wing people exposed.

“A pact of secrecy,” is how members describe the terms and conditions of membership in the C-Street Family.

The Family doesn’t “deal with politics” is the claim from this lying right-wing spin doctor who is forced out into the open by Rachel Maddow’s unrelenting reporting.  Bob Hunter is obviously uncomfortable and has agreed to stay past the break.

“We try not to involve ourselves in politics.”  Bob Hunter has access to Purchased Politicans and alleges that the president of Uganda got “kick-back” over the “Kill the Gays” bill from the C-Street Family at the National Prayer Breakfast and if that’s not political…

Rachel addresses the issues of condom uses and Bob Hunter comes back with the ABC policy that’s been “successful” in reduction of AIDS.

Of course the Pope has lied about “Condoms spreading AIDS” since 2002 so check out the spike in AIDS since at the World Health Organization.

The Assistant Secretary of State claims the “President of Uganda will veto this bill.” This according to Bob Hunter who is not political but speaks with the Assistant Secretary of State, John Carson, who was ambassador to Uganda.

Just because you say a thing don’t make it true Mr. Hunter.

“Not political?” My happy ass…

Bob Hunter Federal Insurance Examiner feels Rachel was “fair.”

These people are Jihadists, subversive and DANGEROUS in their divisive positions.  They have existed since the 1930s and I could easily become a McCarthy for these Cults of Jesus subversives.

Rachel I am very happy you are on our side.

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