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In God We Trust

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 13, 2010

In God We Trust

This is history in the making.  The trial transcripts through prop8trialtracker are remarkable.

On to what is coming and the danger presented by the Cults of Jesus.  Say your prayers that this theocracy in the Cults of Jesus taking over the Republican Party will not come to fruition.  We all must get out and vote to insure that our voices are heard.

Joan Bokaer of Cornell University’s Theocracy Watch provides a reasoned voice on the reality of what the Republican (Cults of Jesus) George W Bush’s faith-based initiative and administration was all about.  Make no mistake, we will be generations cleaning up this mess from the Religious Right and the meat puppet who began the implimentation of this Cults of Jesus Theocracy. Dumb as a Box of Rocks, George W Bush and the Torturer Dick Cheney presented us with War on United States soil that has absolutely nothing to do with the terrorist attack on the Twin Trade Towers on 9/11.  Today we are fighting Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, On Drugs and domestically against the Corporate Communists and the Cults of Jesus Fascists.

I’ve patiently listened to the Religious Right carry-on and whine about The United States of America being founded on “Christian principles” like “in God we trust” and I can only agree.

America was founded upon the “in God we trust” mindset but that is clearly with a resounding mistrust of religion.

The Founding Fathers fled the religious persecution of Western Europe where the Catholic and Protestant schisms became divisive to the point of wars.  The Catholic church’s meddling in politics to the points of near total theocracy in Italy, France, Spain and England are all integral portions of history.  Is it any wonder that these refugees, who fled Europe for the shores of what was to become the United States of America, would have a devout trust in God but an absolute fear and abhorrence for religion?

Is there any doubt why, within America, the Citizens privately practice the religion of their choice and accept the separation of church and state as the very foundation of the culture and civilization we have produced?  Is there any doubt in any real American’s mind that it is exactly the diversity and ability to respect each other that has provided this nation a Global position of leadership by example?

What the Cults of Jesus fail to recognize is the founding principal of religious freedom that this country was built upon and the reality that our government, once free, clearly divorced from religion in the Treaty of Tripoli in 1797 where it is stated: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…” And is further reinforced in article 6 in the United States Constitution: “no religious test shall ever be required as Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States” prior to the inclusion of the Bill of Rights.

Within the Bill of Rights, the first amendment to the US Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” and this forms the foundation for the Supreme Court’s interpretations of the “separation of church and state” doctrine.  Jefferson was very clear in this “Wall of separation.”

The 19th Century Union Theological Seminary historian Philip Schaff observed: “The American separation of church and state rests upon respect for the church; the (European anticlerical) separation, on indifference and hatred of the church, and of religion itself…  The constitution did not create a nation, nor its religion and institutions.  It found them already existing, and was framed for the purpose of protecting them under a republican form of government, in a rule of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Within today’s Cults of Jesus Dominionist actions in taking over the Republican Party, making legislative runs on the Constitution, establishing a Tea Party and generally pushing a theocratic position toward the general population of the United States of America is a dangerous and new religious movement clearly defined.  This seditious to treasonous action deserves very close attention by our FBI, criminal charges and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

The Dominionists are predominantly the new evangelicals however capitalistic Calvinists are the epitome of this idea of Dominion in that their accumulation of wealth and power is the direct result of a pious (regardless of the innocent lives destroyed in the accumulation of that wealth and power) life and it is an entitlement.

The Bush family is a graphic example of this Capitalistic Calvinist with George W Bush being a poster child.

Sarah Palin is the Evangelical side of the Dominionist coin and it is equally endowed with a sense of entitlement that in both instances is unearned and very undeserved.

Neither Bush or Palin are able to tell the truth and both lie as fluently as they “believe” in their respective Cults of Jesus.  This is an endemic condition within the “faith-based” system they’ve found convenient for their personal purposes.

It is no mystery that the Oligarchy, the Corporate Communists, found a willing tool in George W Bush and his Faith-Based administration that repeatedly and continually leveled religious tests against employees of the government and, to add insult to injury, threw open the vault at the US Treasury to feed the greed of Wall Street, Banking and the Insurance Industry Corporate Communists.

Goldman-Sachs CEO in his famous “Doing God’s work” quote clearly demonstrates this point as this firm and many others wouldn’t have survived without the United States Taxpayer’s intervention and the contempt of the US Citizens and that inflated sense of entitlement is clear.  Paying out bonuses for corrupting and nearly destroying the global economy is yet another example.

The behavior of the Corporate Communists in their continued manipulation of the domestic economy by withholding business loans, mortgages and consumer loans adds to the indictment and presents a much more malevolent picture than has been painted by Corporate Communist controlled mass media.

President Barack H Obama deserves his Peace Prize for NOT being George W Bush but also deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor for dealing with the travesty of foreign policy, three wars, an economy in ruins dumped on him by the Corporate Communists (The FED) as Dumb as a Box of Rocks, Faith-Based Bush with the Butt-Buddy and Torturer Dick(less) Cheney, in an immature and vindictive Republican effort to destroy the President prior to his inauguration, were responsible for the mess they delivered intentionally to this incumbent President.  Never in history has any President ever faced the divisive and despicable conditions that Barack H Obama has confronted and, much to his credit, contained.  This, more than any other reality is the Cults of Jesus, Faith-Based Hate and contempt of the American people delivered into reality and we Americans have accepted this and still accept it.

No other President in history has ever confronted and prevailed so successfully as President Barack H Obama.  This man has achieved more in his first year than FDR, Lyndon Baynes Johnson, Reagan or any other President in history.  I am eternally grateful for the calm, steady and measured hand of President Barack H Obama in the affairs of the United States of America and will continue to demand criminal charges for his prior administration and their acts of treason, fraud, lies and deceit.

Dick Cheney and his demon-spawn daughter sniping at President Barack H Obama’s calm and measured response to the Boom of the Loom bomber is one more graphic example of the intent of these vile and despicable creatures who intentionally, vindictively and sadistically have brought America to third-world status.  The Religious Republican Cults of Jesus chorus on this topic sets a clear agenda of destruction in place.  Sarah Palin’s ignorant yammering only reinforces this clear agenda of destruction from the Cults of Jesus.  These Cult of Jesus crazies are hell-bent on having their apocalypse, attaining their rapture now.

End the Wars, Bring Bush and Cheney to trial, bring the Corporate Communists to trial and restore America to liberty and justice for all.

From February of 2007 this message of the Christian Fascist has resounding implications and is moving ever closer to being realized.

Have you ever seen or heard of an amputee being “healed” by Christian Miracle through faith?

How do the current Corporate Evangelicals live the rock-star life?

I encourage anyone and everyone to plow through God And Whose Army for an experience in current events and enlightenment to better prepare you for what is coming as we confront the real and pressing threat of what’s coming from the Cults of Jesus distracting us from the Oligarchy that is working to destroy America.

Wake up America!

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