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Friday Funnies

Posted in 1 by activecitizen54 on January 15, 2010

Friday Funnies:

Prepare yourselves for what is coming.  The Cults of Jesus are warming up their campaigns of hate and fear.  This from Iowa where Gay Marriage is legal.  Is it any wonder why the Supreme Court doesn’t want the Perry v Schwartzenager trial publicized?  It’s to their benefit to have these Cults of Jesus foment dissent and distract the rest of us from the real issues of the rape of the Constitution.

From Joe.My.God comes the best quote of the day concerning the Catholic Archbishop’s call for collecting 1 million signatures on the Manhattan Declaration Project document of Hate and instrument of Fear.

Joe says: “And once again, the moral and Godly oppression of natural human sexuality is aided by elderly drag queen eunuchs in embroidered gowns, gaily waving their smoking purses all the way to the NAMBLA meeting.”

Way to go Joe.  We do understand, all too well, why the Catholics have so much homophobia.  Self-recognition is a terrible thing to waste.  And it’s been rather costly for them now that the boys have grown up and sued the old drag queen eunuchs in embroidered gowns waving their smoking purses for the sexual abuse they’ve heaped upon their congregations.  Poppa Pope should be proud.  Let the Hate begin.

In an absolute stroke of genius the author of  Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters provides this link to Anti-Gay Lies and Liars, Lies in the name of God are still lies.  The timeline is a very important aspect of the development of this twisted campaign of hate from the Cults of Jesus and the liars who support them.

I’ve said this from 1984 forward:  “There is no greater threat to freedom and liberty within the United States today than the Dominionist Cults of Jesus who have successfully infiltrated the Republican party, the Senate and Congress and present no support for Constitutional guarantees but focus upon the attainment of the theocracy that they desire.  These vile, lying creatures have used the LGBT community as a smoke-screen, prove their Hate-mongering and Fear-mongering Agendas and are relentlessly hell-bent on the fulfillment of their prophesy of Armageddon, the Apocalypse and the Rapture now.  These creatures, like Sarah Palin, Inhof, Grassley are ill, deluded and unfit for any public office.  Didn’t we learn that with Bush?

The Box Turtle Bulletin has a cute piece on “The Heterosexual Agenda” that’s well worth the read.

And just in case you need a reminder of the past Republican administration that was Faith-Based:

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