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Still Reading, Still Feeding

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 8, 2010

Still Reading, Still Feeding

I started watching TV again last week.  Mistake.

I’m totally disgusted with what passes for “news” on TV and becoming more and more wary of print.  I’m still reading although I find it more and more difficult to find verifiable resources.  The Blogosphere is interesting but fact checking is making me crazy.

The feeding is being strange.  I’m doing without gluten, refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup with my mostly vegetarian tropical diet and the bread cravings have kicked into high gear.  Thankfully there isn’t any bread available.  It’s making a difference in the quality of life, that’s what’s important.

The doom and gloom for the Democrats being greeted by the Republicans today with 3 retirements from Democrats as “Dropping like flies” is just too much to take.  Political pundits aside this is not going to be a Republican sweep of the Senate and Congress in 2010.  What we will see is the oust the incumbent movement working at full swing but independents and 3rd party candidates will be the big winners because the American People understand clearly that what’s on Capital Hill now is just plain purchased politician.

My prognostication on the topic is done.

Tim Geithner  is exposed as the underhanded Bush operative he truly is and just a tool of the Money Trust, the Oligarchy, the Wall Street, Banking and Insurance Company Corporate Communists.  We’ll see how this one falls out but it’s my guess that Geithner will just get thrown under the bus and the dirt swept away with him.

Paulson will get away with his involvement too.  This is not a one-man screw up but a very carefully orchestrated manipulation of the economy and the FED, the Money Trust is exposed.

Of course our most recently past Liar in Chief is still free, still spending US Government Funds and on the citizen’s dole in spite of the fact he and his chief torturer Dick Cheney are criminals and deserve to be charged with murder, convicted and in this instance the death penalty as Texas is so fond of would be just fine.

I called for the move your money movement early on.  Now it’s time to regain momentum and demand the destruction of the FED and a real, honest National Reserve Bank be established with Judicial oversight in cooperation with Congress.  No I don’t want Congress manipulating our Banking System.  I want Congress regulating the greedy bastards, the Federal Government in direct competition with the greedy bastards and the American People will win.  When we get the Universal Health Care we’ll have the Corporate Communists boxed into the corner where they belong and we can get them out of politics.

Watch what’s coming!  This from Huffington Post:

Simon Johnson is an economist from MIT.  The following is an interview, the lead video, you can chase the rest on Youtube, Mr. Johnson helps to enlighten us how this came about and in the process defines the cure that has to be enacted ASAP to stop these thieves and Corporate Communists from wreaking absolute havock all over again this year.

My blood pressure just goes through the roof thinking about revolving doors, Wall Street and Banking Corporate Communists opportunistically manipulating our government and the underhanded and corrupt politicians who played the game.  These guys are treasonous creeps and so are the Wall Street and Banking Communist game players who are taking bonus money direct from the US Treasury.  Bonuses for what?  Bringing the world financial systems to the brink of collapse?

The C-Street Family is at the center of the Uganda Kill the Gays bill and dear Mr Inhof is demonstration of exactly why separation of church and state is law in the United States but this man does nothing to uphold this.  It seems our government officials are at the beck and call of the C-Street Family spreading hate on a global basis.  Hello Oklahomans; so do you really want this person representing you and our government?

I caught Jeff Sharett on Rachel Maddow tonight and, unsurprisingly, he refuted what the smarmy lying Cult of Jesus creep, Bob Hunter, alleged last night.  Mr Bob Hunter delivered a truly twisted series of statements about how Jeff Sharett had recanted what he had to say about the Family in his book.  Why is it that these Cult of Jesus creeps, like the Republicans, have such a hard time telling the truth?

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