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Tuesday Terror

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 12, 2010

Tuesday Terror

It’s a real pisser that the FED reports having “earned” $45 billion this past year.  The Oligarchy counterfeited $700 Billion of Fiat dollars to pay off their partners in crime while raping the US Citizens.

After a long day doing what I do to pay the bills with fiat dollars, I was admittedly distracted following the Perry v Schwartzenager with Olson & Boies doing their thing in court today.  I do admit to be disappointed that video is not distributed from the trial but have faith the Supreme Court (Justice Kennedy is currently responsible) will lift the ban after Wednesday.

The second distraction is the brouhaha built over Game Change and the racial charges flying back and forth, the Clinton and Kennedy conversations, Slick Willie’s libido and the like.

Dylan Ratigan took after Tim Geithner today and I’m sure that’s all part of the planned distraction from the Oligarchy.  Geithner is just a tool and the real issues lay within the Oligarchy of the FED.

This current administration is up to it’s ears in bed with Goldman-Sachs, Citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, The FED and has not made any substantial change from the same programs of Bush that led to the absolute destruction of the global economy.  Oh, Timmy Geithner did give Freddy Mac and Fannie May a blank check, for any of you who keep up with how the Banking system is driven.  That’s a small clue to the removal of the moral hazard that is now pushing a more unstable economy than the house of card built by the industrial, military, congressional complex under Bush that Ike Eisenhower warned all of us about.

The Banking reforms; breaking up the “too big to fail” isn’t going to happen because they are getting bigger as planned.  The wall between Commercial Banking and Investment Banking is removed and it’s more profitable for the Bankers to gamble on the crap shoot that they create with derivatives and junk bonds than it is to invest in America’s future.

The real story of the day is probably going on in Yemen with more kids and innocent civilians being murdered.  The real story is going on in Afghanistan for those reason and the corruption feeding the Military Contractors who are getting rich off the American Treasury just like Wall Street, Bankers, the Insurance Industry and AIG have pumped billions of dollars into the hands of the Oligarchy.

These are all fiat dollars anyway and what’s in store for us as the FED just prints whatever they feel like is Gas @ $10 and $20 a gallon if it is available.  Food costs inflating by hundreds of percent at first and thousands as the global food shortages set in.  Forget about Housing, kiss your 401K goodbye because soon, very soon these will all be valueless and the fiat dollars will be known as worthless.

This isn’t the time to Audit the FED.  Now is the time to Destroy the Fed and establish a Gold Reserve National Bank that will restore a real  American Economy.

We have a brief window to save ourselves here before the Oligarchy delivers us all into slavery.  Do you have courage enough to stand-up, become informed, take actions and prepare yourself and your family for what is looming on the horizon?

Find humans with integrity to represent you and vote.  Spend your fiat dollars with the local businesses who will be here to support you when the Corporate Communists are jacking you around.  Move your money to your small local banks and keep your cupboards stocked.  Learn to grow that vegetable garden, complete with how, when and what to harvest as seed and how to store it from season to season.  The United States is officially Third World now and the reality will deliver us all into conditions like New Orleans after Katrina in a single fell swoop.  There will be no warning.  The Corporate Communists, the Oligarchy will just collapse the world economy and you and I will be enslaved.

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