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Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 9, 2010

Weekend Warrior

This is the Bush / Cheney mercenary movement:

Blackwater, now Xe, and other mercenary Military Contractors are one of the factors making our activities in Afghanistan and Iraq more dangerous than at any other time in history.  That George W Bush and Dick Cheney made use of Military Contractors only reinforces the pay-offs to the Corporate Communists who profit from wars and in whose best interest any and all wars are because they remove the threat on US soil and leave them free to rape and pillage government.


I’ve been reading God And Whose Army here on-line and although I’m not much for philosophical epistemology I do have to admit that I feel much better armed, better equipped to deal with discussions concerning politics, religion and moral position in life as a direct result.  I recommend plowing through it.

A great part of my motivation for making this journey through learning to structure thought into place and then apply this to politics is the mail that comes through from the Christians and Cults of Jesus alike.  The right-wing conservatives living in fear and determined to anchor all of us within the constructs that have continually failed will not succeed as this new world approaches.

The Republicans’ memory problems continue with Guliani carrying on about “There wasn’t a Terrorist Attack on President Bush’s watch” is just absolute nonsense.  Re-writing history may work in the petty, narrow and faith-based construct of Mr Guliani but for we reality-based humans this is absolute insanity.

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Carl Rove and the Bush Cabinet lied to the American Citizens and created a much more dangerous world as a result of their faith-based actions invading Iraq.  We must bring these criminals to trial and conviction to demonstrate to the world that America is restored to vitality, honesty, integrity and our leadership by example will inspire the global revolution.

From God And Whose Army:  “Former French President Jacque Chirac additionally maintains that President Bush privately remarked to him in 2003 that Gog and Magog, precursors to the end of days in the Biblical legend, had appeared in the Middle East.  Bush had apparently made the reference to appeal to Chirac’s Christianity in asking for his country’s coöperation in the impending Iraq invasion, which he saw as divinely mandated.  These comments are in line with previous remarks Bush has made to world leaders.”

There is additional documentation from God And Whose Army:

The Downing Street Memo, a leaked document in which British officials complain of Bush’s willingness to alter intelligence to fit the U.S. policy goal of regime change in Iraq, was made public in 2005. The responses by Bush and Blair were instructive: McClellan, then White House spokesman, claimed that he had not read the memo yet was certain it was inaccurate; Blair simply reiterated that the memo changed nothing about the case for invasion and that it was Hussein who forced the Coalition to act. Secretary of State Colin Powell’s reluctance to push the case for war is further proof that intelligence was deliberately skewed: Powell assembled his own team to review the information prepared by Paul Wolfowitz, excised dozens of pages from an early draft of the speech he later would present to the United Nations Security Council, and at one point labeled the case for war “bullshit.” (Powell, who had previously made efforts to whitewash the My Lai Massacre, is evidently no stranger to acting immorally in the course of his duty.) Source: Suzanne Goldberg and Richard Norton-Taylor, “Powell’s Doubts over CIA Intelligence on Iraq Prompted Him to Set Up Secret Review,” 2 June 2003, accessed on the website of The Guardian at world/2003/jun/02/usa.iraq, 20 October 2008.”

The footnotes also point out:

Moreover, there existed a plan to attack Iraq before September 11th even occurred. In Vanity Fair’sAn Oral History of the Bush White House: Politics and Power,” Richard Clarke recalls (page 3):

“That night, on 9/11, Rumsfeld came over and the others, and the president finally got back, and we had a meeting. And Rumsfeld said, You know, we’ve got to do Iraq, and everyone looked at him–at least I looked at him and Powell looked at him–like, What the hell are you talking about? And he said–I’ll never forget this–There just aren’t enough targets in Afghanistan. We need to bomb something else to prove that we’re, you know, big and strong and not going to be pushed around by these kind of attacks.”

This, clearly is the George W Bush Presidency in a nutshell and that this person remains free, without criminal charges or trial for his murders in Iraq and dereliction of duty in protecting the Constitution of the United States of America is further evidence of treason and the outside control of our government and news media plus the inability of our Congressional and Senate Representatives to use their spines or grow some balls and take action to protect the United States Citizens, the Constitution of the United States of America and the security of this once great nation.

