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Sunday Surprises

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 10, 2010

Sunday surprises:

We have a global epidemics of AIDS,  Malaria and resurgence of Cholera throughout the third-world.

The use of bio-fuels has helped to fuel worldwide famine.

The next Pope will be the 112th.

Bush, in his belief that Gog and Magog are present in the Middle East set us upon a precipitous path of unfounded war and human devastation.  Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President has now escalated this with a surge in Afghanistan.

Are the Seven Signs of the Apocalypse upon us?

The Four Horsemen of Disease, Famine, War and The Anti-Christ are upon us now if one believes the Cults of Jesus doom-sayers who await their Rapture.

Global annihilation sent from Heaven?

Or is this the self-fulfilling prophesy of man’s words of God?

There is an alternative and this is personal integrity in living responsibly and directing your energies to dispelling the mythology that this Judeo-Christian Apocalypse will happen.

Anything man’s mind can conceive it can achieve and in this case a world of peace and plenty is a much more attractive construct than the Revelations driven Rapture.


The Congressional “investigation” into the Wall Street and Banking melt-down is mounting its interrogations of the criminals responsible with a “report” due out on December 15, 2010.  We’re over a year past the event and it’s only now being investigated. At this rate there may be hope in charging Bush & Cheney with treason by 2025. It’s disgusting, an insult to the American Citizens and the reality of a Purchased Political System is clearly demonstrated.

The revolt is brewing.  Elections are happening in 2010 and the Purchased Politicians are going to get a real wake up call.  Americans are no fools and this “operation” stinks.  We will not have the ability to make the complete changes required until 2012 but 2010 is going to send the clear message that the Corporate Communists, Insurance, Wall Street and Banking purchase of the political process are no longer the rule of the United States.

The Supreme Court is poised to open the floodgates of Corporate Communist spending within the political process and we Americans must be prepared to inform ourselves, educate our families, friends and peers to the real issues and tune out the propaganda that is coming.

The Insurance Industry reform is a clear demonstration of how our legislative process is purchased.  You may investigate this yourself at if you doubt it after watching the garbage spewed across the airwaves.  What American doesn’t want to save 30% on health care cost?  What American would deny children, young families or their neighbor health care?  It’s reprehensible what the Insurance Company Corporate Communists have done to the political process and how easily the American Sheeples have been led down the path to slaughter.

Financial Reform is no different and the “too big to fail” are now even bigger and turning the screws on all of us through fees, charges, raped pension funds, devaluation of the dollar and global instability as a direct result of the raid on the US Treasury.


From Box Turtle Bulletin comes the continuing saga of Bob Hunter and Jeff Sharet with the C-Street Family as the focus continues.  I’ve provided comments from the peanut gallery at this link.  Surprisingly succinct for me.

Concerning the “brokered peace” as claimed by Bob Hunter for The Family:

Peace at what price?
The demonization of the LGBT Communities in line with the Cults of Jesus Bigotry?
These Cult of Jesus Theocrats, are the biggest threat to the United States Security and to Global Peace because of the Hate and Bigotry they spew as a “normal” process of conversation with anyone.
We, in the United States, are very able to understand the bias presented from their foundations of bigotry and hate but the bottom line end result of their meddling in the affairs of African States is clear to the Global Community. This is American Cult of Jesus Nazism at it’s finest and is beyond comprehension how and why this subversive Cult of Jesus is accepted without being a declared PAC within Washington.
Inhof, Grassley and all the members of the C-Street Family deserve censure and expulsion from the Congress and Senate of the United States of America because of this subversive alliance and the reality of their acts in misrepresenting America to the leaders of Uganda.
Disgusting and reprehensible Cults of Jesus behavior and all appearing as endorsed by the political office of the people presenting this hate and bigotry. That’s unacceptable behavior from any American.

Watch the results of this carefully because what’s happening in Uganda is Rick Warren’s “Pourpose Driven Nation” and this is the Cults of Jesus Agenda for America.  Couple this with the Cults of Jesus hostile take-over of the Republican Party and those disastrous results and the picture of Apocalypse becomes much closer to reality.

Another article appears at Box Turtle Bulletin on this topic and I’ve responded in kind:

I’m a great fan of Jeff Sharlet and hold the upmost respect for his ability to maintain center in the face of the reality of organizations like the C-Street Family.
Mr Inhof’s baggage is too kind a description for the pure ignorance, bigotry and hate espoused by this Cult of Jesus Purchased Politician in his export of “American Cult of Jesus Values” to Uganda. This is a clear demonstration of the Cult of Jesus Agenda and that’s an inescapable fact.
This type of Theocratic export from America is disgusting, reprehensible and calls for Mr Inhof’s censure and expulsion from any political position within the US Government. Any and all members of the C-Street Family would do well to grasp quickly how despicable their actions are in the case of Uganda and should be seen as the subversive theocrats they are.
These people are one of the major threats to the freedom of Americans and the security of our nation.
What other Family Secrets are out there waiting exposure?
The sexual scandals associated with the C-Street House of the Family are only the tip of hypocrisy from this Family clearly exposing the failure of their theocracy.
American Politicians and any Government official “at the beck and call of The Family” are clearly operating in a manner that does not uphold the United States Constitution by pandering to theocracy.

There is no doubt that the Cults of Jesus Agenda is complete and total theocracy in Uganda and the results of that Agenda are impressive in driving the hate and bigotry of their representatives and “experts on homosexuality” imported to fan the flames.  More than Islamic Jihad this action from the Cults of Jesus defines exactly why these faith-based creatures are dangerous to all humans.
Human Sexuality is a God-given attribute.  Nature or nurture makes no difference because both are defined as divine gifts within the theology.  Are these Cults of Jesus trying to tell us that their God makes mistakes?
The Christian God that I know isn’t focused on $900,000.00 by this weekend to meet the expenses of keeping a multi-million dollar mansion while homeless humans freeze in the streets.
The Christian God that I know doesn’t deliver hate and bigotry to the point of legislation for the death penalty for a God-given attribute of human sexuality.
The Christian God that I know is one of love and acceptance but someplace between Saddleback Church and the C-Street Family House this Christianity has lost all of the teachings of Christ for the secular rewards of wealth and power.

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