The Geithner emails and the current claims that he instructed AIG to not disclose the 100% pay-off in spite of AIG negotiations for lesser amounts or the real depth of the crisis AIG was wallowing through demonstrates clearly this man has no respect for this nation or the United States Taxpayers who footed the bill.  Looting and pillaging plain and simple is just one of the descriptions I’ve heard.

Tie this to the “Walk Away From Your Mortgage” and the “Move Your Money” movements that are going on now and you may think that the Oligarchy will bend to our will.  I have news for all of you.  These Corporate Communists could care less.  They may take a bath on properties that are “underwater” in mortgage but the reality is they will maintain the asset and the real looser is the consumer, exactly as intended with any banking transaction.  That’s the system.  It is set up to reward failure and the Corporate Communists, Wall Street and the Banking Oligarchy have just demonstrated that with the pillage of the United States Treasury.

The solution is for the Corporate Communists to step up to the plate and do the right thing in renegotiation of principal,  What the hell did we pay all that money for “Toxic Assets” for?  What the Corporate Communists, the Bankers and Wall Street have done is business as usual in playing the investments games with the TARP money and just putting it to the United States Consumer.  The Banks, Wall Street and the Corporate Communists are the “moral hazard” because they have no morality beyond personal or corporate enrichment and to ensure that they have free rein they have purchased the political process of the United States of America and raided the US Treasury as a direct result.  The “Claw Back” of the TARP investments, the systematic dismantling of the “too big to fail” and the return of free enterprise to the United States is now required.

It’s time to demand a United States National Bank to destroy the FED and directly compete with the Money Trust and fight the Oligarchy.  The Beast from Jekyll Island has become exposed and we, Americans, are now at war.  Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and the FED have openly stolen from every United States Citizen and it’s time, long past time that we take the ability for them to counterfeit money away and to restore control of the economy to the people.  One simple step, coupled with break-up of the “too big to fail” and Americans will have the economy restored, unemployment issues resolving and a new day for America, free of Corporate Communist, Wall Street and Banking manipulation.

It is imperative that we establish Universal Health Care in this same sweeping reform to make sure that the Insurance Companies have competition and to provide Americans an alternative to paying the Oligarchy 30% profits for the privilege of denying your claim after you’ve paid the $1,000.00 deductible.

End the wars.  The wars feed the Corporate Communists and are doing nothing to insure the Security of The United States.  The wars are, in fact, creating more problems than they are solving and by continuing down this path of destruction we are doing exactly what the Terrorists want and what they did to the USSR in bankrupting a nation.

The Corporate Communists are in collusion with the Wall Street and Banking communities and our Purchased Politicians.  While we are murdering children, women, old men and innocent civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia,  Mexico, Honduras, Columbia and elsewhere around the world the American Citizens are kept in the dark by a clear agreement of what will and will not be covered when reporting on “the wars.”  America, we must end the Wars, all the Wars, and bring our troops home and do it now.

These dire times call for courage, vision and leadership by example.  President Obama, I implore you to get the Bankers and Insurance Companies and the Corporate Communists to Hate You and do it fast.  You have a State of the Nation Speech coming and it’s about time you demonstrated you have a spine.  Put Congress and the Senate on notice that the FED is gone.  Direct them to construct an independent United States National Bank of the people, by the people and for the people and break up the too big to fail.  End the Wars.  Just end them and bring our troops home.  End the war on Drugs and stop the insanity in Mexico, South and Central America and restore our liberty.

America is in a world of hurt and it’s long past time that Americans on Main Street enjoy the fruits of their labor in making this the greatest nation on the face of the earth by doing what’s right.  Honest and free Commerce, Banking and Health Care for all Citizens from the children to the elderly is the only civilized course for the United States of America.  Jobs, economic growth from American ingenuity, American integrity, American commerce to produce American green products and change the way this nation treats the Earth where we all must live is the only solution.

There is a world of change coming from within the United States and it’s being driven by every man, woman and child in this great nation.  We want to be healthy, prosperous and productive and to lead the New World Order into a fair and equitable life for all.  We must restore America and encourage the world to follow our model into the future if we are to survive as one human family.  We must become the good husbands of this all too fragile miracle in space where we all must live in peace and harmony and health.  Unleash the citizenry and watch the miracle of the United States of America in leadership by example.

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